Surrender Part 3

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Thank you all for your feedback on the last part! I do appreciate it. I am hoping that this one will continue what you liked, and always remember that I love all your comments and opinions!

You left off learning that you are not alone in the universe, and in fact, you may be the center...

Created by: CountryBlonde

  1. My eyebrows rose, "There's no way what you're saying is legit." I mean, I can't be the center of the whole universe's problems. "I'm a talking cat Mai. How can you doubt what I say?" He laughed. "I'm having issues believing this too." Jared announced. Frankie shook his head, "Well, this has been a lot to intake. especially in only one day. Why don't you all get some rest. Tomorrow I will try and help you understand this more." Then, he just left the room. We all sat in an awkward silence for a minute, but this was broken when Kat jumped up. "Where's the kitchen?" she asked. Jared broke down laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked. He took a moment to calm down, by then his face was tomato red. "It's just... all of this crap has just happened to us and the first thing we teenagers go looking for is food!" I chuckled and Kat shrugged. We all headed to the kitchen and brewed a big delicious pot of oriental ramen. "5 star huh guys?" i said. "Oh ya." giggled Kat. Once finished I addressed some major issues. "OK, so we are staying here at least tonight." "Well, of course. I'm not going to force you two back to that terrible place." Jared said. I nodded and turned to Kat, "Then what are we going to do about clothes?" She shrugged. We all sat for a minute until Kat suggested we go shopping. "But I don't have money." I said kind of embarrassed. Jared gestured around him, "Umm I do! And don't even argue, It'll be my treat. You girls deserve a bit of spoiling after all the stuff that happens at school. I don't know why it's you two who have been chosen to get all the cruelty." I blushed a bit and Kat gave him a winning smile. "Sweet, so we go shopping! But what about school?" Kat asked. "Well, we need to continue on like nothing has happened until we know more." Jared added. I nodded in agreement. "So let's go!" She squealed. I watched as Kat jumped up and out of the room. I laughed and Jared just shook his head. "Oh give her a break, I'm sure she doesn't get to go shopping much." I scolded. "Oh fine." he chuckled in response. We followed her out to the car. When outside, my feet were blasted with cold and my toes curled against the freezing concrete. Right, I lost my heels when I ran for my life. I practically hopped to my car where I found my emergency pair of flip flops. I put them on and the relief was instantaneous! When I came up to the drivers seat... I found Jared. Even though I liked him, I certainly did NOT trust him with my baby! I simply narrowed my eyes and pointed to the backseat. "It was worth a shot!" he laughed. He got into his seat and I into mine. We then were on our way.
  2. We all went to the mall and had a great time hanging out and trying out stuff. Jared refused to set a budget (holly crap he's loaded with money) and he even carried many of our bags like a gentleman! We returned home exhausted and totally ready for bed. We gathered our stuff and collapsed into the rooms we were given by Jared. I fell asleep happy. Really actually happy. Having two great friends felt great, and they liked me for me. Mrs. Hill was right, I'm never letting these two go.
  3. The next morning I was woken up by a knock on the door. I groaned, "Come in." Jared peeked his head around the door with his hair all ruffled with bed head. I gave a sleepy giggle. "Wake up, time to get ready!" he said, "The bathroom is just around the corner when you are ready to use it." Then, he was gone. I stretched and yawned. My hand reached out to Frankie, but I found he wasn't with me. For the first time ever, he wasn't here when I woke up. For some reason that really bothers me. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and forced my feet to the cold ground. For the first time, I really looked at my temporary room. It was very quaint, with reds and oranges, I felt like I was in a southern farm house. There were fresh daisies placed on the side table and the large window brought in plenty of sunlight. I liked it. I walked out to where Jared said the bathroom was and found it really easy. The bathroom was warm, and still had a hint of steam in the air. Somebody must have just taken a shower. I closed the door and reluctantly stripped myself of the warm clothing. The hot shower was worth the short period of chill though. I returned to my room and chose to wear...
  4. All ready and feeling pretty cute I practically skipped down to the kitchen to wait for the others. But apparently, they were waiting for me. Kat looked annoyed, but Jared looked pretty happy. "Apparently the school is closed down. Some unsafe chemical was found in the library so they're cleaning the entire campus." Jared told me. "Sweet!" I exclaimed. I didn't really feel like acting like all was normal, expecially since normal sucked and this didn't. "Totally not sweet!" snapped Kat, "I want to go to school, what are we going to do all day?" "I don't know, we'll figure something out." I told her. She just groaned in protest. I rolled my eyes. "So what's for breakfast at this 5 star establishment?" I asked Jared. He smiled, "Cheerios!" "Yummm." I sat down with them at the table, and Jared served us each a bowl. Lucky for him, I happen to love Cheerios! Then, a doorbell rang throughout the silent house. Me and Kat looked at Jared, could he be expecting anybody? He merely shrugged and walked to the door. He came back with... Mrs. Hill? I just sat there in shock, what in the world would she be doing here? Did my parents call the school or something? Then Frankie walked in. Oh no, she's involved in all of this. Frankie hopped on my lap and I pet him out of habit. He errupted into his motor boat purr and I swore he was smiling. Mrs. Hill chuckled, but then scrutinized the three of us sitting before her. "Oh dear." she began, "There is much too much to tell you in such a short period of time. Well, I might as well start out with the source of it all." She pulled back a chair and sat down in her quaint little way. "As my dear little friend has told you, Earth is not the only home to life in this universe. There is a complex web of life and travel out there that you can't even imagine. There is also a hierarchy of power like you would find anywhere. There are five species in particular that are the super powers. Three of which have struck a treaty and maintain peace throughout the universe. This is where it gets tricky. The peace treaty isn't a document or a treasured relic, it is a person. Always a girl. She is phenomenally beautiful and intelligent, powerful in her own way. She is the treaty because in some way or another, the super powers cannot resist her beauty and personality. When she is of age, they begin to compete for her love, if they know where she is. She eventually chooses her suiter, and that race is the new leader of the super powers, while the other two remain close friends. She lives an unnaturally long life with her husband and usually has many children that will rule with wisdom when she passes. When the blood line no longer exsists, a new girl is born, and the race begins to find her, and eventually court her as the other women have. Maia, this is you. But for the first time, the girl has been born to a race that isn't taught of the treaty, that doesn't even realize that they are not alone. The rules with these young races is not to interfere, but to let them evolve on their own. This makes it very difficult to win your love, but more importantly keep you safe. If you were to fall into the wrong hands, or worse, death, then the entire universe would burst into chaos. War would spread and evil would rise. The two super powers that were excluded from the treaty, from the power, would like this very much. So you my dear, are very vulnerable."
  5. "This is where we come in!" Frankie chipped in. Mrs. Hill chuckled, "Yes, yes it is. I am what is known to be a witch. I am one of the few on Earth that know of the universe out there, and in fact, have been there. I do not have all of those powers that fairy tales say I do, but I do have Frankie. Witches, when ready, can do something very phenomenal. We can seperate our physical and mental body from our soul, which then manifests into it's true form. This may be another person, an animal, or even an insect. They are always of the opposite gender and will always be connected to you on a level none understand but a fellow witch. Frankie here, he is my soul. Witches have one more ability, this ability is that we can see the souls of everyone around us. When I met you your freshman year Mai, I could see your soul. I still can. And my dear, it shines brighter and purer than any I had ever seen before. I knew who you were before any one else had. And instantly I knew the challenges. I took it into my own hands to protect you. I sent Frankie to love you and watch over you when I could not, and I told no one of your where abouts. I wasn't going to risk it, they'd somehow find you on their own, and apparently they have. The nice thing about your soul is that they are extremely strong, and hard to injure. Something you don't want to anger. This is how Frankie protected you yesterday. That, and him and I have grown extremely fond of you, there's no way we would let anyone harm you." She finished. She gave me a minute to absorb all of the information. But I still had a question. "What was that thing that attacked us?" "I unfortunately do not know, this is what worries me so much. I planted some chemicals in the library last night so that I could keep you out of harms way, if even for a day. Then you would at least know what was going on and could be cautious." "You planted the chemicals?" Jared asked. When Mrs. Hill nodded he started to crack up again. She giggled a bit and winked at us. Then, she rose from her seat and said, "Well, again, I have overlaoded you with information. I'll leave you to digest it all, and I will go to try and figure out what in the world went after you." She then promptly left the room, but Frankie stayed. It seemed that he wanted to make sure that nothing else would come after us.
  6. After an hour of just sitting around and trying to digest the large amount of information we were just given, the three of us rallied and began our English project. I have no idea why we did it. I suppose it was so that we could keep a grip on reality, but still. When we finished it was only 4 pm. I groaned and looked around the place, what would we do? Ordinary things like shopping and movies seemed too ordinary, but my mind was racing, so I couldn't just chill. The others seemed restless too. If I was that kind of person, I'd go exersize, but I'm not. Suddenly an idea came to mind, but I felt bad for asking... oh well. "Hey Jared?" "Yeah?" "Do you mind if you pay for one more thing?" "Sure!" He said it with enough so I continued. I looked at Kat, "Mani pedi?" "HECK YES!" She squealed. I laughed and we all headed out the door back to the mall. At the salon Jared sat patiently while we got our nails done. Kat had hers matching, they were black with leapord print french tips. As for me, I got...
  7. We came back home and chilled with our pretty new nails. We ate dinner, and watched the Nightmare Before Christmas (the best movie ever). From there we had nothing to do, so I got into some boxers and a big shirt, and collapsed into sleep. I needed the sweet nothingness of sleep for an escape, and I certainly recieved just that.
  8. Well, that's all for today!
  9. I worked harder on this part so I certainly hoped it improved from yesterday!
  10. Well please comment and rate! I do try and take in all that you say to make my writing better and more enjoyable!

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