Surrender Part 5

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I feel so bad that this has taken forever to get out! My computer decided to break, so I had no lap top! So now that I have a new one... I worked very hard on this part! I hope you like it, and as always, I love feedback so keep it coming!

You left off with meeting the three boys that you have been hearing so much about! (PS... if you all don't like my elaborate outfits, let me know! I sure like them, but it means more to me if you do.)

Created by: CountryBlonde

  1. I sat in one of Jared's large comfy chairs. After Pierce had introduced them all I grew a bit light headed, so Kat and Jared ushered me inside to sit with a cold glass of water. Now, everyone was looking at me, for this reason or that. I squirmed under all of their eyes, but finally comforted when Frankie jumped into my lap and returned their stares with that evil cat glare. After a moment more, Pierce spoke again, "We will be taking you from Earth as soon as we can, most likely tomorrow morning. This planet is not secure and the place we have in mind for you is perfect." I buried my face into Frankie's fur, I was in utter shock. Kat pipped in, "Is there anything we need to bring?" Her eyes were wide with excitement. Malcolm snorted, "There is no 'we', Maia is the only one who will accompany us." Frankie let out a menacing growl, one that I didn't think he was capable of. "I agree with little Frankie here, we are coming with." We turned to see that Mrs. Hill had come in and joined our little get together. "No, we there are laws against bringing beings from a primitive planet to other parts of the universe." Peirce stated. "But they know just as much as I do about all of this! Mrs. Hill and Frankie know even more. I will not leave without those who want to come with me." The three men looked at me. "If it's what you wish Maia." Pierce said with a dip of his head. I smiled. "Now you all should go sleep and regenerate your energy, the morning will bring a whole new world to your eyes." He finished. "Literally." muttered Kat. I chuckled, and quickly escaped to my room. It was still light out, but I was exhausted, and I needed a lot of sleep.
  2. I woke up late in the morning, a bit groggy. Frankie wasn't in his usual ball at my side, he sat staring at me. "Yes?" I yawned. "Everyone is preparing to leave. Don't bother with a shower, you will be fine. Get dressed darling, it's going to be a long day." He announced. Frankie then jumped off and promptly left the room. I stretched and groaned, the long chase from yesterday had taken it's toll on my legs and feet. I stood and shuffled to my bags of clothing. I realized I wouldn't ever see these clothes again, so I chose to wear my absolute favorite outfit. I chose...
  3. I walked downstairs to find only the three kings. I sat in one of the kitchen seats and looked at my thumbs awkwardly. Slowly, the rest filtered in one by one. Frankie came in last looking rather pleased of himself. He sat on my lap, I assumed he just made a meal of one really unlucky bird judging from the feather caught on his front left paw. The room was dripping in awkward, I couldn't stand it! To my relief, Pierce seemed to decide that is was time to begin, I mean, why else would he stand up? The other two stood and the three walked out of the room. We all sat a moment confused, but Frankie seemed to know what to do. Him and Mrs. Hill both followed them out, so the last of us followed as well. They stood outside waiting with large bags in their hands. "What are those?" I asked as they each handed us a stone from their bags. In my hand stood the most beautiful stone I've ever seen. It went from diamond, to amythest, to saphire with gold branching out from the center. It gave off a slight glow. "This is something we call the hope stone." Said Sean, the first time I heard his voice. "For you to understand it's purpose, you must know a little of space travel." continued Pierce, "We have stations throughout the universe kind of like your airports. So if there is a distance that one needs to travel that is too great, you may use them. To show your destination, you must have something like your tickets. You must have a stone. Stones hold information that no amount of technology can duplicate. You take the stone of your destination and smash it to the floor. If you bought legal stones, they will hold an unseen powder that disapates over your body, pulling you into a portal. The place we are going to is open to almost none. Only servants that have proved their loyalty over millenias, us, and you. We are going to the traditonal planet of the treaty. You will live there until one of us are chosen. The hope stone is the only stone that can take us there, so here we go."
  4. We all threw our stones to the floor, and they all cracked in two. Around me everything blurred until all was white, and my senses were no longer in effect. Before me a tunnel opened. It crackled with blue energy, purple haze floated to me, and I saw flashes of gold deep within. I gasped when an unseen force pulled me inside the vortex. I tumbled and turned. Nautia soon overcame me as I couldn't focus on any single point. I could barely breathe, I felt as if my lungs were to cave in on themselves and I sincerely believed this was where I was going to die. I closed my eyes in acceptance of my fate when I came to an abrupt stop. My ears were ringing and I could feel a cold stone floor beneath me. As my eyesight returned, I gathered information around me. I was in a white room with the rest of my group. I was collapsed on my side, Jared and Kat were on the floor too, and the other five stood looking onto us with sympathy. I gasped in the crisp air, letting my strength return. Malcolm's hand reached down to help me to my feet, "The first time traveling is the worst, it gets better. Soon you won't feel any of the side effects." He told me. I nodded. The nautia had left me, but a pain in my stomach remained. I put my hand over it, as if that would help. I was handed chocolate and I murmured thanks. When I looked up to see who gave it to me, I was utterly surprised. Before me stood a girl my height and age, but that was about all we shared. She had no hair and her skin was so pale, it was nearly white. Her face was soft and utterly beautiful, her eyes very large and violet. She wore a simple white dress over her slim figure, and where the light touched her skin it shimmered a light purple. "This is Chantou. Her race is native on this planet, and the only race allowed her. They are extremely loyal, and only to you. Therefore, we have trusted them with keeping the planet pure and safe for you. Chantou here has trained her whole life to be your personal servant, she will help you with all that you need." Pierce announced. I looked upon her in wonder, she was so pure and gentle, I love her, and she hasn't even said a word.
  5. She giggled at the curious expression on my face and turned to the back of the room. I watched as she picked up the cracked stones that had apparently traveled with us. I looked at Pierce questioningly. "We have managed to make sure that something as precious as the hope stone travels with us. We do not want the wrong hands on them. They will go to a special repair shop that will restore them and replace the powder." He answered, obviously knowing the source of my confusion. I nodded and watched as Chantou disappeared through a door and quickly returned. When she did, the three kings walked from the room and signaled the rest of us to follow, and we did. We came outside into a cute little town. Everyone outside looked just like Chantou, only some fatter, some taller, and some shorter. They all had different colors that shimmered on their skin and no one had hair. The quaintness of it all made me smile. When they noticed that we had surfaced from the room some stood in awe, and some cheered. Mrs. Hill whispered in my ear, "They all must be greatly relieved and happy to see you alive and well. Many probably never believed they would have the honor of laying eyes on you in their lifetime." I nodded, suddenly feeling self conscious and shy. What if I'm not good enough? What if they were expecting more? I wasn't given much time to think about it for a carriage arrived for us all. I stepped in and looked curiously at what was pulling the cart. It was a bird that looked like a cross between an ostrich and a peacock. The carriage itself was a luxurious wood with amethyst detailing, the cushions were a deep blue, and there was ample room for us all. Frankie leaped onto my lap and dug his claws in. I gasped and flicked his nose, he merely pinned his ears and put his head down. I was about to rip him from my lap when the carriage lurched forward. The alarming speed we were traveling was incredible. I now saw why Frankie had clawed me. After time went by he relaxed and began to snooze. Around us everything was a blur, but you could still see that this planet was vibrant in both life and color. Slowly a shadow came over us from some ginormous mass ahead of us. We slowed and I finally saw what it was. It was a lush and beautiful oak tree that pierced through the clouds. My jaw dropped, and Kat took my hand. "Maia, welcome home." Malcolm murmured.
  6. The birds trotted into one of the many roots. Inside there was chaos. People running everywhere, getting things done, probably preparing for our arrival. In the the root itself it looked like the front doorway. The insides of the root was engraved with intricate designs, many of which were set with gold and ruby. We stopped at the front porch and I was helped down by the driver, who looked young and his color was a yellowish green. I thanked him and he seemed elated. I giggled at his response and watched as everyone else was helped down. Kat instantly took my hand again once she was off, seeming in awe, but Jared seemed uncomfortable and out of his element. I felt kinda bad. But again, I wasn't given time to dwell on the thought as we walked inside. The inside of the tree was even more spectacular. Stairways ascended every which way as far as the eye could see, and the same designs with ruby and gold extended everywhere. Hallways branched off here and there, leading to endless room with endless purposes. A huge squirrel was presented to each of us, so that we wouldn't take all day for us to reach our destination. I got on and didn't tell it to do anything, it seemingly knew exactly where to go. We ascended the tree quickly, while leaving a trail of starstruck people on the way. We ended up stopping in the middle of the tree in a great hallway. There was a great throne at the end of the hallway, it was gold and decorated in Sapphire. There were three smaller thrones at it's feet, all silver, but each decorated in a separate stone. One in amethyst, one in emerald, and one in garnet. I man decorated in stunning armor and three times my size stepped forward. His color was black, and it stood out rather amazingly against his pale white skin. He stooped into a low bow and introduced himself as Andor, chief of my army. He offered his arm to me, and i took it, but I had to reach to do so. He walked at my pace and escorted me to the grand throne. I sat on it and everyone in the room bowed, including the kings. When everyone stood straight again, the kings came and sat in the other thrones. Sean in the emerald to my right, Pierce in the amethyst in front of me, and Malcolm in the garnet to my left. Chantou came to my side and watched as many servant girls fawned over me and made sure I had all I needed. The rest of my group received my same treatment.
  7. Suddenly, to my right, Sean stood up and yelled. Wings burst from his back, they were large and utterly gorgeous. They were a sleek black and the tips were the color of his deep green eyes. I gasped. He was an angel. "ENOUGH." He raged to all of the servants near him. They all cowered in fear. "I agree." Malcolm announced. Also seeming pissed off. "Everyone out." He told the natives. Chantou turned to leave but I took her arm, her skin cool and smooth, and I told her she may stay. She nodded, seeming pleased with my request. I looked back over at Sean. He no longer had wings and he was ripping off the remains off his shirt. That would explain why I met him shirtless. "Bring me Ciar!" He shouted at one of the last servants to leave the room. The girl nodded timidly and left. I felt bad for them, and I felt like I should have defended them. "Don't worry Sean, they will soon learn that you do not liked to be treated like that and that you will ask for all that you need. Until then, be patient with the poor souls." Pierce calmly told him. I relaxed again, feeling that he said what needed to be said. They all then stood and came to me, including Kat, Jared, Frankie, and Mrs. Hill. "Now, I would love to say that you can explore and relax into your new home, but tonight is a traditional ball to introduce you to our people. Chantou will take you to your room and prepare you and we will then take you to the capital planet. Normally the treaty girl has grown up to all of this, so it isn't as difficult to adapt. I apologize for your exponential difficulties." Pierce told me. "I will manage." I simply stated, feeling a bit insulted at the indication that I couldn't handle it all. He nodded and continued, "Kat, Jared, Mrs. Hill, and Frankie. You will be escorted to your rooms and prepared as well." Kat squealed, but Jared looked to the floor. A side door opened and a large black wolf walked through. "Ciar." Sean said with some relief in his voice. The wolf walked with dignity, but quickly to his master. They greeted each other with joy, the first time I saw Sean with a smile. The wolf was as tall as my waist and black as night. He held his head with pride and his eyes were yellow and saw everything. He looked me over with curiosity, pinned his ears at Mrs. Hill, bared his teeth at Frankie, and lowered his head and growled at Kat and Jared. They stepped back scared as Ciar was even more menacing this way. "Enough." Sean said to him, but he didn't take his eyes off the two. A servant then came in for each of them, but Chantou and I left first. A squirrel took the two of us to the top of the tree and into my room.
  8. My room was amazing! The wood was smooth and perfect. The designs were set with my favorite gemstone. the bed was king sized and my favorite colors, and the carpet plush and comfy. There were chairs around the room, different sizes so that I would be comfortable in whatever mood I was in, and there was large windows showing the clouds below me, and my planet of rolling hills. My closet had everything I could dream of, and was larger than the room itself. The bathroom was adorned in marble, my shower large, had a bench, and had all the soups I could need The bathtub was the size of a pool with benches everywhere and even a deep end, it even had faucets for essential oils and Epsom salts. My suit was amazing and absolutely perfect for me. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I cringed. I looked terrible, and certainly not how a queen should look. I tucked a strand of my red hair behind my ear and sighed. I turned to Chantou and said, "Well, if you can make this look like royalty, I might worship you." She giggled and ran to my closet. She returned with different options of dresses. When I chose one she set to work.
  9. We came down from my room again by a squirrel. We reached the Great Hall and I dismounted. When I walked I felt as if I was walking on air, gliding over the floor with grace. I entered the hall and found looks of awe and wonder; I apparently looked how I felt. Kat was the first of my group to meet me. She wore a stunning baby pink dress. The skirt flowed out behind her as light as the wind, and a weave of fabric covered her torso, giving a peekaboo effect of the dress beneath it, the weave also made up her straps. As she walked you could see glimpses of hot pink toeless heels. Her hair was curled and bounced as she moved, and her face so beautiful had no need of makeup. She squealed and fawned over my dress and I with hers. Then, Mrs. Hill came to greet me. She glided to me with ease and wisdom. She wore a golden dress with long sleeves and lined with pearls. It gave the illusion that she was thinner and taller. Her silver hair was pulled back into a high elegant bun and creamy white short heels peeked out from under her dress. She wore no makeup, she never did, Mrs. Hill wore her age with grace. She simply took my face into her hands and smiled, her eyes filled with Pride and Joy. Jared came next wearing a suit and a silver tie. He looked at me and blushed, "You look stunning." I blushed and returned the compliment. I looked around for the kings but they were nowhere in sight. "They will be meeting you there my lady." I voice sang out to me. I turned to find Chantou. She had changed, and this was the first time she spoke to me, it was as beautiful as she. She wore a simple long red dress with a gold tree pin on her chest. She caught me looking at it and said, "This is your sign. It shows that I am a servant of your house, and the red dress signifies that I am solely your servant and that no one but you is to ask of my aide unless you specifically ask it of me."
  10. I looked to her, "Chantou, you have freedom, you do know this? I feel terrible when you say you must serve me." Laughter filled her eyes, but not at me. She smiled, "My people love you; you and all of you predecessors have done nothing but good for us. We will maintain loyalty for you out of love and gratitude. I have been given the job most women here envy me for. It is nothing but an honor to serve you. It is my joy to do so." I smiled; every word that came out of her mouth only gave me more reason to love her, her people, and this new home. Andor then came to my side and gave a deep bow. "My lady, we must be on our way. They expect us shortly." He offered is elbow and I took it. I felt important walking on this man's arm. The strength and honor within his heart was even more obvious than the strength and honor of his body. He could easily crush me, but whenever he wished to guide me another way, his hands would gently tilt my shoulder in a direction. No one else would notice, saving me from embarrassment. When I nearly fell from my squirrel, he was instantly there catching me and putting me upright before anyone saw. And I smiled inside as the young man looked at Chantou with love and desire. She was oblivious, but obviously had a thing for him too. I would someday fix this cute little dilemma. We came to the root we came in, and I giggled with excitement. I liked how fast these birds could run, and now that the carriage had a cover, I knew my hair would be maintained! We entered it and amazingly all fit. The driver was a young man again, only this time his color a deep magenta. We shot forward onto the road we came in from, undoubtedly on our way to the white room. We flew from over the road without a bump or scrape. The carriage was filled with laughter, but I heard not a word, I was lost in thought, worried, yet extremely curious as to what my experience will be tonight. We came to the little village that we had first come to and a crowd had accumulated. Cheers erupted when I showed myself. Boundaries and guards were set up not to protect me from the people, but them from each other. They looked like they would do anything to see me closer. Necks craned. Hands rose. And children sat on the shoulders of their parents. One elderly lady was cradled in the arms of what looked to be her grandson. She was terribly old, but had a look of contentment as she watched me. Her body was covered in a soft blanket and probably too frail to really move. She could have come from so far merely to see me before she died. I took my hand from Andor's arm and strode to her. The man was wide eyed, didn't know what to do. I stretched my hand to her and she mustered the strength to stretch her fragile hand to me. I took it in my hand and she knew my meaning without a word said. I gave a shallow curtsy in her honor and watched as her eyes lit up with joy and pure bliss. I then turned and met Andor again, his face was lit with pride and gratefulness. A roar from the crowd burst out in my honor and my heart was so light I could fly.
  11. We entered the room again, and once inside, I discovered that the room was soundproof, there was no way I couldn't hear the crowd outside otherwise. Andor handed me a large shard. The shard was solid and very light. It was filled with intricate veins of gold, amber, and several yellow and brown stones that I couldn't identify. We all threw them to the floor, and the same feeling overcame me of having no senses. The portal that showed itself before me was the same tones as the stone. I was sucked inside and given all the same feelings that I was given before (without the sense of imminent death). When I reached the end I found myself on my feet, the same after effects, only, I had the strength to balance and remain upright. The men were right, it would get better. If only in small increments. I found myself in an identical white room surrounded by my friends, plus one. Before us stood Pierce, he held himself tall and strong, like a king should. His eyes looked me over in surprise and a hint of admiration. He himself was wearing a formal kind of armor and fabric. He was dressed in greys, silvers, and stunning blues. His cape looked immensely heavy on his back, but he moved with ease. He extended his arm to me, and I took it. He bowed and kissed my hand like a gentleman. I blushed. I took his arm and couldn't help but feel like I belonged here at his side. I shook the feeling however, I was about to step out onto a second planet today when last week I had no idea anything lived outside of Earth's surface. We left the room to find ourselves in a large city filled with spectators that looked remarkably like humans, but not entirely. They seemed to all be of different species. Some looked feline, some looked canine. Some looked long and lanky, some stout but strong. Many separate features filled the streets, but men that looked like Pierce surrounded us. They all had the same grey hints to their hands and forearms, making me all the more curious. They were his guards here to escort us. They wore armor of grey, much like Pierce's, but not nearly all as grand. They each wore a pin on the sheath of their swords; they were sapphire talons holding an olive branch of amethyst. This must be the symbol of Pierce's line, like the gold tree is mine. I was lead to a carriage that was decorated in bold silver and delicate sapphire. The corners held the same symbol on the soldiers. The horses were the best part however. Two proud and brave stallions. Arabians to be exact. Their necks arched and hooves stood strong. Their fur was grey and dappled, their manes black. I sat down on the black leather seats so smooth I nearly slid off. Pierce noticed my interest in the stallions and gave me a winning grin. "These two were born twins. This is extremely rare of horses. Their dam was my mother's prized mare, and their sire was my father's prized stallion. They have lived a remarkably long life, 50 years, and still not in their prime yet. We suspect that a sorceress snuck a charm on the two to keep them alive longer. If I found her, I'd merely thank her. These two are my most prized possessions. You couldn't find finer horses, and they will only get better. I'm very fond of them, and they of me. I am the only one they allow on their backs, and the only person they will pull a carriage for. The left is older and stronger, his name is Daivat, Sanskrit for strength and power. The right is younger yet quicker, his name is Tarasvin, Sanskrit for quick and energetic." He said this with great pride. I looked at the fine steeds in admiration and curiosity as the easily started on the way to our destination.
  12. I looked around and found that the entire planet was of stone. Mountains taller than Everest and cities even greater. The buildings were made of expensive medals, and the stone paved in gold. The riches here astounded me. It was only Pierce and I in this carriage, while the others followed in twos in carriages pulled by white Arabians. The soldiers escorted us on black freisans. I looked around but I couldn't find the other two kings anywhere. Again, knowing exactly what my question was, Pierce began to speak. "It is tradition that I will escort you to the ball, and introduce you to the guests. Then, King Malcolm will take you and escort you around the ball and at dinner. Finally, King Sean will bid goodbyes with you and escort you back to the safety of your home." I nodded in response. He was so smart; I loved it but hated it. The intelligence was refreshing, yet it made me feel ignorant and shy. I never know what to say with him. What if he laughs at what I say or look at me with pity? I'm already sure he thinks humans are inferior to whatever he is. I'll just have to prove him wrong tonight. We pulled up to a grande castle of shining iron. The three moons shown down on it with shades of blue and white. The gate opened at our arrival, and the pure sounds of horns announced our presence. Before we reached the crowd, Pierce reached down and pulled out a crown that was fit for only a man like him. It was a silver so fine, I didn't think it existed on Earth, and large amethyst stones so pure sat within the silver. When he put it on his head, the movement sparked a stunning effect of blue. When you looked closely, the crown was decorated in sapphires too small to see without movement. "I must wear this on formal occasions, even though I find it quite irritating" He confided in me. I smiled, glad he finally came of personable. "It fits you, no other man could shine under its beauty" I responded. He grinned, "We may yet make a fine diplomat of you, I'm impressed by your response. The greatly trained men and women at my court could do no better." I smiled under the compliment. We reached the crowd and I blanked out for a moment out of sudden nervousness. I came back and found myself inside a great hall obviously meant for the occasion. Pierce seemed to have finished a speech in front of everyone, and I was at his side. The applause just began to die down. Every one turned to begin the celebration. "You handled yourself wonderfully," he said and turned to me. "You handled the pressure with grace and made no mistake. You will be fine tonight. Yet, I will still say good luck, Malcolm is quite the character." I smiled in response, and watched him stride over to diplomats that looked a lot like Sean with arms spread. Even though I don't remember it, apparently I'm a hit?
  13. A throat was cleared behind me and I turned to meet Malcolm's fiery red eyes. He was dressed in a black suit, like a business man, even though he would be America's new heart throb. I gasped as something around his neck moved. A snake as black as night hung lazily around his neck. My hand rose to cover my mouth in surprise. He chuckled, "I am rather close to reptiles, this snake in particular is my favorite. I apologize that she frightened you, I forget the state of your new-ness. Most here are used to her presence." I nodded. I watched as Pierce's guards were replaced with new ones, guards of Malcolm's build and general atmosphere. They were dressed entirely in black, and reminded me of the secret service. One of them appeared at Malcolm's side and whispered into his ear. I couldn't help but notice her wore a pin as well, undoubtedly Malcolm's pin. It was a coiled onyx cobra with ruby eyes and ruby marks on it's hood. It was menacing but entirely beautiful. The man then vanished and his attentions turned to me once again. He gestured to the crowd and said, "Shall we?" I nodded and took his arm. He strode forward with great strength and confidence, and I couldn't help but detect a hint of arrogance. We glided through the crowd, greeting guests and laughing at jokes. I said nothing, I didn't have to. Malcolm did all of the talking with his booming voice, all I did was smile at the right moments and nod when expected to. I was merely a jewel on the arm of a powerful being. The night continued like this until a large table filled with bounties of food appeared in the center of the great space. Malcolm lead me to the head of the table, and then vanished. At my side sat Kat and Mrs. Hill, and at their sides sat Jared and Frankie. Kat told me about all the cute guys she was meeting while Mrs. Hill and Frankie were engaged in conversation with those near us. And poor Jared looked so far out of place, he looked sad. I was going to say something when everyone began digging in. I took one taste of the food and instantly knew that nothing on Earth could be it's equal. The food was savory, sweet, sour, hot, salty, and oh so delicious. I couldn't get enough! At the end of the meal a toast was said in my honor by a rather old looking fellow, and I enjoyed the coolest and sweetest drink afterwords.
  14. As the meal was finished, I watched as people slowly began to disappear, go home I suppose. My chair was brought back and a hand appeared before my face. I traced the hand back to it's owner's face, Sean. I took his hand and he helped me stand. Ciar at his side, the man looked sad, not truly happy. I didn't ask, I didn't have the guts. He was dressed in dark armor beneath a cloak. I watched again as the guard changed and this time with men with wings of all sizes and colors. I looked to Sean with questions in my eyes. "Yes, we are angels. Not the ones of religion like the men and women on your Earth seem to believe, but merely people of immense speed and well, wings." He told me, "We had all agreed not to reveal our true form, as we like to call it, to you too soon. You have much to learn and see in this world and we hadn't wanted to you to bother you with those details of yet. Unfortunately, angels are a bit different when it comes to showing our wings. When they are away, like mine are know, there is an unbearable itch. We cannot rid of this itch unless we free them from our backs, but often it is not our choice whether or not the are freed. They tend to listen to emotion more than our brains, so the episode from this morning could not have been helped as my emotions got the better of me. For that I apologize. I however plan to hide them for some time more, it is not fair if I am to indulge in my true form while the other two hide it for some time longer." I nodded, the entire time my eyes were fixed on the pin that held his cloak together. They were jade wings encasing a heart of gold. I couldn't help but feel that everything he said came from his pin. He then extended his arm and I took it. It was time to leave. We walked outside to the beautiful surroundings of the capitol planet. A friesan arrived, without a bridal or saddle, and Sean took my by my waist, lifting me with ease onto the back of the magnificent horse. I felt him get on behind me, one of his arms wrapped around my waist, and the other held the horse's mane. The horse burst forward, and I would have fallen if it wasn't for the strength of the angel behind me. I soon fell into rhythm with the horse's stride, and I found that it was rather smooth for such a fast movement. The air was chilly, and the night absolutely perfect. We reached the white room, and the horse slowed. I looked down and found that Ciar had miraculously kept up. Sean leaped down behind me, and I was helped from the back of the horse. I was lead back into the white room and found Chantou waiting for me. Sean left the room before I could say goodbye, as confusing as this all was, he was the most confusing.
  15. Chantou took my hand and gave me a hope stone in my other. "You did well tonight." She told me with a twinkle in her eye. We threw our stones to the floor and surfaced in another white room. We left the room and found a carriage waiting for us, with all of my friends seated inside. Kat was passed out on a passed out cat. Mrs. Hill looked like she was nearly asleep, and Jared sat staring into space. I got in and the two awake greeted me with a nod. We were at the tree in no time. Kat was awakened and lead off by a young lady, and Mrs. Hill carried off a purring Frankie. I looked back to see Jared silhouetted against a rising sun. He looked so lonely, but I don't feel it's my place to bother him now. I stumbled off back to my room with a gentle Chantou giving me a steady and guiding hand. I was so tired, the celebration had somehow lasted an entire night, I had no energy left, I must have lasted entirely on adrenaline. When in my room, Chantou helped me remove everything. In the end I felt incredibly light and couldn't get enough of the wonderful satin night gown I was given. I collapsed into my bed and sighed. The bed was cool, while the blankets were warm. The bed was soft, but offered support in all the right places. I buried my face into my perfect pillows and fell fast asleep without a worry in the world.
  16. Well that is all for today! I hope you enjoyed it... please comment and rate!

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