Surrender Part 1

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This will be a love story like many on this site, but I hope you find it different, and I hope you really like it! Give it a shot and maybe you'll just find yourself hooked.

So pretty much your a normal girl with rich parents and a sucky life. No one likes you but your white furball of a cat and your teachers. But that's ok, your life will soon be a rollercaoster with the best highs and the lowest lows.

Created by: CountryBlonde
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  1. The all too annoying alarm rang throughout my sleep I groaned and turned to the side, slamming down on my alarm clock. The sweet bliss of no longer having an alarm ended too swiftly when I realized that I only had ten minutes of peace before the damn thing went off again. I burried my face into my pillow and drifted off again... untill the alarm rang out, all too soon. I just unplugged it this time. I threw off my sheets and soon knew my mistake. IT WAS SO COLD. I dove back into the warmth I had first come from. This would be one of the harder mornings. I tried again, but slower. Yes it was still cold, but it wasn't as big of a shock. The calender besides my bead read that it was monday, but it couldn't be... I could've swore I just got out of school yesterday! I let my toes gradually slide to the floor where they instantly curled at the carpet's cold grip. Besides me my cat, Frankie, purred with delight. He was still warm, and he knew I wasn't. I stuck my tongue out at him. I slowly walked to my bathroom and turned on the shower. When the steam fogged the mirrors I jumped in to the safety of the heat. I took my time, enjoying the peace of my morning shower. When I finally got out, I could've sworn it got colder!
  2. I stepped into my closet with my towel on my head and a blanket wrapped around me. I never could stand any sort of chill. I decided to be simple and comfortable today, I mean, it's only a monday. I put on black leggings with an oversized maroon button up shirt. I went back to the bathroom to find my mirrors clear once again. I brushed through my long hair and went to work. I never really put on all that much make up, but I'm pretty slow at it. I merely cover up my blemishes and put on a little mascara. I don't like to cover up my freckles, I'm a bit fond of those, and I don't like my green eyes, so why bring attention to to them? By the time I was done with that my hair was nearly dry, but not quiet. So I added deoderant and my favorite lavender perfume. I looove lavender. Now my hair was dry, so I brushed through it again. It was puffed out and wavy, so it wouldn't bahave today, but my bangs didn't look half bad. My red hair wais very deep, and most people think I dye it, but it's all natural. I like it, on it's better days. I looked at the clock to see I was running a bit behind, so I grabbed a black beany and called it a day. I put on black combat boots and my favorite jack skellington jacket. I said bye to Frankie and ran out the door. s---... I forgot my backback. I ran back into my house, grabbed my beat up grey backpack, and ran out again.
  3. I don't have a lot of nice things, but the nice thing about having some rich grandmother that you never knew is that you get at least one nice thing when she dies. You see... I got a beautiful 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 out of the deal. It is a sleek black car with two deep dark blue stripes down the center. She's my baby. I put my pack in the passenger seat and I turned her on, hearing her purr. My parents wouldn't like me driving her yet, but they can't really argue since they're never home and working all the time. They are workaholics, I think I was just a mistake to them. But oh well, I function better on my own. I eased out onto the empty morning road, and headed towards school. There's no one in particular that I really like at school but my teachers. I ended up at a school where the teachers are super chill and nice, but the kids are so uptight and hurtful. But since I seem to be in my english teacher's soft spot... I think I'll do all right. My english teacher is actually the only reason why I drive my baby to school. I wouldn't risk the damage if it hadn't been for her pulling a couple strings, she got me the prime safety spot in the student parking lot. There are two cameras with it in view, the meanest security gaurd hangs out in a spot where she can see it, plus the teachers in the teachers lounge can see it. The other students resent me for it, but I couldn't care less, they didn't like me any ways. I pulled into the lot to find a group of girls standing in my way. I waited for them to notice me, but then I realized that of course they knew I was here. You'd have to be deaf not to hear me. It was Stephanie. She is the nightmare of my life. Most kids just don't talk to me and laugh at me whenever they can, but Stephanie, it's a full out war with her. This is undoubtedly another one of her schemes to ruin my life. I put the car in park and stepped on the gas. The roar of my engine was so loud that all the girls instantly disapated, even Stephanie. Even she didn't have the guts to stand up to me in this thing. I already almost ran a kid over for throwing a tomatoe at my car.
  4. After that I found no one standing in my way and I continued on my way to my spot. I eased into it and grabbed my bag. I was sure to lock it, and I gave it a pat of appreciation. I walked into school with giggles sounding behind me. Yes, me and Stephanie would be the talk of the day, again. Good thing I look like the victor this round. I strolled into my math class, and nothing happened as usual. My math class isn't very talkative and my teacher is pretty funny so I like it as a start to my day. Plus, it always helps when you understand the class. Then I went to dance class, I had to fill a PE credit and I really like being more flexible, so why not? The only problem was all the gossip, and I always tended to be the star of it. But I'm the best one there so I'm pretty untouchable in there. Then to chemistry, then spanish. My next class is the problem. We have a really old history teacher, and he's pretty deaf. So all he does is show a video and fall asleep, leaving the class to it's own devices. Unfortunately, I sit besides Stephanie, and her two meanest followers. I walked into class with a deepening sense of dread. No one was talking, No one. That doesn't happen here. I sat down and Stephanie didn't make some stupid comment. I soon saw why. The class was almost entirely of girls, and they were all mezmerized. In the front of the room stood an absolutely stunning man. Dark and handsome. His face was thin but defined and strong, his eyes a deep brown that you could see from the back of the room (where I sat), and his dark brown hair was swept back in a messy way. The bell rang and he turned to the board. I then saw the name written on it. "Dr. Laroux" Then he said it. So beautifully. He swallowed the r and didn't pronounce the x, instantly indicating he was french. "Your teacher had suffered an unfortunate heart attack this weekend, and I am you new teacher. Mr. Brown will be fine, he is just forced to take retirement." He began. His voice was deep, and his accent very french, even I couldn't help but melt a little. He sat at his desk and picked up a paper and started naming rollcall. The girls melted when their name was called and for once all craved a nickname to tell him. I smiled, I would be the only one to tell him one. Small victories are always apprecieated. Then he paused, and a small smile appeared on his lips as if he had realized something. But it passed quickly and he called my name. Maia Ray.
  5. My name rolled off his tongue smoothly, and he even swallowed the r. I sank in my seat suddenly nervous to say anything. But I swallowed it and spoke, "Here, but I go by Mai." His eyes gently rolled to me and he smiled and nodded in my direction, then he continued. Another small victory, he didn't do that with any other of the girls. He finished and stood again. He was so tall, and you could see his toned body beneath his dress shirt and pants, almost making me blush. He was going to be my teacher for godsakes! "From what I understand, your teacher was previously very lax and easy on you. I however will not. It will take me a week or so to gear up, but take this as fair warning. Tomorrow expect a new seating chart as well. I can already tell this won't work. Here is your reading assignment for today. Begin." He turned and underlined page numbers on the white board. The few boys in the class got up and got books for all of us, they new we were not capable of moving quite yet. It's funny because even they know. I read the pages within ten minutes. I'm somewhat of a history buff and this is all stuff I know. I just made it look like I was reading and I looked at pictures of my fat cat on my phone. Frankie really is cute, and my buddy, but he needs to loose some pounds. The bell rang, for once, too soon. I picked up all of my stuff and hurriedly ran out the door with the feeling of eyes following me out.
  6. I always hurried to my last class. My favorite class of the day. Mrs. Hill's class, or otherwise known as English. It was always easy for me to write, so I never had an issue (with the exception of the occasional research paper). I merely helped out Mrs. Hill in the class because she really liked me, and she knew I liked to do my work at home. I told the sweet old teacher everything, and I listened to all of her advice. She was a plump five foot tall woman with grey hair always tied back into a neat bun. Her face was riddled with wrinkles that showed she laughed and smiled a lot. Her blue eyes twinkled with affection for life and her voice sang out sweet but sure. I came into the class and sat in her desk. She liked to stand, so she let me sit there all hour. Mrs. Hill put Stephanie in the back of the class and graded her hard because she knew how cruel she was. It was great. Stephanie came in and sat down with her brunette curls all messed up, surely from making out with some guy. Her face caked with make up as usual. The rest of the class came in, including my long time crush... Jared. He was the only nice kid at school. He even would stick up for me if his friends got mean. He was the perfect sweet guy in high school that every girl wanted. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, he was tall and lanky, but sturdy, and yet, his smile was the best part. His smile could light up the darkest caves and make me feel better any day. I never told Mrs. Hill of my thing for him, but I knew she knew. He was 'conveniently' sat right across her desk, so across from me. The bell rang, but it would be a couple more minutes before Mrs. Hill would come in. She was off socializing for sure. When she did come in her face was unusually sour. Like, once in a millenia unusually. She flicked her head at me and I knew instantly to run to the nearest desk. I jumped up and grabbed my stuff. Sitting just in time as a slick woman enterred the room. She was dressed in black, her eyes were black, and her hair a slick black bob. This woman was young but the bitterness in her face was of a woman three times her age. She held a clipboard and scrutinized the room writing this and that on it. Then, without warning, she swiftly left the room. Everyone seemed to let out a held breathe. Mrs. Hill especially. "Sorry about that children. That terrible woman is looking for excuses to lay off older women like me. She didn't find any today, but she will be here all week. And excuse my language but if anyone acts out, there will be hell to pay." Her face turned warm and bright again. "Anywho... today's lesson!" She began talking about some writing project we'd have to do with an assigned partner. The first partner work she assigned all year. I didn't move back to my comfy seat in case that woman came back. There's no way I'd risk loosing sweet Mrs. Hill. By the end of the hour she had named off partners, and I was of course and luckily with Jared. When our names were called he even turned to smile in my direction! So sweet....
  7. Finally, the last bell rang and I waited for everyone to filter out. I always talked to Mrs. Hill after school, everyone knew it. All the students had left but Jared. He walked over to Mrs. Hill looking somber. He towered over her but she still managed to keep a presence. "Yes dear?" she inquired. "Uhm, I know this is weird, but can I get a ride home? I had some issues with the folks this morning and there's no way they're gonna pick me up. I won't tell my friends cause they're kinda terrible about this stuff." He told her. I felt weird listening in. Mrs. Hill scoweled, "Should I be concerned for your safety?" He chuckled, so did I. Jared was so much bigger than his parents. He simply shook his head. "Well dear, I cannot unfortunately. I would anger some people even though you and I know it would be out of pure innocence. However, Miss Ray here has a wonderful car, I'm sure she could drop you off." Her hand waved in my direction. Mrs. Hill winked at me as he turned to me with a hopeful grin. I laughed, "Come on, you might as well meet my baby!" "Everyone knows about your baby." He laughed. I winked at him, we all know I win the drag races. We walked in silence to my car, but it wasn't a weird silence, just a nice silence. I got in and he jumped in besides me. "You know, to be honest, you are the only other person who's driven with me..." I mumbled to myself. "Really?" He asked. My face blew up red and I looked down and nodded. I didn't mean for him to hear that. He smiled and then turned to the radio turning up Seether. "Then let's make this fun." I grinned, "Oh I'll show you fun." I cruised through the parking lot and out into town, he gave me his address. It was one of the nice houses in the hills, which means, lonely straight roads. I smiled. When we got to those roads we couldn't stop laughing, the adrenaline kicked in from the high speeds I was pushing and the air we made on the hills. We made it to his house and he handed me a strip of paper. "Call me about the project, and if you ever want to talk I'm a great listener!" He said, "Thanks for the ride, it means a ton." He then turned into his beautiful scenic house. My drive home was a hard one, a lot happened today that normally would not.
  8. Well that is all for today...
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  10. I hope you come around for my next one!

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