The Cold(TWC) Part 3

The 3rd chapter of the Cold. This is also on my wattpad too. Also watch The Covenant movie! Rated Pg-13 (I think...) Starring Chase Crawford, and Toby Hemingway. Made in te year 2006. Supernatural Part 4 coming soon.

Part 4 coming soon part 4 coming soon part 4 coming soon part 4 coming soon part 4 coming soon part 4 coming really soon part 4 coming really soon because i have no life! lol

Created by: Alleria
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  1. We walk to Mrs. Illics. As we get there, Mrs. Illics is waiting for us. We take seats in the front row. She glances at all of us, then speaks. "How do you know about The Cold?" "My mama told me,"Mirdana says. "I almost got killed by the black vines," I reply. "I saved her," Scott answers. "How do you know about The Cold?" we ask. "I escaped. I survived it 40 years ago when I was sixteen,in the town of Herfer," she replies. "I lost everything, everyone I cared about that night. I will never forget it. It changed who I am." "So,you're..." Scott begins. "You survived it? What exactly does The Cold do?" "It's basically like being in a blizzard. Snow comes in,and you freeze to death. The black vines come and take away the bodies, and wreckage so that The Cold never exists." "And does the military... government know about this?" "How do you think the presidents and generals are chosen? They are all survivors of The Cold. The unfortunate incidents that happened to some of them just pure untentional." The room begins to dark. We turn to see black shapes covering the windows of the classroom. We get to our feet slowly. The windows shatter and black vines swoop in.
  2. A cluster of them wrap around Mrs. Illics. I start towards her but she stops me. "Go! There's nothing you can do! Save yourselves!" she chokes out before she is completly covered. I back up, but a vine snakes out and curls around my ankle, yanking me to the floor. I cry out, as it begins dragging me. My hands curl around the legs of two desks. "HELP ME!" I shriek. Scott reaches for me, then wraps both of his arms around me. "I won't let him have you. I won't let him get you!" he grunts, holding on tightly, trying to pull us fee. Mirdana rushes towards us, holding a shard of glass in her hand. She cuts the vine, and we are free. Scott yanks us to our feet, and we dash for the door. For a split second, I turn back for Mrs. Illics. There is nothing left of her, but an empty shell, hovering in the air, neck broken at an unnatural angle, eyes glazed open, frost covering her. Scott grabs my arm and we run out into the hallway, slamming the door shut. As we watch, the vines retreat back through the windows, and disappear. Mrs. Illics' body collapses to the floor. We look at each other, trying to catch our breaths. After a while, Mirdana staggers to her feet. "I'm getting Principal Ehide...I'll be right back." We watch her walk down the hallway. I straighten, then cry out. I look down at my ankle which looks like it got scarred or branded. Scott bends down to inspect it. "After Principal Ehide comes, I'll make it feel better." I'm so hazed to even bother to try and make sense of what he's saying. Finally, we hear footsteps. Mirdana comes with Principal Ehide. We explain what happened. He listens and then tells us to not tell anyone else what happened. He calls the janitors, and we leave. I limp.
  3. down the hallway, with Scott supporting me. Then all of sudden, he picks me up and begins carrying me. "What are you doing?" I demand. "Shut up," he replies. I shut my mouth. We walk down an empty hallway, towards these two glass double doors. Through it, I see several instruments and a sleek piano. I glance up to see titled above the doors: BAND ROOM. "You take band?"I ask, as Scott pulls the door open , and we walk inside. "No. But I do play the piano," he replies, setting me down in the teacher's rolling chair, pushing me towards the piano. I giggle like a kid. He sits down on the piano bench. He shakes out his hands. "Just try and forget what happened eariler, OK? You like Evanescence?" I nod. "Of course you do," he mutters. He places his hands on the keys and begins to play the instrumental version of "Good Enough".
  4. I listen, watch as he plays, not saying a word, just letting him play. I can tell this is a passion he has. After he finishes, I clap, smiling. "That was... amazing, Scott. You have talent. How'd you learn to play?" He hesistates before replying," My parents taught me." "Well, they must be proud of you for having a gift like that." Again he hesistates before replying, "I'd like to think that too." Seeing my confused expression, he explains, "They died. When I was four. In a fire accident." I close my eyes, regretting my words. "I'm sorry. I... I should've asked before..." He chuckles sadly. "Don't be. It wasn't your fault. How's your ankle, is it feeling better?" I lift it up. "Um..." I start, then realize I just moved it without any pain. " actually feels better. What'd you do?" We stand, facing each other. He shrugs. "You just needed to relax. After those vines choked you, and you fell asleep, the scars on your neck went away. So..."
  5. "Thank you." He stares down at me. Ugh. Why do guys have to be tall? Even my last best friend's brother, was taller than me, and he was 13. He runs a hand through his black hair. "Hey, Catalina?" "Yeah?" "Remember when you said that you'd repay me? Well, I know what I want." "What?" I ask. He steps closer, then puts his hands on both sides of my neck. He leans in and kisses me. Just one kiss on the lips that sends my heart leaping with joy. He doesn't shove his tongue in my mouth, doesn't grab my butt, doesn't try anything. He just holds my face and kisses me.
  6. He pulls away, blue eyes twinkling. "You," he whispers. "First kiss?" I nod, speechless. "Can I be your second, too?" I nod again, and we kiss. We pull away and walk out into the hallway. No holding hands. Just walking side-by-side. He stops. "This might sound creepy, but I just realize I've gotta take a s*** now." "Ok.That's a little too much information...though you could've just said you were going to the restroom. Ignore me. I'm weird. Go. I'll be in the Auditera." Scott chuckles before disappearing into the men's restroom. I begin to walk down the hallway. I chuckle to myself. Halfway, I begin to feel dizzy. Then I'm ripped from my body. Like last time, I see this like an outsider looking in. I'm standing in front of the other me, who still pale, lips pink and chapped. She wears a dress, a simple white one like the ones you wear at a prom.(Thank God I'm not naked this time). She looks up, smiling a little in the corners of her mouth, the smile barely visable. My--the other me-- eyes are emerald green. We stare at each other. Then the other me--still barely smiling-- raises her palms,which are facing towards the ceiling. The hallway begins to darken. I look around to see black vines curling on the walls, the lockers,and the windows. I back up a little. I look back at the other me. Those green eyes are glowing red-orange now. She's wearing a black dress now. And... it's moving. That's when I begin to realize it's made out of those black vines. She thrusts her arms out to me, and the vines leave her,flying straight towards me. I scream.
  7. My eyes fly open. And I look around widly. No vines. No other pale me. No nothing. Just me, alone in a empty hallway, with a weird fog surrounding the school with evil killing-machine vines. Great first day of school. Can't wait for tomorrow. I walk to the Auditera. Mirdana sees me and gestures for me to sit next to her. I do. "What'd I miss?" I ask. "Well, Azula walked out." "What? Why?"I ask. "I don't know. She said that she was tired of being here, and she just walked out without saying another word. We tried to stop her but... Anyway, I think she's dead." "Why would you think she's dead?" "After a few minutes or so, Azula started screaming really loud like she was being tortured, then there was nothing." I let that sink in. "Wow. I mean-- Azula was a b****, but no one should have to die like that." "I know. I was kinda hoping that I would be able to push her in front of a bus, like Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, and then she'd learn a very vuarable lesson..."
  8. AZULA I walked down the hallway. I needed to let off some steam. I wanted to take a shower. But the problem was that the showers were on the other side. I past the band room, then do a double take. Scott! With the new girl... kissing?! What--? I felt tears spring out of my eyes. How could he?! I turn, walking swiftly. Forget this s***! I'm outta here. I walked to the main doors. I heard yells and shouts, but I ignored them. Besides, this was all a joke, for a movie. This wasn't real. The minute I stepped out, wind howled and shrieked. I continued to walk, the fog engulfing me, clouding my vision. Where was my d*** car? "Guys! Can you turn the fog steamer down? I can't see!" I called. No answer. I groaned. Some people take thier jobs waaaay too seriously. "Hello?!" I shout annoyed. Nothing. I groaned again, walking. I bumped into a huge chunk of metal. I felt it with my hands. It was a car. Finally, the fog started clearing up a little. "Need some help?" a male voice behind me asked. I whirled around. A man dressed in black, looking to be in late 20's stood there. I clutched my chest, laughing weakly. I checked him out. Hot for an actor. "You scared me." He smiled. "Heh. What's your name?" "Azula Micheals," I replied. "Hmm," he said, stepping closer to me like he was going to kiss me. Then I realized he sounded familiar, like I knew him from somewhere. Like I've met him before. He stepped closer, our faces almost touching. He was taking his role way too seriously but I didn't care. As long as I got to kiss a famous hot actor. We leaned in... and something wrapped around me and pulled me four feet backwards, my arms and legs flailing. What is happening?! "Help me!" I shrieked out to Hot Actor Guy. Then it stopped and I was hovering in the air, a few inches off the ground. The actor began to walk towards me slowly, like a predator. He stopped in front of me.
  9. He smiled, almost grinned insanely. He lifted up a finger, and black vines wrapped around my wrists, ankles and my throat. He wagged his index finger and tsked-tsked at me. "Poor little Azula. Always think everything's all fun and games, don't you?" he taunted, grinning, his voice echoing in my ears over the wind and cold. The hairs on my skin pricked up, as snow began to fall. I felt the vines curling around me. He smiled, then turned. He stopped, turning his head back to me. And still grinning that insane smile, he said,"Tear her apart." I watched him walk away, as the snow came down harder, making his retreating figure disappear, and I felt the vines tighten on my body. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  10. CATALINA After Scott returned from the bathroom, we told him about Azula. He looks a little sad. "No one has to go through that. Those vines..." he mutters, then looks at me, as if remembering eariler. He sighs. "Azula... she wasn't always a complete b****. She used to be this nice girl, always read books and what-not. All she ever wanted was to be noticed. Have lots of friends... etc. All she ever wanted was to be popular." He sighs again, running his hands through his hair. His blue eyes seems to darken a little as he stares down at the table. He glances up, then stands. We turn to see what he's looking at. Cracks start to appear on the windows. Everyone begins to back away. The windows shatter, and snow blows in. "Everyone to the gym!" Principal Ehide shouts. We scramble for the doors running down the hallway.
  11. The lights flicker on and off, then go out completely as frost covers them. A few people slip on the ice that's appearing on the cold floors. Scott grabs my hand--I guess to keep me from falling. We dash into the gym, which is still heated and warm. We clamber inside, then slam the doors shut. Frost freezes over the window. I exchange looks with Scott and Mirdana. How did this day come to this?
  12. Stay tuned for Chapter 4!
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