The Cold(TWC) Part 1

Welcome to the beginning of The Cold! If you haven't read the Prolouge, please read it now. (Just click my name which is in blue.) This follows the life, of 15-year-old Catalina Levens, who starts her first day of sophomore year. Please enjoy.

Tell me what you think or if you want more of The Cold. Any sugguestions or ideas will be placed in the next chapter. This book is also on Wattpad too. Just search for The Cold (The Watcher Chronicles: Book 1) by riliajames.

Created by: Alleria
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  1. CHAPTER ONE I BOLT UP FROM MY SLEEP, my breath trembling. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness, then turn on the light. I stand,walking to the mirror. I stare at the mirror, looking at my reflection. I sigh. I turn, sitting on the edge of my bed, placing my head in my hands. I can still feel the raw terror pulsing through me. When she-- I compose myself, and dress. I mean-- it's only a stupid weird dream. I've plently of weird dreams and never had nightmares because of those weird dreams. I sigh again. First day of school, Cat. The first day of a crappy start to high school. I head downstairs. My mom, Reiha (R-ay-a), and my dad, Devan are already up. I slid myself on my usual spot, as Mom piles eggs, bacon, and toast on my plate. I devor my yummy breakfast.
  2. "You ready for school, honey?" Mom asks, taking my clean plate and glass of orange juice to the sink. "Yup." I reply, pushing the chair back, walking to the door, picking up my bag, my hand on the door handle. "Wait, honey..." my mom calls. I look back. "You're not wearing that, are you?" I glance down at my white tank top and jeans. "What's wrong with my clothes?" "Wear your jacket." I stare at her. "Mom, it's like 90 degrees out. I don't need a jacket." Mom exchanges glances with Dad. Something passes between them.
  3. "Listen to your mom, Catalina," Dad murmurs. "Ugh!" I stamp my foot, exhaling in exasperation. I slip my black jacket on. "I'm driving you today. I need to go over some things with your teachers,"my mom says. "Like I care," I retort. "Thanks to you, I'll be a laughingstock. I'll be made fun of." I storm outside, waiting by the sleek black Mercedes. 'Well, at least I'll be showing up in this awesome car...' I think. We get in the car, and drive, after saying goodbye to Dad. I watch the trees,birds,houses, life go by on the other side of the window.
  4. My name is Catalina Levens a.k.a. Cat. I'm 15-years old, starting my first day of sophomore year. My parents and I moved to Arizona to get a fresh new start ( and for reasons my parents won't tell me). I'm your average teenage girl. I have black hair, blue/gray/amber eyes, and pale skin. Okay, maybe not your average looking girl...but still. I like to read, draw, sing in the choir, and play soccer. We reach the school. I get out, grabbing my bag, heading for the doors. Mom follows. Eeh! Students stare, whisper, and point. I feel sweat come down the back of my neck. I'm taking this jacket off now. When I reach out to do it, Mom gives me her "death" glare. I keep it on. "Honey, why don't you go to your class? Oh, wait. Here." She holds out the keys to the Mercedes. I stare at it. "Won't you need it?" I ask. "No,"she answers. "Gladys is picking me up.I'll see you later. Have a good day, sweetheart." I give her a quick hug, ignoring the stares. I turn, and begin walking down the hallway to my first class.
  5. 'At least Mom parked the car in the parking lot'. To my surprise, there are people already in their seats. They stare at me. "Yes?" the man standing in front of the chalkboard asks, turning to me. "Hi, I'm Catalina Levens. I'm your new student here?" "Ah,yes.I'm Mr. Warrs. Everyone, this is Catalina Levens. She's a new student here and let's make her feel welcome." They stare. "Or not. Uh, Catalina, you can take the seat by the window in the front row." I take my seat. "Now, as I was saying..." The phone rings. He picks it up, answers it, listens for a while. "Alright. Ok, class. I'll be right back. BEHAVE YOURSELVES." He walks out. The class begins to chatter. I hear someone get up, walking across the room, to someone behind me.
  6. "Babe,you still mad at me?" a girl's voice asks. I turn to see a girl, dressed in rich clothes, fancy jewerly, with blonde hair. Great. A rich popular cheerleader. Ugh. I see she's facing a boy about 18 or so, with blue eyes and black hair with a sort of pale skin complexion. "What're you looking at?" he asks, glaring. "Nothing,"I say. "Just minding my own business." I turn back around in my seat, staring at the chalkboard. I can still hear their conversation, because she is loud. "Babe,I wish you weren't going to New York. I wanna come with you." He chuckles sarcastially(sp?). "I won't be going to New York right away. I'm going straight to Hell first." I let out a startled laugh. He basically told her off. I kind of understand the meaning. Meaning if she went with him, it would be Hell for him.
  7. She let out a surprised scoff. "Wha--?Scott--" she says. "Azula..." he begins in a calm voice. "We broke up 3 years ago. Get it through your thick dumb blonde head. We are never, ever, ever, getting back together. Like ever. So get the **** away from me. Now. Azula." She scoffs, then screams in rage. "YOU b------! I TREATED YOU GOOD! I GAVE MYSELF TO YOU! AND WHAT, ALL FOR NOTHING?! ARGH!" Azula turns on her heels, picking up a book, and throws it. It hits the back of my head. "Ow," I hiss, rubbing my head. Mr. Watts comes back in just as Azula sits down in her seat. This just got interesting.
  8. I make it to lunch. I sit by myself against the wall, eating lunch. I notice the windows of the Auditora ( a.k.a. the Cafeteria) is getting covered with rain. I notice the boy-- Scott-- and the girl, Azula, are sitting together at the same table. Ok, not together, together but like across from each other. I sigh again, standing and walking to throw my lunch in the trash. I reach for my jacket. Then, I realize I put my jacket in the car during my restroom break. D*****! I dash out of the Auditoria, to outside. I run to the car, fumbling to get the key in the lock. The key slips in;I unlock the door, grabbing my jacket, then slam the door shut, locking the car. I run back to the main doors,down the hallway, to my locker. I am alone. I open my locker. Why didn't I bring extra clothes?! I slam my door shut, turning around, letting out a yelp. Scott stands in front of me, a smirk on his face. "Nice jacket," he says. "You do know it's 90 degrees out right, idiot?" "Um..." I walk past him, to look out the window. No rain, no dark clouds. "But it was raining... I-- I--," I stammer. "Hmm, maybe so. Maybe it wasn't," he says, as I turn to look at him. "You're that new girl right? Catalina Levens?" I nod. "Scott Haven." "Oh, nice. What are you, a haven for your friends?" I chuckle at my lame joke. He narrows his eyes. "Ha-Ha. Very funny. Considering I'm the only person that's actually going to be talking to you today. See you, Catalina." He pats the side of my cheek, then brushes past me. "Jerk!" I mutter to myself. I open my locker again, to look through my bag. All the way at the bottom is a pair of T-shirts and jeans. 'Thank you, Mom!' I think with relief. I dash into the bathroom, making a quick change. I head back to the Auditera. Halfway across the Auditera, I reach into my jeans for my Ipod. Nothing. I groan, turning and running out of the room.
  9. Once I get outside, it hits me. No rain, no nothing. A beautiful sunny day with a blue sky. I walk to the car, get out the key, only to have it drop from my hands, and disappear under the car. Great. I bend down, on my hands and knees, peeking for the key. I grab it, then get to my feet again. I scream. "Jerk! Stop doing that!" I yell at Scott. He smirks. "What are you doing here?" "Well, you kinda ran out here like a nutto, so I decided to see what was up with you. Ok?" I unlock the door, and grab my Ipod, which is lying on the seat. I close the door, and lock it. We begin to walk towards the door. "Nice Ipod." "Aw, thanks Scott," I say sarcastically. Something stops me. "What--" I look down to see a black vine wrapped around my ankle. Then I'm being pulled backwards. I scream as vines wrap around my throat. I claw at them. Scott lunges for me, holding onto my ankle, then begins dragging himself, on top of me. WTH?! "This is not what you think," he grunts. I don't answer, choking. My hands are the only things stopping the vines from killing me. Scott pulls out a switchblade from his pocket. He stares at me for a second. Then he yanks my chin up, and slices downward. The vines are gone. He yanks me to my feet, and we run. We get inside, panting. I slide down my locker, to the floor, and begin to cry. Because I almost died.
  10. Scott stands there uncomfortably. I gasp, trying to catch my breath. Once I get that out my system, I quickly wipe my tears away, standing. Scott doesn't say anything. "What. Was. That?!" I choke out. "I don't know." The lights begin to flicker. Outside, we see dark clouds forming, a strong fog covering the parking lot, the streets, the houses. I see frost spreading onto the windows and doors. Our breaths steam in the air. The lights completely go out, causing screams from the Auditera. Without thinking, I reach for Scott's hand. He squeezes back. We stare at the scene in front of us. "What's happening? It's so cold." I ask. We look at each other, our breaths showing in the air. We let go. We turn and walk down the seemly(sp?) quiet and dark hallway, the sound of frost crackling in our ears.
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