Hogwarts Love Story pt 21

Ok, so here is part twenty-one. It's the last part of year four, so next time look out for year five! I can't wait! Please drop a comment, and enjoy this part!

Oh! Part twenty never showed up in the 'new quizzes list' so if you haven't, please go and read that. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience! Enjoy this part!

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. Ok! Hi there guys! It's me again! Sorry for the wait, but I've been very busy. I do have part 20 out, but it didn't show up in the new quizzes list, so if you haven't read it, go read!
  2. So this part will be pretty short, and just a load of goodbyes for the end of year four. The fifth year will start with a bit of your summer holidays. I was planning to elaborate on that quite a bit, but I may not. I haven't decided yet... You'll just have to wait!
  3. Last rant from me before I start (probably). My character contest is linked by my username, and I'd really appreciate a few more entries, so don't wait, because year five is coming along quick! Ok, on with the story!
  4. You stood up from bending over your suitcase and looked around at your bare dormitory. A few girls were still packing, but most had gone down to breakfast. This year had gone so quickly, and so much had happened. The last three years of adventure seemed pathetic in comparison. You knew that you had to say goodbye to Fleur that morning, and you weren't looking forward to it. Fleur had become a great friend to you over the last year, and you didn't want her to go. It was with a sigh that you shut the door of Sepia's cage and trooped downstairs. You had far more people to say goodbye to this year. You'd met so many more great people. Storm, Fleur, Arianna, Cedric... You hesitated at the last name. It was true, you'd hardly spoken to Cedric last year, and now you were dating him. Internally, you laughed bitterly. Last year seemed like a lifetime ago, and a much better one. One without the horrors of the Dark Lord. You massaged your temples, trying to prevent the headache you could feel coming on. You looked up at Hermione, who was reading a letter, tears streaming down her cheeks. You rushed to her side, all your previous worries forgotten. "What's wrong?" you asked, rubbing her back. "It's silly," she sniffed, "It's just from my parents. I haven't told them yet, and it's just all so-" "Overwhelming," you finished for her, "I know exactly what you mean. C'mon, why don't we go into the courtyard or something?" you suggested. Hermione nodded, so the both of you headed out to where most students gathered before they waited for the Hogwarts Express.
  5. "____!" called a familiar voice. "Hey Arianna. Hi Storm," you said, watching the couple approach you. They smiled, and Hermione had conveniently disappeared. Hell, you loved your friends, particularly Hermione and Ginny. They had the best timing ever. Well, usually. Unlike Arianna. "I can't believe it's all over," Arianna gushed, "I mean, it seems like yesterday we met!" she said. Storm smiled fondly at Arianna, and then looked up at you, the blue tips of his hair contrasting perfectly to his pale skin. "Doesn't seem like all that long ago I'd just convinced Ced that he was worth your time, just before the World Cup. Then I ran into you myself," he said, "Oops. I wasn't meant to tell you that," he grinned. Your mouth had dropped open. "Not worth my time?" you asked, incredulously, "Cedric really needs to get some self-esteem. He just won the freaking Tri-Wizard tournament!" you exclaimed. "It's true, isn't it?" Storm asked quietly. The happy atmosphere dropped in a second, and even Arianna's smile dropped from her face. Right on cue, the clouds covered up the warm sun, and a wind whipped through the courtyard sending hats and discarded jumpers flying. "Yes. Anyone who doesn't believe that is just being cowardly and ignorant," you said through gritted teeth. Dumbledore's end of year speech had implied that the ministry thought this was all a load of rubbish, which was utter nonsense. "We believe you ___," Arianna said gently. Suddenly, her nostrils flared as her eyes locked on someone behind you.
  6. You spun round on your heel, looking for whatever had upset Arianna, and set your eyes on Pansy. "What Parkinson?" Arianna spat. Arianna had never forgiven Pansy for all the horrid stuff she'd done to you, particularly stunning you outside your classroom that day, although you'd told her she wasn't worth her time. Pansy sneered at Arianna, and you snapped. "Don't you dare Pansy," you warned her, your hand hovering over the wand in your front pocket. Pansy eyed your wand warily. It was well-known that you could jinx better than Ginny, and you could give a wicked punch. Draco's nose last year was perfect proof of that. Pansy huffed, and turned round. She spotted Draco sitting on the grass on his own, and ran over to him. You watched, amused, and he raised his eyes to meet her, and began to panic. You motioned him over with your left hand, and he leapt up, relieved. "Thanks ____," he said, smiling. You smiled back. "You're welcome Draco. I'd wish Pansy's presence on no-one," you said. Draco looked over his shoulder at Pansy, who was standing, stock-still, her lips parted and her face furious. She looked like she'd combust at any second. You both laughed, and Arianna and Storm bought your attention back to them. "I guess we'll see you around ___," Storm said, raising his hand in fair well. "Bye __!" Arianna said, hugging you, "Send me an owl!" "Bye you two!" you said after being released. You turned your attention back to Draco, who looked awkward. "What's wrong?" you asked him. "I haven't actually seen you since, well, you know," he trailed off, then it hit you. You groaned. "Draco you are so ridiculous. Haven't you known me long enough to realise that I'm not the judgemental type? I don't care who the hell your father is, or what he does. If he were a resident of Askaban I wouldn't care," here Draco flinched, "Because you'd still be Draco Malfoy. Not the Slytherin twit, just Draco," you said. Draco looked deep into your eyes, and you looked right back into his. Finally, he sighed. "Thank you. I really don't know what I'd do without you ___," he said, smiling. "Still for meeting up in Diagon Alley one day?" you asked, changing to a lighter note. "Hell yeah! How about three days before school starts?" he asked. "I'll be there," you promised. "Bye ___," he said. You hugged him gently, and kissed his cheek. "Bye Draco."
  7. You stifled a laugh at his dumbfounded expression, and as usual, ran smack bang into someone. This someone grunted, and you feared the worst. "Do you 'append to know ver 'Ermionee is?" Krum asked. "Over there," you said coldly, pointing to where Hermione sat with Ginny. He grunted his thanks, and you eyed the way he stomped around like an elephant with great dislike. "Elephant much?" asked a voice behind you. "God Neville! You sacred the hell out of me!" you said. Neville chuckled, and slung his arm around your shoulders. "It's all over now," he said quietly. "I know. Everything's over now. What does you Gran say?" you asked. "She reckons your right. She always said he'd be back," Neville said. You sighed and revelled in the easy silence that you could bask in when with Neville. "I need to go now," he said in a low voice, "Bye ___." "See ya Neville!" you called. You strolled over to where Hermione sat with Ginny, Harry and Ron. Before you'd gone more than three paces, you were stopped by another set of voices. "It's actually happening ___!" Fred yelled. "Woa woa woa! What's happening?" you asked. "Harry gave us his share of the prize money, we're setting up our shop!" George replied happily. You hugged them both, smiling. "I knew it would be way or another," you said. They both grinned, and you chatted aimlessly for a while. "I'm sure I'll see you over the summer, but bye for now guys," you said. "Bye for as long as you can get rid of us ___," Fred said, grinning. You parted, and you managed to get a little further this time.
  8. This time, it was the sight behind them that stopped you. The Beaubatons were loading their trunks into the carriages and Fleur stood in the bustling courtyard, her arm round her sister. You walked over to them. "Fleur!" you called out. "___!" she beamed as you came over. The two of you gave each other a goodbye hug, before looking at each other. "I can't believe you're leaving," you said, your voice breaking a little. "It's never goodbye ____," she said, "I'll be here for you, always." "I know Fleur, I'm waiting for that wedding invite," you said, smiling. Fleur laughed her musical, French laugh. "You may have to wait a while," she said, her French accent ringing with amusement. "Send me an owl," you said, as Madame Maxime called her students into a carriage. "I will ___, I promise," she called. You waved to each other until they were out of sight. You watched the dot disappear, gradually getting smaller as it melted into the sky. You didn't realise you had tears streaming down our face until someone wiped them away.
  9. "Hey! What's wrong?" Harry asked, his whole face concerned. You blushed, and looked down. "I'll just miss Fleur," you said. "I know ___," he said quietly, "Next year's going to be difficult." "I know that Harry. The ministry aren't taking it seriously at all though," you said, sighing. "Stupid really," he said. You nodded your agreement. The two of you stayed in silence for a while, before there was the familiar sound of the carriages arriving. You met up with Hermione, Ron and Ginny and sat in the black carriage. All of you were burried in your thoughts, and the short ride was silent. You climbed out and found a carriage on the train. The twins joined you, and you played a few games of chess and exploding snap to pass the time. It seemed like only a few minutes later that you were pulling up in the platform.
  10. You collected your trunk and Sepia, then looked for your parents on the crowded platform. "____!" called a voice behind you. You spun round, smiling. "Cedric!" you called back. He reached you, and hugged you gently. "Still up for meeting over the summer?" he asked. "Definitely Cedric. Send me an owl!" you said, spotting your parents who were with Ariella, "Bye!" "Bye ____," Cedric said, kissing your cheek. You flushed with your parents looking on, and hoped it had escaped their notice. Your hope was futile. Your dad was watching Cedric with a calculating expression, and your mum was smiling. "So that's Cedric?" she asked. "Yeah," you replied, blushing deeper. Your parents chuckled, and you followed them out. Ariella seemed to fit in well with your family, for which you were glad. You saw the Weasley's gathered around a rented car, and Harry standing with his aunt and uncle looking very unhappy. You mother tutted. "Who wouldn't look after their nephew?" she asked. "The Dursleys," you replied. You shot Harry a sympathetic glance. He raised his hand in fair well, and you waved back. "Hello Mr and Mrs Rivers, do you have a moment?" Mrs Weasley asked. You parents turned to her, remembering her from your second year. You let them chat about seeing each other over the summer, and walked over to Ginny. "I didn't get a chance to say goodbye Gin," you said. She smiled, and hugged you. "Bye for now ___. Mum's insistent that you come over," she said, grinning. You rolled your eyes at her, and walked back over to your parents. "Bye Hermione!" you shouted, waving to the bushy-haired girl walking to the exit. She waved back, and smiled.
  11. However, like you, there was a hint of apprehension in her eyes. Nothing could block from your mind the horrors of the graveyard. If the ministry weren't going to take this seriously then you had a problem. With Voldermort back, you were endangering your family. You sighed and looked up at your parents. Both were talking to Ariella, bombarding her with a million questions. You half regretted even suggesting adopting her, she'd be safer with the Slytherins, and you wouldn't have to worry about her. You banished the thoughts from your head, and tried to enjoy your time with your parents. Unfortunately, it would be a damper that would stay with you for nearly three years.
  12. Ok! So that was the end of year four! I know, it's sad. I loved writing about that year, so I'm sad to finish it. Year five will be particularly dramatic, with Luna and a new character from my contest. That reminds me, I'd love a few more entries, and don't wait! That's all for now. Look out for part 22, a new year! xXvulturemonemXx

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