Wich climate is home

DESERTS In the desert, the days are baking hot and the nights icy cold. It hardly rains at all. Snowstorms and harsh winds whip across the frozen wastes of the North Pole.

JUNGLES In the jungle, it rains almost every day. Plants and trees flourish everywhere. TEMPERATE ZONES This place is neither too hot nor too cold, too wet nor too dry: it has a temperate climate, like ours in Germany.

Created by: sai samara

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  1. Do you like the beach
  2. Do you like Forests
  3. Do you like Mountains
  4. Wich colour do you like
  5. Do you like Fish
  6. Do you like Potato`s
  7. Do you like Coconuts
  8. Do you prefer Hot or Cold
  9. If you had a House what would it be made of?
  10. Do you like being

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