Keep it cool kids!

This is a quiz about the most basic yet important facts surrounding global warming and climate change. This quiz is aimed at readers of the Kids Keeping it Cool website.

The Kids Keeping it Cool site aimed at teaching children in primary school about the causes, effects and possible solutions to solving the problem of climate change. To teach them how to help our planet should be our number 1 priority!

Created by: Caspian
  1. What does the 'Greenhouse Effect' have to do with Global Warming?
  2. How will climate change affect us?
  3. What is climate change?
  4. What makes 'greenhouse gases'?
  5. What's a good way you can save electricity?
  6. There are already millions of climate refugees world-wide. True or False?
  7. How many litres of water per minute do you think a normal shower head uses?
  8. How many litres of water per minute do you think a water-saving shower head uses?
  9. How much do you think it costs mum and dad to switch to 25% green energy for your electricity supply?
  10. Why does recycling help to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions and slow our impact on climate change?

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