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  • OH my lord awesome. I just love the detail and the realistic feature of your writing. The beginning was great and totally relatable. Well I can't really relate that well since the girl is the total opposite of me. Never in my life will I like school that much and I don't know anything about classic cars and all. Even our styles are different. But it's pleasantly nice to see someone else's point of view. Like really really pleasant and nice. I could never be that close with a teacher but it's so cute the relationship Maia has with Ms. Hills. Ooh the new teacher...if he wasn't one. I will probably never go after someone that much older than me. It's kinda scary. Jared is the sweetest kid ever but he's more like friendzone materiel sorry. Stephanie hasn't done something TERRIBLY bad and I have this feeling maybe we could be friends made out of conflict and deep hate. Keep on and get the next part out (:

  • I thought this was written very well with minimal spelling/grammar errors, and I really liked it. As ivory mentioned, your writing has a realistic feature and it's very relatable. I can't see where this story will go, and I'm interested to see, so please do continue!

  • i stopped reading this story in the 2nd paragraph because of all the swearing. no offense but if you want everyone to like your series, a tip: dont swear cuz some ppl dont appreciate it like me and then you can lose readers faster.


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