What a Muslim Are You?

There are many people in the U. S that knows little about Islam. Some people have heard about the religion but have no ways to explore it. Here are few questions to tell you about Islam and yourself. Do you love everybody as you love yourself? Do you have faith in God no matter what Happens, Do you ban killing and surrender yourself to God Only? Are your beliefs what Islam preaches?

The Goal of this quiz is to clarify basic infos about Islam and to give you a chance to see if your religious views are what islam is about. In few minutes you will find out!!

Created by: american muslim
  1. In how many god do you believe in?
  2. Do you want to have a personal relationship with God?
  3. In how many prophets do you believe in?
  4. Have you ever read the Holy Quran?
  5. Did you know that islam forbids the killing of other human beings?
  6. Do you know that Allah Is the Ultimate God that gave life to all creature and is without any associate?
  7. Do you believe in the father, the son and the holy ghost?
  8. Do you believe that the God that Created human could be as weak as human.
  9. Do you believe in the total mercy of Allah (God)
  10. Would you follow a book that acknowledges all the messengers (the Quran) or a book that differentiate between people and prophets?
  11. Would you read a book that have not been changed ( one book) or a book that had 66 books?
  12. Do you believe that muslims are as bad as the media try to make them look?
  13. Do you believe in the oneness of God, that He is only one and He is above human nature and has no son or mother nor father. That he is the Most merciful and the most Gracious?
  14. Can you fast for one month per year in order to witness to god you compassion for the poor and the control you have for you body and soul?
  15. Would you give to the poor and protect the Orphan?
  16. Would you undergo a trip to Mecca to pay tribute to the messengers of God once in your lifetime and if you have enough money to do so?
  17. Do you believe that their is only one God and that Abraham, Moses, Jesus, all the declared messengers and Mohamed are His messengers?
  18. Do you want peace peace and peace in the world?

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