How Muslim Are You

Are you serious about your deen or take it for granted? This quiz is all about discovering just where exactly you are when it comes to your practice of Islam. Sure there is humor in it, but the serious message should not be missed! To find out more take this quiz and find out!

This quiz will help you better understand how truly "Muslim" you are. Is it just a title or something you live by? Are you a nominal Muslim or actually serious about your faith? Take this important quiz and find out!

Created by: yasmin
  1. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is
  2. During the month of Ramadan you
  3. When there's a conference going on you
  4. Your policy when looking for a spouse is
  5. When you see the imam you
  6. When your boss invites you to the company Christmas party you
  7. When you find the last slice of pizza at the party has pepperoni on it you
  8. When you're asked questions about Islam you
  9. When the guy at the store forgets to charge you for an item you
  10. When it's time to pray and you question whether you broke your wudu you

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Quiz topic: How Muslim am I