L.O.V.E. part 2

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welcome to part two of L.O.V.E! I hope you like this installment eventhough it is a bit.. shocking and I was totally doing some improv and writing what i thought.

Characters Descriptions: Greg: British, cheated on you with jessica, brown hair and eyes. Liam:Timid, you found him on the street all hurt. Liar? Also has brown hair and eyes just different shades of brown. Sam: Rich, cocky, kinda sweet, dresses mostly in black, has spiky black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Created by: ILuvHolister

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  1. Recap: I, caroline Foxwood have been decieved by someone who i thought would deliver me from this horrid life...Greg. He didnt even deny that he was cheating on you and dating jessica. He didnt even try to make up some stupid lie i might have believed. Then there was Liam ,who at first glance seemed incapable of causing any harm, taught him a lesson. all of this and I didnt break into tears, even with my tough life I never cried, i didnt cry i thought i was weak if I cried. So when I broke out into tears in front of Liam... I wasnt excpecting it.
  2. I felt warm,salty tears fall down my face like a waterfall. My vision blurred and I began to sob... a lot. I tried to hide from Liam because I didnt want him to see me in such a weak state. Instead i found myself ingulfed in the warmth of his strong arms. he hugged me and said... "Cry it all out. Im here for you and I wont ever leave you."I felt that since i was betrayed by Greg it wouldnt seem right to move on so fast so I calmly whispered to Liam,my voice cracking..."Thanks so much,but this might take a while. Im sorry im so weak." I say. He shakes his head and "People cry not because weakness,but because they have been showing the world all their strength for too long."I crack a grin and cuddle closer to Liam.And true to his word he never lets go even after I had fallen asleep, I had woken up to see him gazing back at me like he had never slept."Why were you so hurt when i found you?" I ask excpecting him not to reply.
  3. he paused and then replied..."Some guys were after some easy cash and I was just unlucky. there were to many of them."I felt a shiver run down his spine,it felt right for me to comfort him.so i did. I hugged him tightly and said "Im so glad I met you."I didnt realize what was happening till it happened. Within a moment he was on top of me, "not too far." he said winking. Then Liam put my head up so it was close to his. he lloked straight into my eyes and I leaned in and kissed him. He was pleasantly suprised,since I made the "first move" "I think i love you caroline.everyday at school seeing you from afar made my heart break into pieces. Now this close I dont want it to end." Within a moment after saying this though one inoccent kiss turned into a full on makeout session. Your lips meeting and becoming one in total sync and harmony. When you finally broke for air you noticed that you were on his lap. He grinned and winked "Im hard to resist.Arent I princess?" Normally someone would have grinned at such a cheesy yet sweet remark,but for me it brought painful memories back into the light. I thought back to the first day i saw Greg and how he had called me sleeping beauty. Although words didnt come as easily to Liam they felt smooth,and rehearrsed. rehearsed. The word echoed in my head. He happened to be in the street,hurt, the same time Greg was inside the store and his timidness was just a cover too apparently because his stutter was gone. "Idiot" I thought to myself.i stood up and said "Things are moving to fast,we are both still in high school and we are both still hurt. you probably arent even thinking straight. If you love me prove it." He whimpers but agrees and within minutes your left all alone in your house,again.
  4. i felt calm and emotionless. cheated and betrayed. "Wow,I sound like im fifty or something."I sigh deeply and fall backwards on my couch so that im staring at the ceiling. "why me?'I yell to the nothingness. I wasnt excpecting the doorbell to ring."Great now Im crazy."I got up and opened the door to see a dude a bit taller than me with spiky black hair standing in my doorway.I looked at him and he looked back at me. I shook my head and tried to slam the door shut.the mysterious guy just kept standing there. "who are you and what one earth do you want?" I ask him getting irritated. "The name is Sam and im sorry to inform you that your parents have just gotten in an accident with my parents and are at the hospital as we speak." i was shocked so I asked for proof,which he gave... it was my mother's chain necklace that she wore at all times. Eventhough my parent's were never there for me,I still felt quite sad. "we need to hurry."said sam with a look of pity."Yeah,but how are wegonna get there?" I asked."I have my ways." He said flashing a ignition key to some sort of vehicle. sam leads me to his car and my jaw drops. Its a lamborghini."hun,try not to stain the seats. they are custom."sam says with some cockiness. Well,two can play at that game."What-ever."I replied rolling my eyes. sam seemed shocked at my rudness,as everyone was,but then he cracked a grin,as if he was happy about something. I looked at him in disbelif,apparently I kept looking at him while he was driving because at the red light he said" I know I look awesome,but keep the staring at a minimum." "I wasn't--"I tried to protest,but he put a finger on my lips and said "Watch this." The light was still red but he hit the gas on his lamborghini and kept driving,overpassing anyone who was "too slow,a.k.a driving speed limit,which he had definitely exceeded. I felt up for a little trouble,but I didnt picture it with some full of himself rich dude. oh well,life is full of suprises. I like music and since I was curious at his taste in music I turned on the radio,there was a cd inside that was playing. the song was last to know by three days grace,I song i loved and could relate to highly,but why did he listen to three day's grace. "They are my favorite band and believe it or not,but I find true meaning in their songs." he says.
  5. "she didnt say a word,just walked away. You were the first to say that we were not okay,you were the first to lie when we were not alright. This was my first love she was the first to go and when she left me for you I was the last to know."I sang along to Last to Know and then the song ended... the next song was by far my favorite.(See if you can guess it) "Everytime we lie awake after every hit we take all the feelings that i get,but i haven't missed you yet.All the roomates kept awake by every sigh and scream we make all the feelings that i get, but i still don't miss you yet."(Its "I hate evrything about you" by three days grace)"Only when i stop to think about it....i.hate.everything about you. Why do i love you?" Sam sang at the top of his lungs and pretty well actually. This was the most fun i'd had in a while and it was with a guy i had just met,sitting in his lamborghini,driving to see my parent's who are in the hospital with serious injuries. It didnt seem right and I found myself silently sobbing. The car stooped. "we are here. are you ok? Don't worry my parent's have a suprise for you if your un loving parent's die. Please don't cry." wow, sam was the total opposite of liam. But, sam somehow felt more caring and natural whereas Liam felt unnatural. "Thanks, the name is caroline by the way." I say weakly. All the way to the emergency room he tries cheering me up with the funniest jokes ever. When i get to the emergency room,im to late.. its over... they are dead.
  6. I was to late my parent's were dead. Both of them at the same time. I felt like crying but tears wouldn't come. The nurses looked at me and said that they were sorry,but the wounds were to deep and that they had said that they had nothing to live for. They had been drunk. Now they were dead. "They didn't care about me. So why should i feel sad." I thought to myself. But, apparently it was because I was different then them i was born witha human heart. One that had been chipped and cracked,but was still beating inside my chest. It was a blessing and a curse. When they buried my parent's the question most commonly asked was "Who will that poor child stay with?" what they really meant was who is going to watch the troublesome little brat who didnt cry about her parent's death.Adults, were so untrustworthy they said one thing,but implied another. "ahem we ahev an announcment to make. since we were the cause of the accident we ahve decided to let caroline stay live with us. " said Sam's mother and father. as much as i didn't like the idea of living with other peopl i did like the idea of getting sweet cars, a huge allowance and a huge room. not that i was selfish or anything, but i felt like i had gone too long without taking car of myself.
  7. So as soon as i got to my new home i felt inside that my life had changed for the better and that my parent's never really had cared about me so it wasn't important for me to give them a second thought. this had all happened so fast my parent's, the move, greg,Liam ,Sam.
  8. My life was never going to be the same again. i would never be able to scream and not hear a reply or cry without anyone caring. It was both a good occurence and a sad occurence. Sam's parent's names were liz and george so that's what I called them. They thought of adopting me,but i heard later that Sam had been against me becoming his sister. Apparently everyone now knew, I had another guy in love with me.
  9. I plopped down on my bed and got ready for someone to burst into my room saying it was un ladylike to cry or something weird. But,nobody did,they let me be and came to check on me once in a while,but i felt like this was just an extended sleepover at a stranger's house. The next day of my stay me and sam went out and bought me a mustang in my favorite color... red.It cheered me up indefinetly and when school time came. i was a new person. My usually frizzy hair was now sleek,shiny,and smooth. My car was a red mustang and all my clothes were brand name. Oh and I didn't ever do my homework alone again.. me and sam did everything together. Which, because of jealous sparked rumors that i was a heartbreaker who had dumped Greg and liam for Sam, who i would probably dump soon too. I ignored them, i was to fabulous and rich now. i talked with sam about transferring to another school and he said that it was up to me. So i told liz and george and they agreed. On my last day at the school i hated Liam and greg talked to me, they apologized gave me their phone numbers and said that they hoped we could stay "Close friends." They didn't care about me.. they never had.. no one has and no one will.
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