Life As A Demigod - Part 2

Whew! Alright y'all, here's part 2. I'm currently bed ridden with an upper respiratory infection, so I've got a bit of extra time to write. I hope you like this part, too!

Here are the main male characters again: Zephyr: Son of Hades. Black hair, brown eyes. Apathetic and sullen. Robin: Son of Poseidon. Dark brown hair, blue eyes. Bad boy stereotype with sentimental fringe. Liam: Son of Apollo. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes. Charismatic and quick to tell a joke. Ryan: Son of Athena. Brown hair and grey eyes. Very intelligent and adept at most skills.

Created by: PokeFan
  1. You tense, closing your eyes tightly as the bus explodes, feeling both boys grab each of your arms before everything goes dark. The next thing you see is grass. Slowly shifting, you sit up and look around, seeing a forest to one side and a large pine tree at the top of the hill you're on.
  2. "Zephyr..? Liam..?" you call hesitantly. You brush yourself off and stand up slowly, turning and looking for the boys. Finally you see them, lying in the grass a few feet away. You quickly run to their sides and hit your knees next to them, "Guys!"
  3. Zephyr sat up slowly, pushing his fingers through his black hair, groaning lightly and putting his head on his knees, looking very sick. "Zephyr, are you alright..?" you ask, glancing over at Liam. Zephyr nods, rubbing his face, "I'm fine... shadow travelling just drains me." You nod slightly, even though you have no idea what shadow travelling is, and go to Liam, "You good..?" Liam nods, having gotten up to his feet, trying to get Zephyr up, grinning at you lightly, "Yeah I'm fine. Thanks."
  4. You nod at Liam, turning and looking around you, trying to determine where you were, "Where are we..?" Liam grinned lightly, helping a sick Zephyr to his feet and letting him lean into his shoulder, "Just follow me to the top of the hill and then you'll see where we are." You furrow your eyebrows slightly but nod, turning and following him up the hill to the pine tree. At the crest of it, you look over the side and see a huge span of structures.
  5. The place before you is huge. There's a large sky blue house that is closest to you, with a volleyball court next to it. You squint and see teenagers in orange shirts playing, along with somethings that look suspicious goat-like. The center of the area houses a collection of 12 cabins shaped in a 'U'. Other than that, there's a long, low building that appears to be stables, a lake, an arena, a pavilion, and a forge. There are a few other buildings scattered around, and they're all styled with ancient Greek architecture. You turn to Liam, your eyes wide, "W-what is this place..?"
  6. Liam grinned, walking down the other side of the hill towards the sky blue house, "This is Camp Half-Blood." You furrowed your eyebrows, trailing after him and looking around at awe at the camp, seeing expansive strawberry fields and raising your eyebrows at the hybrid goat things, "Half... what?" Liam chuckled, carrying the now unconscious Zephyr into the house and leading you down a hallway, "Half god."
  7. You widen your eyes and then laugh, knowing it must be a joke, "Oh, come on!" Liam walks into a room, setting Zephyr down on the infirmary bed and letting a nurse take care of him, "I'm not kidding. Everyone here is some how related to a god, most of us have godly parents. We're called demigods. You're one too." You tense, widening your eyes, "ME? A demigod! Haha, that's funny." Liam shakes his head, turning to leave after explaining to the nurse that Zephyr needed to rest for a while, "If you weren't a demigod, then you couldn't be in this camp. There's a magical barrier across the camp that blocks out anyone that doesn't belong." You sigh and shake your head, rubbing your face, "This is crazy."
  8. Liam chuckles and shakes his head, turning and walking back down another hallway with you, looking up as he hears voices. You furrow your eyebrows, turning and heading towards the noise, being a curious person and wanting to know who it was. You walk to the end of the hall and end up in a recreation room where two boys were arguing about something rather loudly, "Who are you guys..?"
  9. Both of the guys turn their heads and look up at you, raising their eyebrows. The boy with blue eyes and brown hair grins, turning away from the other guy and holding his hand out to you, "Hi, I'm Robin." The other guy sighs, shaking his head and pushing Robin out of the way, "Go away, Robin. _______ doesn't need you bothering her. Oh, I'm Ryan by the way." You furrow your eyebrows and nod, waving to them both slightly, "Uhm... hey. I guess." You wonder what they were arguing about and glance back at Liam, who looks just as curious as you.
  10. Liam steps up to your side, watching the other two guys and looking around the room, apparently looking for someone or something, "What were you two idiots arguing about?" Ryan rolled his eyes at Liam's choice of words, leaning back against the pool table, "We weren't arguing, Robin was just being stupid." Robin gasped, feigning hurt and turned, winking at you, "I am not stupid..!" You flushed lightly as Robin winked, turning towards Liam, "Who are you looking for..?" Liam opens his mouth to respond before you hear a male voice behind you, "Me."
  11. Alright y'all! That's the end of Part 2, I hope you enjoyed it. (: Aren't the guys just adorable? Anyhow, leave some comments on what you want more/less of, and what you want to see happen in this series. Until next time! ;D

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