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Hey guys! Thanks for reading! this is the author of the ~Forbidden Love~ series. my quizzes have not been posting correctly so if you find this story, please check my account for more stories. by the way, "Death Cheaters" will take longer than i thought to be released. i'm struggling with writer's block on that one. sorry. but this story is good to go. please constantly check my account to be updated on stories. the picture here is to say merry Christmas to all of you since this quiz is posted on Christmas day. hope you like it! Merry Christmas!

o here are the descriptions of the guys. Demitri: dark black hair and intense, ocean blue eyes. fit, hot, witty. James: dark brown hair and eyes. strong, good arms and chest, very flirty. Kyle: black hair and darker eyes. mysterious, keeps to himself, looks angry all the time but soft. fit, kind of skinny.

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  1. Going to school wasn't any different than before. Everything was empty but then the occasional 2 or three guys that would ditch homeroom to see Hera. "H-hi, Hera." One would stutter. "Hey, Beautiful." Would say the other. "Hey guys." Hera would say, barely giving them a glance. Most guys would beg for just a nod from her. "I'm invisible." I said just to see what she says. She stopped to examine my face, and then poked my nose with her finger, "whoa! There's someone there!"
  2. I pushed her away from me and she started laughing. "You're evil!" I giggled. "I know! But you love me anyway." She chimed. I rolled my eyes at her and said, "Remind me why I'm your friend again." She placed an arm around my shoulders and sighed, "Because I'm the only one who makes you happy."
  3. I shrugged her off, "you're ridiculous." She laughed again and said, "Besides, those guys that passed us in the morning sure took their time checkin' you out." I blushed. "Shut up! They did not." I lied and she knew it but she didn't say anything. "mmm-hmm" was all she said. Then we walked into homeroom.
  4. "Good Morning Miss Andreadis and Miss Anises." Greeted Mr. Gales. I mumbled "good Morning" as always but Hera didn't. She was staring at the seats by the window that were usually empty, our seats. We sat beside the window because it was amusing what kinds of things would happen in high school.
  5. This time, our seats weren't empty. They were taken by two people that made me blush but made Hera's blood boil. Hera doesn't like it when people take her things. She made that perfectly clear last year when some of the guys stole her wallet that held many embarrassing pictures of when we were little. Let's just say, that the guys and their friends never had and never will have a chance with either of us.
  6. The boy in my seat was the one with dark brown hair that winked at me. The one in Hera's seat was the one with black hair that didn't seem to like me. I started walking for the two seats in the back of the classroom but Hera did the opposite. She marched right up to the new kids. I hurried after her and pulled on her arm, "Hera, no." she pulled me off and whispered, "No, these guys are gonna walk all over us just like this morning." I shook my head, "Hera, they're new. Let them adapt to the school at least."
  7. "What they need is to adapt to Me." she persisted. I didn't like using my strength because I knew I was stronger than everyone else, but in this case, I could make an exception. I was a little bit stronger than Hera so this should be enough. I pulled her away from that direction and told her, "we'll get them after school or during lunch, okay? Don't make a bad impression." She sighed unhappily and took a seat beside me in the back.
  8. Mr. Gales cleared his throat and continued with the class. I glanced at Hera and she started playing games on her phone. I snuck a look at the new guys. The dark haired one was trying to be subtle as he stared at me. I cleared my throat quietly and he looked away.
  9. As for the other with the dark brown hair, he didn't make any attempt to be subtle. He sat in a position making it perfectly clear that his attention was on me. His chest was facing me and he leaned on the window. I raised an eyebrow and he winked at me. I scoffed and looked away. Hera laughed quietly and asked, "Is that your idea of flirting?"
  10. I gaped at her, "what? I wasn't flirting." "mmm-hmm." She said. I rolled my eyes. After a very long class period, Hera and I praised the fact that we had a block schedule. Luckily, we had 1st lunch today and every day. "Finally!" Hera exclaimed, "I'm starved." I giggled, "I know, I'm gonna die!" Hera laughed. We always made stupid jokes about our immortality. It was our little inside joke.
  11. We both went straight to a little store that the school has. It's called, "Ant Hill" because of our mascot, the "Mighty Ants." Hera flirted some guy into buying her a Sunny D and a bag of donuts. I used my money to buy myself a Root Beer and Ramen Noodles. "Mmm, can I have some?" Hera pricked my food. I snapped my teeth at her hand "Get your hands off my food before I eat them too."
  12. Hera pouted and made for our usual table by the empty side of the school. "It's a good thing no one comes here. I'd hate to never have a private moment." Hera commented. I agreed and slurped another noodle. This side really was empty, but it was beautiful. The trees were tall and tempting to climb. The grass was as green as ever. You could hear birds singing in the sky and every now and then, a hummingbird would appear and feed off the flowers.
  13. What Hera and I already knew was that every immortal has greater senses. However, each immortal has a sense stronger than regular immortals. So if an immortal could touch a tree and feel its life, an immortal who's stronger sense is touch can feel the life pumping through their chest as if they were the tree and, if properly trained, they could even control the tree.
  14. Hera's was her 6th sense. She always knew the good and bad in people. Mine was hearing. I could hear from exactly 5 miles away whereas normal immortals could only hear from 2 at the most. Whether I want to or not, I must hear something. Other immortals can turn off their senses and lower them to human senses but if it's your strongest sense, there is no escape.
  15. "Hey, do you hear that?" I asked her. Hera snapped her head at me, "what?" I heard footsteps coming towards us. Each person had a natural beat when they walked. Just like they each had an individual scent to animals. I could here three different rhythms of breathing and steps that were difficult to explain. "I know who it is." Hera said, "And it's about time we get them alone." "Hera, behave yourself." I commanded as she walked towards the new kids. She scoffed, "yes, mother. I'll be...civil." Then she walked toward them with an evil smile on her face. To others, it might have been sweet but I knew better. After she was halfway to them, I started to catch up to her. "So, what do you think of this school?" Hera asked.
  16. The boy with the dark brown hair answers, "Its...normal." The one with blue eyes commented, "except for two strange girls that happen to oddly stand out." I looked at him and he gave a fake smile. I returned it with a little more sarcasm. "Well, there are some things you need to know." Hera said, "These two strange girls that "˜oddly stand out' are people you do not want to mess with." "So we would appreciate it if you didn't take our spot in that class anymore." I said, intimidating them. The boy with the dark brown hair blinked then replied, "We are sorry and we will not be taking your place again. We didn't know that was your spot. Truce?" He looked at me as he spoke, sincerely.
  17. I smiled and said, "Truce, right Hera?" she grumbled, "Whatever" and turned back around to the tree. I followed right after her. The new kids followed us as well. "We didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves. I'm James." spoke the one with brown hair "I'm Demitri" said the one with blue eyes and black hair. I didn't pay much attention to the third one since he was so quiet. He just stared at me and didn't say a word.
  18. James Cleared his throat, "this is Kyle. He doesn't talk much." explained James. "I'm Hera, this is Emilia." Hera introduced us. "So what are you two doing all the way back here?" James asked. "We could ask you the same thing." I replied. "We asked you first." Demitri argued. "We were here first" finished Hera. "Touché" James surrendered. "We were just exploring the school. It's pretty big." "Eh, you'll get used to it." Hera chimed. I don't understand why she barely paid them any mind.
  19. "And you two?" James pushed. "We found this place "˜cause it's one of the only quiet places in the school." I explained. As if for perfect timing, two strangers passing by the side of the school whistled at me and Hera. I blushed as they shouted, "Hey baby! Lookin' good! Wanna ditch?" Hera waved at them and turned the other cheek. I don't understand why but that always drives boys crazy.
  20. "Sure is a quiet place." Demitri commented. I giggled along with Hera. "When Hera's around, it's never quiet." I chuckled. Hera shrugged her shoulders and James spoke, "really? I thought it was you." I blushed again and Hera gave me a subtle nudge. As if by miracle, the bell rang. "So what classes do you guys have next?" Hera asked. On our walk to the building, I discovered I have at least one class with each of them. My next class, Choir, I had with all of them.
  21. CLIFFHANGER! thanks for reading! part 3 will be out soon. you will hear more from Kyle and Demitri. you will also get closer to James and there's something big coming in either part 3 or part 4. we'll see. sorry if this was long please comment and rate.

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