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  • omfg why did GTQ delete my comment. Now I will have to write a shorter one haha. Okay loved the new girl too. She's a bit unappreciative in a way but it's so sad how Stephanie bullied her. I would love to have a younger sister so we could go shopping and play dressup. Normally I don't like little kids though. Not that Kat is little but she's super awesome. I have no idea but I would be spraying my strawberry perfume at that centipede. Poor Frankie.

    It could be improved if it was slowed down. It's a bit fast paced and so many things are happening it's a bit hard to digest. Maybe the characters could be more well rounded (terrible grammar) and you could do that by writing more about their personality, looks and their character quirks. That's what makes them so special. But you did better than I could have ever dreamed of when I first started so totes to you. Yay my strawberries are done freezing in the fridge. I can't stand mushy warm food. Especially pudding *shivers*

    Blow Me One Last Kiss is stuck in my head. Especially the "I've had a 'bad' day" part. I've had a terrible week excuse me but where's my song. But I'm not stressed. I'm chill as a pickle. Whoa the fountain is making leaky noises DUCK FOR THE TREES. Haha hats off to you too.

  • This was really good! Keep it up!


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