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Ok. This is the next part of my story, "And the Wolf Grew Wings". I don't put summaries. Read all parts before this one!!!

Oh! And before I forget, I'm making another story called "Naruto Lovers' Cursee". Try it when it comes out. Leave in this quiz's comments if you have any suggestions for the plot. XD *Ray*

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. Just then, HE trotted in...
  2. "Hey, Ray. Nice to see you again, ____. Been ok?" "UUhhhh..." Ray suddenly looked irritated "What are YOU doing in my castle?!" Kyle smiled. "I've come for her," He said, pointing directly at me. I then broke out of my shock. "Kyle! What are you doing here?" I suddenly remembered the last thing I saw from my world. It was Kyle. He was leaning on the gate to the zoo, looking grim. "Wait. Did you know I was coming here?" I asked. Then Ray butted in "Woh woh woh! So, wait. You know him, ____?" "Ya. We became VERY close friends in the little time we've known eachother." Kyle said, draping his arm over my shoulders. "I've been looking for you everywhere, dearest." Ray looked like he was about to explode "What does he mean?" "We worked together" I said, removing Kyle's arm. Ray relaxed ever so slightly. "Come on, ____," Ray said, grabbing me by the arm. "It's time to get ready for dinner. And Kyle," "Hmmmmm?" "I want you out in five minutes." "Hm. How rude. But ok. Your castle, after all." He replied, walking in the oposite direction, his grin growing by every step.
  3. Ray brought me back to my room and told me to wash up before dinner. I walked into my new bathroom and found out ther weren't any showers. Just baths. My bath was the size of a swimming pool and had a small fountain in the middle. I sunk down in the steaming water, grateful for their warmth. After I finnished, I put on some skin softener crean. I came out in my towel and looked at the clock on my bedside tabel. 5:37. Ray had said dinner was at 7:30 and that he had some buisness to do until then. I flomped down on the bed, still wearing my towel. 'Mabey a quick nap' I though, setting my alarm for 7:00. I almost instanty fell into a dreamless sleep... I woke up to my alarm. And a weird feeling. I noticed the glass door to the balcony was open. 'Did I do that?' I thought. 'No'. I got up, wrapping the comforter around myself. I walked out on the flower-covered balcony, looking around. Nothing. I stepped back inside, making sure to lock the door behind me. Once inside, I quickly dressed. I wore a pair of genes and a tee that hugged my body. I slapped on a pair of flats and was good to go.
  4. The man who came to escort me was the same warrior who drove the carrage that first took me here. This time, on the way to dinner, I got a better look at him. He had chocolate brown hair with void-black hair. Strangely enough, they complimented eachother well. He wore mostly brown leather with armor on the soldiers, joints, and upper chest. When I opened the door, he bowed slightly and began walking down the hall, motioning for me to follow.
  5. The man who came to escort me was the same warrior who drove the carrage that first took me here. This time, on the way to dinner, I got a better look at him. He had chocolate brown hair with void-black hair. Strangely enough, they complimented eachother well. He wore mostly brown leather with armor on the soldiers, joints, and upper chest. When I opened the door, he bowed slightly and began walking down the hall, motioning for me to follow. I did and he led me to a large and extreamely fancy looking dinning room. In the center of the room was a medium tabel that would hold about eight people. In a seat near the center was Ray, smiling up at me. The warrior left the room and I sat directly across from Ray. We ate a meal that I didn't really know what it was, though it was great in taste. Afterwards, we went to a large garden. I noticed a fairly large basketball court. Ray noticed me staring and asked, "Do you want to play a game?" I had never been very good at basketball, but his childish, lit up face made me cave. "Alright. But just one game!" I yelled as he ran to the court. We played a quick game and by the time we were done, I was soaked in sweat. Ray, however, didn't look the slightest bit tired. "Ok, that was our one game. Are we done now?" I complained, sitting on a bench. Ray laughed as he ran up to me. "Ya, ok. Hey, ____. Do you wanna go visit the village?"
  6. I went back to my room and changed, Ray waiting outside my door. He then took me to what looked like horse stabels. Only bigger. ALOT bigger. When I saw what they were housing, my mouth gapped open. As he walked by me, Ray pushed up on my chin, closing my mouth. But it wasn't my fault! After all, I WAS looking up at dragons!!! Ray approched one, which sneezed when he touched it's snout. I knew because it was pretty quiet in the holdings. "We'll be riding Stake" He said tapping the blue dragon's neck. He helped prop me up. Just as I was almost on, a loud roar made both of us wall down. I looked around, wondering what happened. All the other dragons seemed confused as well. Another roar blasted through the place. It came from behind a large door. Ray and I looked at eachother and we started walking to the door. Ray opened it just as another roar was let out, which scared thh out of us. We walked in and saw a row of huge cages. Each one held a menacing-looking dragon. "Woa. This is where we keep the dangerous ones. But they're usually so silent." Another roar was let out and we found the one that was making the noise. It was an ENORMOUS black dragon with flame markings on it. I mean, ya, the others were big. But this one looked like it was bumping it's head on the cealing. This place was the size of a 5 story building!!! After it saw us, it put it's head on the ground and looked at us expectantly.
  7. Ray grabbed my arm and started pulling me to the door. "Do you know how dangerous this thing is, ____? They're in here for a reason. That's why they're in cages instead of stalls. They're extreamly dangerous. Are you listening to me?!" I spoke before I knew what I was saying "Why is he so sad?" "What?" I took a deep breath "Why is he so sad?" Ray now looked confused "Why do you think he's sad?" "I don't know. I can just tell." "Well, I think he's scedualed to be killed in a few days." Ray said calmly. "What?! Why?!" "I don't know, but I can look at it's record if you want." "Ya. Thanks." Ray walked over to a computer in the corner and sat down. After a few momunts, he looked up at me. "Says here, he killed over fifty people." "He's innocent." I said bluntly. "What?" "He's innocent. They were comming at him quickly and he was scared. It's not his fault." After a little arguing, Ray gave in. Putting his hands up, he said "Ok, alright. I'll try. But I doubt they're going to change anything according to the gut instinct of one girl." I didn't know who 'they' were, but turns out, 'they' did change it. "So they're not going to kill him?" "Nope. Turns out, the people who were sent to retrieve him used force, wich is forbidden." I raced over to the black dragon's cage. "Did you hear that? You're gonna be fine!" I declared, estatic. "Look, ____. He can't understand wha-" He was cut off by a loud roar, the dragon jumping up and down in pure joy. He hit his head on the cealing in the procces, so he had to stop. I turned to Ray, a smirk growing on my face. "What was that?" He sighed dramaticly, "____, how you never cease to amaze me. And prove me wrong." I smiled and said "Open the cage." "WHAT?!?!" "Open the cage. Look, you said he was in here because he killed those men, right? Well, now he's innocent, so there's nothing to worry about." "____! This dragon's never been trained or even handled with proper care. It's still a wild animal!" Ignoring him, I reached my whole arm through the bars.
  8. Nothing happened for a few mseconds. Then the dragon nuzzeled it's snout into my hand. Ray fell to the ground, every emotion in the book streaming across his face. "Good boy" I said quietly. "Good boy". Ray sighed heavily and asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded, certain the enormous dragon was of no danger to us. Ray got out a key and undid the lock. It took both of us to make the cage door so much as budge. After a few centimeters, we colapsed, already tired. Then the dragon pushed it the rest of the way with his platted head. We led him outside through a door he could barely squeeze through. Once his paws toughed the grass, he colapsed in the greenery. "See, Ray? He's just fine. Suddenly, a group of men in blue worksuits came running twards us. The dragon glanced over his shoulder and jumped up, bearing his teeth. "What is it, boy?" I asked. He ran to me and picked me up with his mouth, throwing me into the air. "Waaa!!!" I landed behind his head, where it connects with his neck. Suddenly he spread his massive wings and took off, sending a jolt through me. Now high in the air, along side the clowds, we were moving too fast for me to see where we were going.
  9. Ray was horrified. "____!...____!" He yelled as the dragon flew into the clowds. 'It wust've been the suits' He thought. He turned to the men. "What are you doing here?" One of them stepped farward. "An alarm went off at central. One of the cages in room 3 were opened. We came to investigate." "I opened it! The dragon was cleared of charges and comepletely harmless!." He took a deep breath. "Do you put trackers on the locked up dragons?" "Of course."
  10. Well, that's it...CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry, had to do it. *Clears throat*. Comment and rate?

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