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OMG!!! I'm SSSOOO sorry!!! I know I havn't been on here for, like, 2 months! So sorry! Well, this is the next part... ya no mabey i don't know.. forever

OMG!!! I'm SSSOOO sorry!!! I know I havn't been on here for, like, 2 months! So sorry! Well, this is the next part... ya no mabey i don't know.. forever

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. "I've got to admit. I look at you different now that I've found out your story." My face whipped towards him. "Really?" I asked worridly. "Ya. You're WAY cooler now!" He exclamed and tackled me, sending us both tumbling down the hill. We landed with him on top of me, my back to the ground. I smirked. "That wasn't very nice. I smiled shyly. "Then this you're gonna hate." And he pressed his lips to mine.
  2. I was shocked and tried to pull away, but his strong arms held me in place, one on my back, the other the back of my head. He finnaly let go and pressed his forhead against mine, both of us breathing hard. "Why'd ya do that?" I whispered. "The same reason I've unknowingly protected and gazed at you all this time." He smiled sadly. "Did you know? A ledgend says that a dragon can only fall in love once in its entire lifetime. They say that's why we mate for life." He looked at me and I say tears running from his eyes. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't of said all this. You must hate me. I'm so sorry..." He tried to get up, but I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me, kissing him deeply. At first his eyes were wide, but he soon relaxed and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer so my stomach was touching his abbs. We broke apart for air and I noussled his neck. "Look." My gaze rose to see him holding up a brilliant necklace. It was held by a silver chain. At the base sat two dragons, one silver, one black. They were touching and their tails entwined. Between them was a brilliant crimson heart. "Is that?" "Mmm hmm. The stone. I had it carved into a heart. So... Do you like it?" Depth asked sheppishly. "Like it? I LOVE it!" He looked full of joy and took me in another tight embrace. We soon returned to the castle. I said good night and started inside, but Depth held my wrist. "Do you...want to sleep outside...with me?" He stuttered. I smiled and shook my head. "Sorry. But it wouldn't be right. Besides, everyone will be wondering where I am." He agreed sadly and we each went to bed.
  3. ***DREAM*** "Why do you keep bringing me here?" I asked lazily. I was in the usual place, facing myself. She smiled sadly. "I wish we could both talk. It would make thing so much easier." She nodded. Then she put her hand on the boundry between us. I did the same, and she took my voice. "I know, but this is how it is. You need to know, ____. He's coming. You will be so happy, yet so sad." She frowned, looking at the ground. But WHO was coming? "The others are coming as well. You have already met two. The last three will come soon. Listen close. When the crimson stone glows, and the moon is high, the wolf will bare her fangs. Mighty wings will sprout from her back and a vine of fire will hold her body. Shadows of water will protect her. A cliff of stone will soport her. A roar of lightning will sprout from her voice. When the ember, the wave, the storm, the hevens, and the stone are together, the breed will be awakened." She smiled and whistled. The same wolf from before appeared, motioning to his back. I sighed and pressed my hand to hers. "Thank you. I trust that when this is all over, I'll understand." I returned her small smile and climbed onto the wolf. He took off imediately and passed through the door, leaving the four other beasts behind...
  4. ***DREAM OVER*** I woke up in bed, already forgetting my dream. "I wonder if the small dragon will be up for a morning run." "I'm up!" I whipped around to see the baby dragon curled up on my room's couch in human form. I guess he'd gotten some shorts. "Oh. Just you. So, are you up for it?" He nodded happily and touched the stone. He glowed blue and turned back to himself. He then looked at me expectantly. "Ya, ya. I'm coming. Just give me a sec." I went into the bathroom and changed into some comfortable, tight black pants and a white T with black and red flames on it. Slipping on some sneakers, I jumped on his back. I held on to his strip of furr tight, afraid of falling off. He lept from the roof and started running away from the field and woods. "Where are we going?" I yelled over the wind. He just grunted. We soon came to a small patch of mabey thirty trees. He walked in slowly and stopped in front of a large pond. "A...pond?" He helped me off and touched the stone again. This time, he looked about fifteen. "Uhh..." "Ya. Us dragons mature a lot more quickly than humans." He said sheepishly. "Oh." I popped out. He took my hand and pulled me so I was standing in the water with him. Where we were, it only came up to out thiaghs. He led me to a large flat stone, carrying me on his shoulders, and sat me on it. The water now came up to my chest, sitting on the stone. He jumped up next to me. He then quickly took me into a tight, emotional embrace. "Thank you. So much. You saved me from starvation, then saved my parents. You risked your life to help us. Thank you." He burried his face in my shoulder like a little kid. "What else could I have done? I knew it was right, so I did it. It's that simple-" "No it's not." He interupted. "It's not that simple. I know you were destined to save us. To meet me.
  5. "Mama..." He murmered into my shoulder, causing a sad smile to play my lips. His mother had been killed by the hunters because she defied them too greatly. He slowly pulled away, still holding my shoulders. "M-my name is... Jaramiah." I smiled more deeply. "Great name. It's kind of cute." He grinned and, before I knew it, had pulled me into the warm water. "Ah!" We laughed and played for hours, until it started getting dark. Yuuri had warned me of the dangers of the night here. Of course, Jaramiah should be able to protect her from about anything, but it was still unsettling. "I think we should head back." I voiced. "But why? It's not even dark yet." I stared down at the water, suddenly feeling suspicious of it. "I...Something doesn't feel right. We need to go. Now." Jaramiah nodded and touched the pennant, turning into his dragon form. I could feel my pulse speed up, in a panic, as if I was an elk being stalked my a lioness. "Jara-" I was cut off by someone grabbing be and covering my mouth with their hand. Jaramiah stood, teeth bared, at my capturors. "Easy now." A deep male voice said. "You woldn't want mommy here to get a few cuts, now would you?" I now felt the chill of metal being pressed to my throat. Jaramiah instantly backed off, though still growling. "Good boy. Now take us to the castle. It's about time for me and the king to get," Ht tapped the knife to my throat. "Aquainted." IU scowled. "How dare you..." I growled almost inaudible, but he seemed to hear. I whipped my head up, causeing the knife to make a small cut on my neck line. "How DARE you?! You want to kill Yuuri just because he's king?! And you want to se me to do it?! I don't think so!" I roared, feeling a strange surge of power flow through me. I panted as splow bursts of energy pulsed from my body, in time with my heart beat. Unknowingly, my eyes had closed in bliss of the pleasure the power gave me. Then it slowly started to fade, me letting out a sigh of both sadness and relief of the intense pressure it held on me vanished. As everything went black, I was scarcely aware that the small forest was alight with crimson flames...
  6. I ghasped as I woke, falling to the soft bed once again, copletely frained of energy. My throat burned and I attempted to swallow, but it resulted only in a dry cough. Then a glass of water was shoved in my face, a gental hand leaning my back farword into a comfortable position. I gulped the soothing coolness gratefully. I took a deep breath when I finnished, out of breath. I was laid back down and turned my head weakly. In a chair beside my bed was Depth. Jaramiah was in dragon form and held a large, empty glass in his tail, walking towards the bathroom. "Are you ok? How do you feel?" I turned to my left to see Kiara leaning over the bed worridly. "I...Tired." It was all I had the energy to spit out, though it still acompanied a small cough. Jaramiah had returned by now with another filled glass. He offered it to me and I took it, giving him a grateful smile. I took a few sips and sighed in relief from the burning. Jaramiah toughed the stone and turned into a man of about 20. "Thank you. I'm ok now." I looked around. "What happened? What's goin on?" Kiara looked to the boys expectantly, while they both looked away, seeming nervous. "Wha-" "Sorry." I was surprised by Jaramiah's inturuption. "S-sorry. You...I couldn't protect you from them. I just..." I reached out and stroked his head, feeling my maturnal instincts kicking in. "It's ok. You didn't want them to hurt me. I'm glad." He bent down and wrapped me in a tight embrace, burrying his face in my shoulder. After a growl from Depth, he let go. I gave the older dragon a glare and he seemed to shrink under my gaze. I sighed and repeated. "Now what haqppened?" They once again seemed anxcous. Then Depth spoke up. "I...You hit Conan." At my sceptical look, he quickly explained. "Conan can only be described as a sort of sriritual puberty. It happens to people called Donan. Donan are those with...special abilities. It verries from one to another. Donan come along only when a person from another world comes and wreaks havok on the world." "Wait. So-?" "NO! Oh, no. It's not you. That person is called a Dominanta. They also eventualy reach the Conan level. The people who select you are called Parinya. They select the one who is closest to Conan in your world. But most never reach it in their life time. The Parinya selected you. You're soposed to...eliminate, the Dominanta. The Donan has 5 fimiliars. They are the elements of fire, air, stone, lightning, and water." My mind flashed to my previous dream as he continued. "I am of the fire. Jaramiah is of the stone. You will soon find the three others." He said the last part bitterly as he glared at Jaramiah. In response, the young dragon sunk back and I gave Depth a smack on the back of the head. "Ow!" "Your own fault." I said, inviting Jaramiah to sit with me. He gladly curled up next to me, purring sofly. "So..." I said grimly. "How do I find the others?"
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