And the Wolf Grew Wings...pt9

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ok. I tried really hard. And there's a surprise in it! Something totally unexpected!!! *Fangirl screams* Sorry bout that.

Kings: Yuuri- void-black hair and dark blue eyes. Ray- red hair and amber eyes. Dane- had silver-blond hair and golden eyes. Aron- Brown hair and green eyes.

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. We headed into the emence castle, not knowing about the chaose that would come with the action...
  2. "What the-" Everone was running around in chaos. "Enough! What is going on?!" 'Wow. Yuuri sounds so kingly right now' I though, then shook it away. "A-a d-d-dr-dragon! A pale white dragon in the main hall. It's acting as if in a frenzy!" Yelled an older maid. Yuuri nodded and ran off the the scene, me trailing closely behind. We ran for a while. Then he stopped, making me bump into his back lightly. Iwalked beside him and ghasped at the sight. There was, indeed, a white dragon in here. It was HUGE! Mabey only a few feet shorter than Depth. And it was thrashing around like a fish in a net, knocking everything over and making cracks in the ceiling. Thinking fast, I went to a window and called for Depth. He was there in a matter of seconds. He roared and crashed down the wall, sending debree flying everywhere. "Depth. Help us out, will ya? We don't know what's going on!" The large dragon nodded and turned to the white one, roaring. But then something unexpeced happened. Once the white dragon saw Depth, it ran up and rubbed up against him like a kitten. He growled and took off into the sky. The other dragon chased after him. I walked out of the gaping whole. "What's going on?" "I dunno." I said, shrugging my shoulders. Soon Depth torpedoed down and seemed to hide behind me. Though it obviously didn't work much. The pearl colored dragon landed as well, a few yards in front of us. They seemed to have a conversation made of roars, growls, clicks, puurs, and many other various noises. Then, all of a sudden, the white dragon glared down at me and snareled. I stepped back in fright. Depth then roared at it, baring his fangs and taking a protective step in front of me so I was under him. They then continued to roar at eachother. Then there was a moment of silence before the white dragon lunged at me. Depth and it rolled around and struggled for a moment before Depth pinned it to the ground. He roared in its face and lept off, running back over to me. He laid down and pulled me over to him with his enormous paw. I heard a low growl from the other one and the flapping of wings. I assumed it had flown off. "What was that about?" I whispered to Depth. He laid his head down and snuggled his snout against me. I gave him a faint smile and curled up to his neck, tired from the big day. I faintly heard someone yelling my name before falling into yet another wicked dream...
  3. ***DREAM*** "____" I gaze up at the now familiar sight of myself in the strange mirrorish thingy. I tried to say something, but nothing came out. Before, she couldn't speak and I could. It seems it's the other way around now, though. "____. You need to make the bond. Make the bond and find him, ____" Make what bond? Find who? What's going on?! So many questions flew through my head, I barely recognised my own thoughts. "You can hear my voice. That means you're ready now, ____." She lifted her hand to show me a crimson stone shaped like a flame. It was the same crimson of the flames on Depth's body. I gave her a questioning look. "This is your bond stone. Use it well. Koga will be enjoyed to see you have it." I stared at the stone and, before I knew it, was reaching for it, my hand drawn to its simple beauity. "Take it, ____. It is yours to keep. With this, you'll be able to grow your wings more quickly." Ignoring her comment, I touched the mirror, expecting the usual ripple. To my surprise, there was still a ripple, but my hand passed through none the less. Only pausing for a moment, I reached further and took the juel in my hand, feeling the cold loneliness in my other's hand as we touched breifly. Just when my arm was completely back to my side, there was a flash of blue light against the black. My last sight was that of my other smiling at me sadly, offering a small wave. "I'll come back soon." I whispered uncountously. Then, colors came back to my sight. ***END DREAM***
  4. I woke to find myself still against Depth's neck. But now, we were somewhere besides the castle. I sat up groggily, looking around. We were surrounded by trees an three sides. The last was taken up by a sparkeling pond. "How pretty." I mumbled, crawling over to it. I splashed some water on ly face and felt something beat against my chest as I stood aprughtly. I looked down and saw the crimson stone. It had a hole on the top with a black and gray ribbon running through it. I lifted it for closer inspection and saw that in the center burned a small, real flame. While I wasgazing at the stone, mesmerized, I hadn't heard Depth get up. He'd walked over to me and laid down again. He glanced over lazily and when he saw what was in my hand, his eyes got wide. He almost seemed to sigh. He then licked the side of my face and pressed the tip of his nose to the stone. It glowed brighly, making me sheild my eyes. When I opened them, there was no longer an enormous dragon at my side. In its place stood a young man. He had black hair with redish streaks in it and crimson colored eyes. He smiled over at me and took me into a tight embrace. "Who...Who are you?" My words were muffled by his black T-shirt. He let go and his smile grew. "I'm Koga the dragon." 'This guy's a loony' I thought. "Koga?" I remembered the other me saying that name. "But who are you?" He laughed lightly. "What's so funny?!" "I'm sorry. I am Koga. But you know me as Depth." I glared at m=him. "Do you think I'm an idiot?!" He smiled lovingly and tapped the stone again. The light was there again and there stood Depth. "K-Koga?" He licked my face and tapped the stone yet again. "Yup. It's nice to finnaly be able to talk to you, ____. I've so longed to do so." He brushed my cheek with his hand and gave me another loving smile. "Koga...I like Depth better." I whispered. He grinned and took me into another embrace. This time, I wrapped my arms around to his strong back. "Then call me by that name. I don't mind. I rather like it, actualy." I smiled and he picked mu up bride-style. "Sleep now. You need rest." Before I knew what happened, I'd fallen into a deep, dreamless sleep
  5. ***Depth/Koga's POV*** ____ fell asleep quickly in my arms. It made me happy that, even in this form, she's comfortable around me. Comfortable enough to fall asleep. Walking through the dense forest lazily, I thought of all the times ___ had cared for and stuck up for me. She wouldn't let anyone critisize me about my size or history. My mind drifted to the day we met. I was still in room 3 for killing the collectors. Some how, she'd known I was innocent. Without any evidence. And she trusted me enough to let me outside so quickly. When she outright stuck her hand through the bars, I didn't know what to do. When she obviously wanted a reaction, I did the only thing that came to mind. I pressed my snout to her palm. And when those men in uniforms came with guns...I didn't want her to be in danger, so I picked her up and flew off, not thinking clearly. Those men by the volcano caused her trouble because of me. Every time someone gets on my case, she risks everything to protect me. That time I saw she was uncountious in Dan's castle, I panicked and took her, not letting anyone near. I didn't understand what happened and wouldn't let her near me. That man and small dragon explained everything, but I was acting so selfishly. I'd made ____ worry and confused. Yet when she found out what was going on, she almost seemed thankful to me about it. She'd fought with me so I could get food. When the ice hit her in the shoulder, so much anger built up that all rational thought vanished. It felt good to know I was the one to heal her wound. And she seemed so conserned when I collapsed. Now, walking through the forest, I smiled at all of our fond memories and all ____'s done for me. I then remembered when that white female dragon attacked ____. It was mating season and she was looking for a mate. She tried to convince me, but ever since I became ____'s partner, I decided to never have a mate. I don't know why. I just haven't been interested in other femaled since I met her. Wonder why. My thoughts stopped as we reached the castle. I sighed and stepped in. Some of the servants gave me a look, but stopped when they saw ____. "____!" King Yuuri yelled, running over. He tried taking her from my arms, but I helt tight. I didn't like it when the kings tried touching her. I don't know why that is either. "Who the hell are you?!" I smirked. "Awww. Come on. Don't tell me you make a habbit out of riding someone's back and forgeting them." "...Depth?" "It's Koga. Well, now only ____ can call me Depth. Everyone else has to call me Koga." Then I felt ____ stirr in my arms.
  6. ***MY POV*** "Y-Yuuri?...Depth?" Both of them stared down at me. Depth lovingly, Yuuri worridly. I groaned and stepped down. "I feel so....crappy." Depth chuckled. "That's what happens when you use the stone so many times so quickly. If only you weren't so stubborn, you wouldn't feel like this." I glared at him, but he just smirked. "King." Yuuri turned to him. "Will you be kind enough to have food and water brought to ____'s room? And send that maid friend of hers will you? I'll take her to her room." And with that, he picked me up bride style again andcarried me off. When we got to my room, he carefully laid me down on the large bed, covering me up. I sighed happily and curled up under to covers. I wouldn't sleep, but I'd still rest none the less. "Depth?" "Hmmm?" "Thanks." With that, I closed my eyes and gave a small smile. "That's what I'm here for." He kissed my forhead and turned off the lights. Soon after, the door oped and I lifted my head to see Kiara holding a large tray of food with a glass and pitcher of ice water. She placed the tray on the table beside my bed and poured me a glass of cool water. Then she sat beside me as I gratefullt sipped it. "Are you feeling any better?" I nodded. "Yes, just a bit drained." "Soo....Who's he?" She seemed like a curious school girl type of friend that would give you trouble about boys and such. I offered a light smile. "You know my dragon, Depth?" She nodded. "I've seen you with it many times. Why?" "Weeellll...That's him." She raised an eyebrow. "Ok. Fine! Don't believe an ill woman confined to bed. Call her a liar! Moral doesn't suit you anyways!" I joked. "Ok, ok. So that's the dragon. Is this true?" Depth nodded. "I see. How strange." We joked and laughed for a while. But then I started feeling tired and decided to go to sleep. Depth was tired too and laid down next to me on the enormous bed. After a few minutes, I felt chilly and snuggled up to his bare chest. I could feel his heart beat and it soothed me to sleep...
  7. I woke up in the morning to Amber eyes...
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