I Became a Survivor...pt4

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  1. We walked for hours until we came across what lloked like an ocean. Right on the bank was what looked like a school book bag. I picked it up and flung it over my shouler, knowing it was empty. We put the small pot and food in it. I looked closer and saw that there was a path of sand going through the water that was about twenty feet wide. Only problem: It was a foot underwater.
  2. "Well, that's a problem." Said Ciel. I rolled my eyes. "Obviously." I smelled the water. "Freshwater." I announced. Joey grinned. "When'd you become Master Survivalist?" I sighed, checking through our things. "Ya see, when I was little, Papa always planned to take me and Mamma to another country for a vacation. So he put us through extensive survival training. I'm not the best, but I know the basics." Talor raised an eyebrow. "Used to?" "Well, Mamma and Papa died in a crash when I was young, so it never happened." "How young?" Asked Matt. "8." I answered simply. I didn't want to seem fragile and I DIDN'T want their pitty. Too late. Ciel ran up and wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. "Awww. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can always come to Big Brother." He said sillily. "I don't wanna talk to you...And get off!" I said and pushed him away, giggling. "Well, I was talking about Matt, but whatever." That made me crack a smile. Teijah ran up and wrapped her arms around me. When the hug was done, she still held on to my sleeve. Just like a little sister. Sarah had by now given me about 50 hugs and never stopped talking and questioning. After a while, Joey saved me. He made her help him look for berries and edible plants. I gave him a small grateful smile. After about 20 minutes, they came back with a bunch of types of plants. "Since you're the most experienced in this sort of thing..." Joey said shyly. I laughed and started picking through the plants, sorting edible from not. We packed the edible ones in the bag, along with a few of the poisonous ones. "Why are you keeping those?! You trying to kill us?!" Yelled Jen. I didn't face her. "I'm keeping them for fishing. Plants with strong aromas attract most fish. All we'll have to do is cut out the stomach." I answered, still not looking at her. She stomped off, aparently angry about being proven wrong. I smirked. That night, we collected more plants and berries, some meat, a little wood, and the guys worked on making knives and spears out of hard wood and stone. After a good night's rest, we set off into the ocean.
  3. Then something hit me. And it wasn't a frizbee. Where could we be?! A forest, an ocean, and RC said we were surrounded by a desert! Where the hell are we?!" I shouted. This was getting on ly nerves. "What? Are we on some distant planet or something?!" I took a few deep breaths and sighed. I needed to let out that stress. After that, we set out on the water. My feet sunk slightly in the sand, but not as much as I thought. I felt something hard through my shoes. I swiped away some of the sand under the water and saw something shiney. Thinking it was a knife, I quickened my pace. When it was uncovered, I scowled. "RC has a sick sence of humor." I hissed. In my hand sat a diamond ring. The stone was medium sized and looked spotless. Jen ghasped and lunged for it, but Joey grabbed her shoulder. "I think since she found it, ____ should keep it. That is, unlesss you don't want it." He said, looking at me and ignoring Jen's protests. "What good will it do you here, Jen? Unless it can help you survive, it's useless in this TRAINING" I scowled as I said the word training. "Then give it to me! I always wanted a diamond!" "And how will you use it?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow. "I, uh... How will YOU use it?!" She shot back. "Easy." I said, smirking. I dipped the ring under water, at the side of the path. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" My smirk grew and I shushed her and nodded my head twards the water. Everyone gathered around me. They ghasped as they saw the number of fish that were gathering around my hand. "What's going on?" Reka. "If you angle it right, the ring makes a stream of shining rainbows, which attract fish." I said as I lifted my hand out of the water. "Of course, It won't work on smarter animals and could attract crocks." "Crocks?" "Crockidiles." I said. "Of course, this would be a last resort. There are many other ways to catch fish."
  4. We walked for a few hours and decided to take a break. I sat down in the water. Jen shrieked "Eeewwwww! How can you SIT in that?!" "You gonna sleep standing up? And besides, I thought you were a mermaid, like, a WATER creature?! Why don't you go underwater and tell us if you see alot of animals." "NO!" She turned to stomp off, but there was nowhere to go. I laughed under my breath. My back was killing me from always either walking or standing up straight. Then Matt walked behind me and sat down. He pushed his back against mine. I whipped around in surprise. "It's the only way any of us can relax. Other than Jen and Talor, who have gills. We'll have to sleep like this too." I sighed, knowing he was right. I turned around and relaxed, leaning my back on his. This may sound stupid, but it surprised me at how warm his body was. It's just that he had such a cold attitude, a warm body seemed weird. After a few minutes, I got bored and took of my shirt and jeans. But I had on an undershirt and tight work-out shorts. Ciel faked dissapointment. I dived in, spraying everybody in water. "____!" Joey yelled. I popped up. "What?" He sighed. "Sorry. Just though you'd fallen in." "No. I'm going in to do what Jen should be doing." "Jen scowled. "You could've told Talor to do it! He's got a tail and gills too!" "Ya, but he's also been helping me out since we got here. He deserves a break." And with that, I dove in. I nearly ghasped, but stopped myself because I'm, you know, UNDERWATER! All around me was every kind of sea animal I'd ever heard of. And more! Noticing a few sharks, I darted to the surface. Dane saw me coming and helped me up, grabbing the back of my shirt. Once up, I coughed. I'd been down there for a couple of minutes. "So what'd you see?" Asked Reka curiously. "Seafood heven." I said. Dane frowned. "I don't get it. From here it looks like an underwater wastland." He said dipping his head under the water. He came up choking. I smiled, knowing he'd ghasped like I almost had.
  5. "It must be some kind of illusion or gas that blocks the veiw." Talor suggested. I shrugged. "It doesn't really matters. The problem is, I don't think we'll be able to see if an eel or shark or who-knows-what-else swims up to us. It's dangerous." I repled. We all semed to sigh in usion. "Well, time for some fishing!" I said enthusiasticly. "Who wants to help and make sure I don't get eaten?" Talor said he'd help. "Thanks. Now let's go under. I can do the work. All you have to do in watch my back for sharks, eels, and Nessies!" He laughed and nodded. We dived after Talor grew his gills and tail. I looked around for something worth catching. I spotted a HUGE sea turtle. Its shell was at least the size of a large car. I looked at Talor and nodded towards it. He nodded, agreeing to keep an eye on it. I surfaced and grabed a stone knife. I dived and looked around for the turtle. Talor swam up to me and pointed. I saw it and swan as fast as I could. Reaching it, I grabbed the fronto of its shell. It didn't seem to notice me, so I stabbed the knife deep into its eyes. It started thrashing around in a panic. Knowing it would bite my head off if I let go, I held tight. We wrestled for a while and I lodged the knife deep in its brain. Giving a final shot, the turtle head-butted the back of my head, paralizing me before it died. I couldn't move and my body couldn't hold in the air much longer. I'd been down here every bit of six minutes. Letting the air out, I blacked out, falling into darkness...
  6. Talor's POV*** I sat back a little, watching ____ fight with a monster turtle. I saw a very large fish wandering right towards them and thought it's better to be safe than sorry. I Went down and killed it. When I turned to check on____, both her and the turtle were sinking to the bottom, not moving. I acted as quickly as possible. I swan to her with super-speed, ignoring the turtle. I rushed her to the surface. I lept out of the deep water, turning my tail to legs mid-leap. I landed and the others seemded to know what was going on immediatly. Sarah put ____'s head on her lap, keeping her head out of the water. Then Dane jumped on her and started doing CPR. My frown deepened as their lips met, but I knew it was the only thing that could save her. All I could do was sit back and watch, worriful tears streaming from my eyes, mixing with the water that could make ____ dissapear.
  7. My POV*** My sight came back slowly. Everything was blurry. 'What happened?' I thought. I thought hard. 'Ok. I was trying to kill a turtle for dinner and then...' Everything came up blank. I sat up slowly, gargling water. "Easy. You don't want to push it." Said a voice. I turned to see Dane sitting a little ways off. Everyone else seemed to be asleep, leaning on eachothers' backs. I turned around to see Joey asleep. He was in his cantaur form, so when I leaned on him, he didn't have to lean back. I was leaning on his side. I leaned back against him once again. "Ya know," My attention snapped to Dane. "He insisted he be the one you lean against. And he started listing all these idiotic reasons. Though Talor put up a tough fight in the matter." Dane shook his head at the ground, a small smile playing his lips. "They seem to be very fond of you, ____." He almost seemed regretful as he talked. I noticed something large in the water. "Da-" He shushed me. Then he walked over to it and lifted something on the end. It was a turtle head. I sighed. "So I guess Talor went and got it?" "Ya. But I've gotta say, it's amazing you could kill something this large while underwater. It's got quite a bit of muscle on it." "What are YOU talking about?! That sucker nearly killed me! Don't put it as 'big' or 'quite a bit of muscle'. It's a monster!" Dane laughed lightly. "Well, at least it'll last us a while. We probobly won't be able to take all the meat." "Probobly not. So we'll have to leave the minute we're done skinning it." Dane raised a brow. I sighed. "Listen close. Things bleed when you skin them. Sharks have good smell. Sharks go towards blood. Sharks eat us. Get it now?" "Oohhhh. Ya I get it." "We CAN use a lot from this sucker though. There's the meat, the fat for fires, we can break off peices of thr shell to make weapons, and the eyes for fish bait. That's why I got it. I wouldn't have taken such a chance if it wasn't worth so much... You want me to keep watch now? I'm fine and you seem tired." "Yes you are." He mumbled "What?" "Oh, nothing. But ya, it'd be nice to get some sleep.
  8. Well, that's it for this one. Remember the contest. It'll only last a few days. Guess my last name and win a small prize! Revealed hints: Common, a drink, light, adults only! Those are the hints.
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