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Ok. I'm Soooooo sorry this took so long to get out! I was running out of ways to put my ideas together. I hope you like what happens.

And tell me about the poem! I wrote it and actually have a poem published from a international comtest! Want proof? Go to the world poetry movement website and look up "Footsteps" By Reanna Miller. I have'nt won yet, but I'm in the semi-finals!!!

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. "Dane. Get up." He groaned. "I-I lost." "So what?" He rolled over to face me. "So what if you lost? It's no big deal." I licked the side of his face and muttered. "Let's go." As I left him stunned. I laid downin the setting sun, trying to get as much warmth as possible. It would be cold soon. Joey laid down behind me while Jariah and Dane sat on either side. I yonhed, exhausted. Ray curled up at my side. I licked the top of his head and fell into a silent sleep...
  2. ***DREAM*** Waves of crimson lapped over black sand. Obove me was a gold sky baring coal black coluds and no moon or sun. At my bare feet laid something. It was small and engulfed ina red mist. "So you're ____." I turned my gaze to meet that of RC. "I must say, you're not as impressive as they made you out to be." No. It wasn't RC. But he looked a lot like him. The man was walking towards me along the beach. 'MOVE!' My mind screamed. 'Get away!'. I looked down at the small form once again. 'You're soposed to help me.' I thought. But why would I think that? "Do you really think you can beat me? Are you that naive?! I am beond you!" Flames sprouted up around us, the waves turning to fire. Then I heard cries of wolves. I suddenly remembered a poem my mother had left behind in a notebook after she was killed. "In the sudden night, I run from the stars. Though without purpose, I lead through the fire. I shout words of no meaning as the wolves begin to sing. My eyes are useless as the smoke and darkness merge. I feel the presence of the pack as they cry out to no moon. Lights are in my sight, yet beond my mortal reach. I run with the wolves as the smoke begins to clear. I sing with them at the newly-lit moon. As I become one of the beasts, I'm scarcly aware that there will not be another sun" He was almose fully dissapeared, transparent. And a grin plastered his face. "A New Wolf Sings." I spoke the title and he was completely gone, leaving me alone in this world of black and crimson. ***END DREAM***
  3. I woke to someone shaking me. "Hu? I..uh..." I rubbed my eyes. Dane was shaking me. "You awake?" I nodded. "Ya. Why'd you wake me up?" "You were talking in your sleep. What you were saying was really giving me the creeps." I thought back to my dream. "Oh. Sorry. Bad dream." He nodded and laid beside me. "What was that poem?" I sighed. "Well, it was one of the few things my mother left behind. 'A New Wolf Sings'. That's the title. My mama was never good at being...happy. She was always a dark person, but I was fine with it. She left me a book of poems. That was one of them." "What's it about?" "I think... An innocent person struggling. When they realize everyone else is bad and happy, they go bad. To survive. But they don't really realize that they can't just be good again. The deed's done. I'm not sure, but that's how I always inturpretted it. I don't know if it's right." "We found something." He held out the pack of writing stuff. I took it and smiled. "Thanks." Befor he could answer, I ran off to the edge of the trees. I sat on a rock and began drawing the tortured field with everyone else in it. Even Dane. Apollo had wandered back and laid a little ways away. I was done in about an hour. Walking back, I showed it to Dane. "It's good." He said. I smiled and we talked until everybody else woke up. We ate leftovers from the hunt, me sharing mine with Apollo. "That's gross." Jen commented. "You're gross." I shot back. She made a discusted face and walked away. I just contiued sharing with my demon horse. When we were done, we all sat in a circle. Everyone was silent. "What now?" Joey brock it. "I guess we have to keep moving." I said. You're leaving?!" All three of my rescuers looked worried. "If we stay in one place too long, RC starts messing with it until we do. We don't have a choice. Everyone agreed. Except Jariah. "But-but" He studdered. "Do you really have to?" I nodded. "Then can I come?" Everyone's eyes were pinned to him. "I mean..." "Sure!" I said, making him jump. "Really?" "Why not? You could help us hunt. Only me and Joey really can. It'd be easier." Matt jumped in. "____-" I glared at him and he shrunk back, his tail between his legs. "Then it's settled." I turned back to my wolf form and when to go say goodby to Snow and Jaka. When I was done, we discussed where to go. "Jariah. So what's around here? The major stuff." He thought for a moment. "Let's see. To the north there's a volcano. To the south there's a desert. Youcame from the east. And to the west is another forest." Everyone thought it over. Then Talor's head popped up. "We have to go west. Anywhere else is too dangerous." "The north." I muttered. "What?!" Everyone shouted in usion. "Look. Think about RC's twisted personality. He'll want a show. And if we don't go where he wants, he'll do something so we end up there." We soon agreed and headed off to the volcano.
  4. Joey cought me as I tripped over a large rock. More like a boulder. "You okay?" I shook my head. "It's hot, it's rocky, and DANMIT! My back's bleeding again!" I was in a seriously bad mood. We'd run into another ice bear earlier and it had put 3 new gashes on my back. The ash in the air was getting in the wounds and it stung like a sting from a 400 foot high bee. I think. We'd reached the base of the volcano and were stopping so Sarah could clean my wounds. "Ow...ow...Ow...OWWW!!!!!" I screached as she added water to it. "Sorry, but it needs to be cleaned. If this gets infected, Talor'll have to work another miricle." I growled as the burning increased. Not wanting to scream and take in even more hot air, I dug my fangs into my arm. It's like biting your lip, only to a further extent. "Why am I always the one they attack?!" I growled. "Because you're the biggest threat. It's instinct." Joey said. "SHUT UP!!!" I shouted. He took a step back in surprise. Sarah sighed. "Don't take her seriously. She's overheated, hurt, and it's her time of the month." I lunged at her, but Joey held be back. "I think it's more than that. She's acting differently." He glanced over at Dane. "So's he. Think it's a wolf thing?" "But Jariah hasn't been acting differently." "Jariah had the surgery done by another person. I meaqn look. Her eyes are bloodshot!" Sarah splashed some warm water on my open eyes. "Look. I'm trying. There's only so much I can do here. We need to find more water or she's going to get infected and we're all going to die of thirst. "T-the top." I said. "What?" "The top of the v-volcano. There's w-w-water. I can smell it." "Through all this ash?" Rekea questioned. "Ya. It smells moist. Like smelling which egg is rotten." "That makes sense." Sarah said. Jen looked worried. "I don't know. She's acting so weird. What if the're sick? They could lead us to our deaths!" Everyone thought this over. "I still think sh'e right. Sick or not, ____'s never led us wrong before. I say we go." Ciel supported me. "Thanks." After a while, I had to ride Apollo because I was in too much pain to walk. 'I don't get it. It shouldn't hurt this much. I've had salt in serious wounds and it didn't hurt like this. Something's wrong' I thought. My teeth began to chatter. Noticing this, Apollo stopped and pulled on Sarah's sleeve. "What is it?" The looked at me and put her hand on my forhead. "Ohmygod! She has a fever." Talor rushed over, doing the same. "I need to look at her back." He said, more like ordered. Sarah nodded and helped me lift the back of my shirt over my bead, covering my chest. He touched it lightly and I screamed. "Why didn't you say it was this bad?!" "I-I didn't know! I'm not a doctor!" She cried. Talor ignored her and told Matt to get a few things. Water, a shirt, the dimond ring, and one of the stone makeshift knives. He got them all and sat behing me. "Joey get over here!" He did. "Hold her down."
  5. ***Talor's POV*** I told Joey to hold ____ down and he obeyed. ____ looked scared. Really scared. I forced myself to look at the wound and pretend it was someone I didn't know. I slowly carved away the puss around the first gash. She screamed bloody hell and Joey put the shirt between her teeth. But I could still here her muffled screams and whimpering. Everyone else had left, not able to bear it anymore. I didn't blame them. It was horrible. Having to hear your cloe friend's screams of utter agony. I just wanted to scream myself. I closed my eyes and thought of the time I'd heard her sisnging. Such a calm, soothing sound. I kepth it in my mind as I worked. When all the puss was gone, I worked on the scabbs. I pulled them off as fast as I could. I paused, noticing it was silent. "She blacked out." I sighed in relief. "Good." I still made him stay in case she woke up, though. She never woke up. I completely cleaned the gashes out in about 2 1/2 hours. Everyone came to see how she was doing. She was curled up against Apollo's side. He was laying down. Sarah smiled. "Her fever's gone down!" ____ stirred. "Oops." Sarah whispered. Opening her eyes, ____ looked around. "Wha...?" "Talor cleaned out your wounds and your fever's gone down. How are you feeling?" Matt asked. "Better. But it still hurts just as much. Scratch that. It hurts more." I smiled in relief. "Well considering all I had to do, I'd be worried if it didn't hurt more. By the way, I'm not a cheap doctor. When we get out of here, you're going bankrupt." She laughed. A clear, beautiful sound. "Sorry to tell ya, but I'm broke. No $ for you." Now it was my turn to laugh. Then ther was another laugh. ""Who was that?"
  6. ***MY POV*** "Who was that?!" I cried. Then I saw something flying around. "A...bird?" "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's UNDERDOG!!!" Ciel yelled. I glared at him. That shut him up. "What i-" I stopped short as something rammed into me. I felt something sticky on my face and realized it was licking me. It stopped and I looked at what sat on my lap. It looked like a big cat with wings, a beak, and feathers in some spots. "A griffon?" Oh ya. And it was a whopping 2 1/2 feet tall. It had on a black collar with a note. I pulled it out and read it out loud. "Dear ____. Congratts on once again knowing what you were soposed to do. As a reward, I give you this gift. You will all be taken back today. Go to the top and there will be a olane waiting. I'll even let you bring your little dog and horse friends. Hurry. The mountain will self destruct in about 10 minutes...." We all instantly started running up the volcano. Me, Ray, and the baby griffon were riding Apollo. We made it there in what must be record time and found a HUGE plane waiting there. It was as long as 7 or 8 normal ones and took up the whole diameter of the top. We all rushed in and found 11 seats and a padded cage for Apollo. I turned to Jariah. "Are you sure?" He nodded without hesitating. We all strapped in and the plane instantly took off, the volcano erupting below.
  7. Then a voice came on the intercom. "You may now roam freely about the cabin. I unbuckled and ran over to Apollo, freeing him from the cage. I felt weight on my shoulder and found the baby griffon sitting there. I walked back to my seat and placed him in my lap. "How about...Channel?" He lept through the air, doing flips until he hit his head on the roof. I stood up. "So! Anybody airsick?" Jen and Talor were puking in barf bags. "Guess that makes sense." I said. I walked over to Jen and started rubbing her back. "W-what are y-you doing?" She asked irritatedly. "This always helped my dad with seasickness. Mabey it's the same." I answered. And withing 10 minutes, she didn't need the bag anymore. About half way through, Teijah noticed it working and started rubbing Talor's back. When they were both better, I opened a window. Looking out, I ghasped and pulled out my papers. I started drawing the moving scenery to the best of my abilities. There was an ocean, an ice land, a desert, a volcano, a river, a couple mountains, and some forests. Plus some clouds we were over. And I drew some dragons that flew by. I think it turned out pretty good. I labled and described it at the bottom. "All done!" I declared. Everyone came to see how it was. I got quite a few compliments and Ciel gave me a noogie. Which resulted in him and Joey wrestling around.Channel flew around them, making a sound like laughing. We all watched in amuzment as Joey pinned Ciel to the floor. "Ha!" "Hey guys!" Talor shouted. He'd been snuping around the back. "There's a fridge back here!" Everyone immediately ran towards it. Reka then walked over to me. "____. Will you try to smell if it's poisoned?" I sighed and did. Everything was clean.
  8. We ate some and sat down when the pilot told us we were landing soon. I quickly hussled Apollo into the cage and buckled myself in. A minute latter, we landed roughly. I even got off puking. "You want me to rubb your back?" Matt asked. "No thanks. I'll be fine in a minute." After a few seconds of solid ground, I was better. I climbed on Apollo just as HE came out. "HELLO!" RC hollared. "My children! How have you been faring?" I glared at him. He sighed and shook his head at the ground. "Oh my. ____, you're never going to learn, are you? Do you need another punishment session?" Apollo snareled and RC frowned deeply. "Mabey the poney shouldn't come after all." I smirked. "But if you truely consider us your childeren, shouldn't you set an example? Correct adults don't go back on their word." He grinned. "I see your attitude hasn't changed. Fine then. He'll come along. Now follow me. I'll show you to your rooms." We followed him through a door and down a few halls. There were five rooms. "Room 1: Cats. Room 2: Fish. Room 3: Centaurs. Room 4: Herpies. Room 5: Wolves and pets. Go now. Anyone not in their romm in the next 10 seconds gets punishment!" He said with a smirk and everone took off. We fount that there were 2 beds to a room. "You can have my bed, Jariah. I'll sleep with Apollo." He noddedand climbed in. "Oh. And I've been meaning to ask you about something. Do you have a human form? You said you weren't born here." He smiled brightly. "Ya. Wanna see?" I nodded excitedly. He asked Dane to cover him with the sheets and he agreed. He took a deep breath and a huge puff of gray smoke apeared. Wehen is cleared, there stood the cutest boy I'd ever seen. He had blue-ish black hair and one eye gray, one blue. Not to mention his muscles were PERFECTLY toned! "Jariah. How OLD or should I say young are you?!" He laughed. "I'm nineteen." "You sound way older, the way you talk." "So I sound smart?" "No. You sound WISE." We all laughed and colapsed.
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