How do you Deal with Embarrassment?

Created by: Lyra
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  1. You want to make a great impression on the kids at your new school. However, you spill tomato soup on your white shirt at lunch, leaving a stain that won't come out. Everyone at your table starts clapping. You
  2. While walking up to the front of the class to give a presentation, you trip and fall on your butt. Everyone starts laughing. You
  3. As you are coming into class, your crush taps you on the shoulder, saying your pants are down too far and he/she can see your butt crack. You
  4. During class, you accidentally fart really loudly. Everyone looks at you like they're going to upchuck and laughs. You
  5. You come out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Your whole class laughs. You
  6. You are babysitting little Adam for the first time. You put him to bed but he sneaks outside to dip his feet in the pool. His parents are furious. You
  7. You have a booger hanging out of your nose, and no kleenexes nearby. People saw it and looked at you strangely. You
  8. You are an amazing singer and piano player. Your friend thinks you should sign up for the talent show this year. You
  9. You took a Geometry test, thinking you aced it. You get it back with a C minus on it. You
  10. Do you think you get embarrassed easily?

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Quiz topic: How do I Deal with Embarrassment?