How Well do you Handle Life?

Yes, some people have it better than others, but nobody's life is perfect. We all have to deal with problems. How do you deal with yours?

Created by: Naomi
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  1. You told your BFF a huge secret, and she swore not to tell anyone. But the next day you walk into class and find out everybody knows! You didn't tell anyone else, and no one overheard you and your friend talking. You
  2. You studied really hard for a test. You get it back expecting an A+. Instead you're stuck with a C-. You
  3. Your sister borrowed your best shirt and returns it covered in stains. You
  4. A kid makes a rude comment to you in the hallway. You
  5. You had plans to go to a sleepover, but your mom says you have to stay home and help clean the house. You
  6. Today your teacher gave you an insane amount of homework. There really is NO WAY you could finish it by tomorrow as busy as you are. You
  7. Your longtime boyfriend just broke up with you. You
  8. Your sister plays an embarrassing prank on you today. You are really miffed at her. You
  9. How do you deal with bullies?
  10. Someone calls you ugly. You

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Handle Life?