What is your Future!

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Not many people no what life they will live! Do u?! The future is an amazing and should not be handled lightly!! could you handle it!!!!!! are u ready!

Until now you could only wonder what your life will be like ! good bad! Now if you take this quiz in just a few mintes you could find out! But the question is,"Are YOU ready"

Created by: laughoutloud123

  1. Describe your self! :)
  2. Ideal job?
  3. If you see the strange kid that never talks to you being beaten up, what do u do?
  4. Fav colour?
  5. Any talents?
  6. If your teacher starts picking on you in front of the whole class what do u do?
  7. Fav animal!
  8. Do you like?!?!?!!?!?
  9. Vote?? this will have no effect on your score!?
  10. Last Question!! Are you ready to see your future?!?!

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Quiz topic: What is my Future!