Life of a Deadhead

Lots of people know me, but how well do you know me? If your my friend, you'll be fine thats for sure. blah blah i dont know what else to say man i need to fill space alright? deal with it.

Are you my friend though? Take this quiz and you'll find out. It's very, very easy. Do well and we probably can chill, if not hey, no big deal. We can start to chill more often.

Created by: Eric
  1. What's my favorite band?
  2. Who is my favorite guitarist?
  3. My cats name?
  4. What brand do i smoke?
  5. Where was i born?
  6. My sisters name?
  7. Who robbed two years of my life?
  8. What do i play in drumline currently?
  9. I play mainly what in The Shades?
  10. My best buddy?
  11. What song do i listen to everytime i do "party"?
  12. Where do i want to go when i graduate?
  13. My cell number?
  14. What's my favorite game?
  15. My birthday?
  16. Who has the same birthday as me?
  17. Where do i go to school?
  18. What religion was i born into?

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