Do your surroundings let you live your best life?

Are you ready to honestly assess what adds to your quality of life and what's keeping you from living the life of your dreams? It is proven that by de cluttering life you can loose weight, think more clearly and have more fulfilling relationships.

Are your surroundings bugging you down? Is the clutter creating chaos and confusion in your life? Is your wardrobe making you feel bad about yourself? We invite you to take our quiz!

Created by: rose tol of Simplify
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  1. How many outfits do you have hanging in your wardrobe waiting for you to loose weight?
  2. Can you park your car in the garage?
  3. Is there room on your desk to work on without moving stuff?
  4. Do you know where your keys are?
  5. Are all your dirty clothes in the washing basket?
  6. Where are your kid�s toys?
  7. Where are your dirty dishes?
  8. Do you have so much on your mind that you forget things?
  9. Does your partner leaves stuff around and you haven�t been able to tell her/him?
  10. Do you go shopping to feel better?

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Quiz topic: Do my surroundings let you live my best life?