How well would you live life?

we all know what life is. but how do we choose to live it? either fun, i hate it, or ehh i get by. its your choice, but you only get ONE chance, so do it the way you want it and have fun and live it to the absolute maximum!

How well are you enjoying life??? hare you having fun with it? you will find out very soon! You may think you are having as much fun as you can, but maybe, just maybe you could do better! there is NO limit to having fun! and enjoying things!

Created by: micala
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would you do on a saturday night with all your friends?
  2. your main goal in life is...
  3. on a friday night with your boyfriend and guy friends you would...
  4. when you are on a date with your boyfriend you both are...
  5. you have the most fun when you are...
  6. what epic sport would you do?
  7. you would prefer to watch your favorite pro. sport team...
  8. what country would you want to go to?
  9. where do you dream to preform as a big star?
  10. your favorite sport is?
  11. what is your favorite color?
  12. skiing or snowboarding??
  13. from the last question, what type of hill do you ski/snowboard on?

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