I Became a Survivor...pt2

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Girls: Sarah- Blond hair, blue eyes, 15, bird. Jen- Brunette, green eyes, 16, fish. Teijah- Red hair, baby blue eyes, 15, horse. Reka- Black hair, gray eyes, 17, cat.

Boys: Joey- Brown hair, hazel eyes, 16, horse. Mat- Black hair with purple and red streaks, purple eyes, 17, cat. Ciel- Silver-brown hair, yellow eyes, 18, bird. Talor- Blonde hair, blue eyes, 16, fish. Dane- Dirty blone hair, green-hazel eyes, 16, dog.

Created by: Reanna15146

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  1. One of the two men carried me out to the same room as before. What I saw left me breathless...
  2. Everyone looked like a mutant. Joey and Teijah looked like centaurs (Body of horse, upper like person)! Sarah and Ciel had bird wings and looked like angels, except for their bird feet. Jen and Talor were in small tanks, as they were a mermaid and merman. They had the tails, their fingers were webbed, gillson their throats, and small webbing finns in front of their ears. I saw that Reka and Mat had cat tails and ears, along with paws instead of hands. Then there was Dane. He had pointed dog ears and a tail. When he opened his mouth to yon, I noticed two large fangs in place of his K-9 teeth. Unblike the cats, he had hands. Yup. He was a wherewolf. Everyone was in cages. Suddenly, a thought struck me. I struggled to look down at my own body. Sure enough, a dog tail was hanging by my side. I imagined I looked somewhat like Dane. The gaurd put me down gently in a medium cage. If I'd wanted to, I could have stood up in it. But my parallasis was still waring off. By now, I could sit up. After a few minutes, I noticed an emence pain growing where I assume the end of my tail and ears was. I slowly and carefully felt all around my tai, ears, and fangs. They felt like actual parts of my body. It was so strange. 'So this is what he meant by surgery' I thought. 'Even so, the worst is still ahead.' RC had talked about training and survival. He had more in store for us. I was sure of that much. After a few more minutes, RC and a few gaurds walked in. "Hello, my children!" He boomed. "Do you like your new bodies? I worked hard on them, so you'd better at least appreciate them." I rolled my eyes. "Ya, boss. We cirtainly do appreciate being kidnapped, beaten, turned into mutants, and caged up. THANKS!" "Miss ____, do you need another seccion?" He raised an eyebrow, his smirk growing. "Yes sir! Just try it! I'll kick all you a55e5!!!!" His smirk vanished. I felt an unnarural anger growing within me. "Boys!" "Yes boss?" The gaurds ran up to him . "What kind of scent did you place in the room?" "Orchid, sir." "Good. Orchid heightens emotions. This will help me teach them dicipline under any curcumstances. They Will obey me." He looked up, directly at me. "It seems the only one that dares to disobey me is ____, here. Boys." The gaurds tookme out of the cage and I went through punishment again. When I'd had a hundred lashes, they kept me chained up.
  3. "You will all refir to me as 'Master RC'. Is that clear?" All said, mumbled, or hissed yes. I cranned my neck to look behind me. Everyone was either looking away, or giving me a sympathetic look. "Don't feel sorry for this little brat. She misbehaved and you her wrists slapped. It's nothing new in this world." Suddenly, Sarah just exploded. "THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL SLAPPING HER WRISTS?! WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU?! I'LL HAVE YOUR A55 FOR THIS!!!!" She started flapping her wings like crazy, cooking up a huge wind. It pushed me twards the wall a little. One of the gaurds blew a dart at her, and she fell to the ground. "Perhaps a little too much orchid. Less next time then." Cooed RC, grinning again. "____. I assume you've learned your lesson?" I said nothing. Instead, I just glared at him. That got me another fifty lashes. 'I don't get it' I thought. 'Sarah goes burserks and gets a painless dart, while I talk back and glare at him and get 150 lashes? Not that I want her to get lashes, but...Why me?'. By now, the men had put me back in the cage. "Listen, children. You belong to me, now. You are not human and therefor have no humat rights. You are all my pets, nothing more. You will go through your training and behave yourselves, and you'll do so without complaint or comment. Now look," He pointed to a door which leads to a hallway, while the men unlocked the cages. "Down that hall are three doors. Each door will have a slot on the side with the names of those who will be staying in that room. You are to go there and go to your rooms. Anyone that is not in their appointed room in the next minute will get 200 lashes. Aaaand...GO!"
  4. Everyone ran out of their cages, through the doorway. Jen and Talor were carried by two of the men. I guess they have lungs as well as gills. Everyone but me. I was too weak to move, and my time was running out. Stopping right in front of my cage and seeing my condition, Dane picked me up in his arms and ran. Putting me down in my room, he hurried to his own. I looked around. Sarah and Teijah were sitting on two of the three beds, open mouthed. "Wha-" Sarah cut me off. "Ohmygod!!! Dane just carried you to safety in his arms! That is, like, soooo romantic!" "Look it's not like that. Just help me up, will ya?!" Both of them helped me onto a bed. "So, what'sw the scoop with you and that Dane guy? He's pretty hot. Now, don't lye to me!" "Like I told you, it's not like that! He just felt sorry for me and helped me out. That's all. Now, let me see those wings!" I felt them all over and ran my fingers along the long, slender feathers. "You look just like an angel. It's so amazing. Yet all I get is some ears and a tail. If I'm gonna become a mutant, couldn't I be something beautiful, like you? Or majestic, like Teijah? You guys are so lucky." Sarah pricked an eyebrow at me. "Oh, really? At least you could get along in normal society. A hat and long coat, and you're good to go. But I couldn't hide these wings. And Teijah couldn't barely fit through the doorway!"
  5. We all laughed for a while until the conversation turned to the situation. Then the mood turned grim. We found some medicine on a small table in the corner. Sarah and Taijah helped treat the lash wounds on my back. After a while, we all decided to sleep in the same bed. We huddled into the middle bed, silently conforting eachother... We awoke to a siren like a police siren. But it wasn't the police, only a small red flashing siren on the table. Someone must have come in in the night and placed it there. We a groaned. As we got out of bed, a maid-looking woman came to the open doorway. She had a bandage over her right eye. "Please come with me to the dining hall." She asked formaly. We all followed her down a seriese of passage ways. We came out in what looked like a school cafiteria, without the windows. We walked in and the maid closed the door behind us, leaving. We stepped over to the others. Everyone was here already. We all started talking, asking eachother what was going on. Of course, nobody knew. Then RC trotted in. "Hello everybody!" I gave him a glare. "Now, ____. Have you not learned your lesson? Would you like another smack on the wrists?" My glare just intensified. "Ok, then. You'll not be having breakfast. Pitty. This would've been your last one for a few months." We all looked at him curiously. "We'll speak of those matters latter. First, eat! Eat to your hearts' content. Fill your stomaches!" And they did. And I wasn't allowed any food. Just a glass of water. After everyone was done eating, we were told to gather around RC. Afraid of punishment, we all did. "Listen now, you all know that I love you, right?" Everyone was silent. Then he pulled out his whip. That got a seriese of "Uh huh!"'s, "Of course!"'s, and other things. I never gave a reaction. "____?" I grunted. "What am I going to do with you? You're such a troublesome child. Tch tch tch." I gave a low growl, to low for him to notice, though I think I was scoweling.
  6. He just ignored me and kept talking. "Anyways... I love you, however, I must put you through a test-" "What kind of test?" Someone yelled out. "DO NOT INTERUPT ME!!!!" There was silence. "This test will be one of survival. You will all survive alone in the nearby terraine. You will be allowed to stay as one group, multiple groups, or completely alone. Your choice. This test will begin imediately!" He walked out the door to the hall "Follow me." We all did. I didn't understand why they all just did whatever he wanted. I mean, it's not like he's their dad! Why do they all listen to him? So far, I'm the only one who's stood up to him. Except Sarah, but she just got put to sleep and hasn't done anything since. This was all so weird.
  7. RC led us out a door that went to the outside. We were faced with a forest. He's said we were surounded by desert...Where were we?! He stopped and turned to us. "You will now begin the survival test. You will just go out there and survive. I will pick you up when the 5 months are up." "Wait, we don't get any suplies, or-" "No! There are many habitats you may come across. Go to any you like. ____," He turned to me. "You'll be on your own for at least a day. If you can find the others after morning, then you may." "And if I try to do so before then?" He pointed to his throad. I looked at my own. The collar. "That's a genuine shock collar, dear. Disobey me and you'll be roasted." I sighed. 'Guess I'll have to do what he says. For now.' Sarah looked at me worridly. "Don't worry Sarah. I'll be fine. I'm like a bad cold. You just can't seem to get rid of me." She smiled sadly. Then she glared at RC. I made an X with my hands, telling her to stop. I just knew she'd get punished. Luckily, RC didn't seem to notice her. "Aaaaaaand...GO!!!" Everyone ran into the forest, fearing punishment, though nobody'd gone through it except me. Everyone went to the right, while I had to go left.
  8. So I started walking, feeling RC's eyes bearing into my back the whole time. By the time I was a safe distance into the forest, it was already dusk, so I climbed a large tree and slept. I woke up to blazing purple eyes...
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