And the Wolf Grew Wings...pt8

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Ok. I worked really hard on this one! And Yuuri's little problem at the end was just something I thought would make a good laugh. Tell me what you think.

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Created by: Reanna15146

  1. "Very well. May I present Sir Aron Onchi, king of the great country of The Storm!" Wait what? That's who was in the carrage? Then someone started getting out of the carrage, and my jaw dropped...
  2. Out came a boy that looked mabey six or seven. "Hello. I am King Aron Onchi. It is a pleasure." I glanced over and saw that even Ray looked surprised. Then he seemed to regain his composure. "Hello. I am King of the great country of The Embers. It is a pleasure to meet you." Aron nodded and turned to look at me. "And this youg lady is?" "Uh... Oh! This is ____ ____. She is merely a dear friend of mine. She has no scocial or political status." "I see." He stared at me and walked over. To my surprise, he put out his hand. The general ghasped and yelled "No Sir! This musn't happen! She isn't even a nobel! You musn't touch her!" I frowned. 'He's making me sound like garbage.' I tholught. Dispite the general's efforts, Aron let out his hand again. I took it and we shook hands. The general fainted. We realesed hands and I giggled a bit at the general's rediculous attitude. "It's a pleasure miss ____." "All mine." I replied. Ray and Aron then headed into the castle to discuss buisness. Ray invited me to join them, but I refused. I would be so bored. And I needed to find out how to feed Depth. I headed down to the dragon stalls to ask the workers. The seem terrified when they saw the ex-room 3 dragon was loose. I assured them he was perfectly safe and asked how to feed him. "Oh. Well we used to have to bring food to him, since he was locked up. But if you want, you can just go to the village to buy some." I thanked them and headed off. Then something occured to me. I didn't know where to go! I decided to go visit Yuuri. When I got to the port with Depth, I just had to give them the pass Yuuri had given me when I first got here. They offered to take me there in a carrage, but I wanted to ride Depth. We were at the castle gates and I was about to introduce myself, when the gaurds smiled and told me they were informed of my coming and remembered me from last time. They told me to wait by the gates and made a call.
  3. While we waited for whoever, me and the gaurds chatted. They were really nice. Soon, a man came running. I looked over to see Landon running like his life depended on it. He came up and trapped me in a huge bear hug. "____! It's been over a week, child! How've you been? Where've you been?!" I laughed. He looked like a brute, but acted like a child. "I've been fine, Landon. And I've been many places. How've you been getting along?" He got really close to my ear and cupped his mouth. "Between you and me. I've been overworked, underpaid, and verbaly abused!" He shout-whispered. I laughed. "I believe it!" "So ____. Why are you here?" "Oh ya! I forgot! I was going to ask Yuuri where I could get food for Depth." "Depth?" "You wanna meet him? He's my dragon!" Landon nodded. "DEPTH!" And then Depth came out from a patch of trees. O, aa forest. And when he did, I swear Landon was this close to wetting his pants! "T-t-that's y-your d-d-dragon?!" I nodded. "Mmm hmmm. Big aint he? He used to be a criminal dragon, but he's innocent. Ray said I could have him because he's so protective of me!" Depth knelt down and nuzzled me. I laughed and turned to Landon. "So do you know where I can get him food?" "Ah...Ya. You gatta comete in and win the DFAC's." "The waaaa?" "The DFAC. Dragon Fighting Arena Challenges. You go there and pin dragons against eachother in battle. Either that or go hunting. But there isn't a hunting ground withing 200 miles of here." "So where are these DFAC's?" "What?! You can't compete! You and your dragon haven't even gone through proper training! You'd be way out of sink!" I glared at him. "Ok. I'll let you go if you can defeat me and one of my dragons in battle. Sound fair?" I nodded. We wen to Yuuri's dragon stalls and Landon picked out a white and blue dragon that was about as tall as 3 stories high. He then led us to what loked like a training ground. "_____! Depth! Here you will fight me and my dragon, Fraid. To win, you will need to completely connect with eachother. Your minds have to become one. Think you can handle all that?" I nodded, determined. "You up for it, Depth?" He grunted. "Hey Landon. Will I be able to ride on Depth?" "Yes. If you like. Though it's very dangerous." I smiled and looked up to Depth. As if reading my thoughts, the black dragon picked me up and placed me between his horns. "We're ready!".
  4. The smaller dragon lept at us, thinking we were two beginers that would go down easy. WRONG! Depth lept out of the way. Fraid whipped around, surprised. At my silent command, Depth slashed at it with his tail. Friad spread his wings and flew, blending in with the blue sky. Depth growled in frustration. I mentaly told something to him, and he obeyed, closing his eyes. After a moment, he dashed upward. We quickly collided with the smaller dragon. Depth cought him in his mouth before he could fall. We them landed gentaly and set Fraid down. Depth let me off and I lookd to Landon, smirking. Landon gaped at me, almost afraid, but mostly just surprised. "How did you do that? Find Fraid, I mean." "Easy. I told Depth to close his eyes and search for a change in the air currants." Landon smiled slightly. "Well, I guess I underestimated you two. I'll show you to the DFAC." I smiled widely and hugged Depth's ankle, for that was all I could reach. "____." I looked at Landon. He took me into a tight embrace, placing his chin on the top of my head. "Good job." I swear if this were an anime, there'd be those sparkely, bubbley things all around us. I blushed deeply and Landon grinned, releasing me. "Time to go" We wach lept on our dragons. We flew a few miles before coming to what looked like a large arena. It was the size of about 30 football feilds.
  5. I gaped in aw. "It's so big!" I exclamed, eager to start. "Actually, it's the smallest in The Waves." He took me down to what looked like a large ticket booth. "Guest or participant?" Asked an old man. "Two participants." He replied. The man nodded and gave us two braclettes. I gave Landon a questioning look. "He. You put it on your dragon. I looked at the small braclette, then at Depth, and raised an eyebrow. Landon sighed and took it from me. "Watch" He put the braclette against Depth's scales and it glowed a light red. Then it was suddenly around his ankle, only a lot bigger. And it had '#884' imprinted on it. "Cool." I said simply. We walked through an enormous gate and Depth had to duck his head. We sat at some bleachers and Depth sat behind us. There were 2 large dragons fighting in the arena. Each was about 2 stories high. While Depth was about 5 stoories high. "#884! #884, please come to the arena!" Yelled a loud voice. I looked to Landon and he nodded. I called Depth and walked onto the arena. Depth picked me up and put me in the usual place. Then a man in his 30's walked to the other end with a white dragon that was about 4 stories high, almost as big as Depth. When he saw where I was, he yelled out "Hey! You know, you're gonna get killed doing that!". "Just try it, buddy!" I shot back. He grinned and sat on a stool that had been given. "Don't worry. I'll catch you when you fall!" Then he laughed obnoxously. I scowled ant told Depth "Don't go easy on these guys." He made a low growl in reply. "Good boy." Then what looked like a refferee walked between us. "Miss ____, level 1 with Depth VS Mr Clowgghin, level 62 with Jayswill. Aaaaaand...FIGHT!" 'Wait. Level 62?! WTH?!' I thought. That was all I had time to think, because Jayswill was F.A.S.T. 'Depth, up!' Depth pounced in the air, full speed. Suddenly, the smaller dragon started shooting ice bolts out of his mouth! Depth dodged them all, but one grazed my shoulder, leaving a trail of blood falling in the air. Just then, Depth did something I didn't know he could. He started firing a thick blast of black fire with streaks of gold in it. It hit the opponent square in the shoulder, right where I was hit by the ice. Wanna know the weirdest thing? Even after Depth stopped firing, the flame still burned on Jayswill's shoulder! The smaller dragon fell to the ground in agony, screeching for relief. After a minute of this, he blacked out from the pain. Depth landed and helped me off. He started licking my injery with the tip of his enormous tounge. "I'm okay." I assured him and patted his snout. "What about you?" In response, he colapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. "What's wrong? Depth?!" I screamed as his eyes closed.
  6. "____!" I turned to see Landon running up to me. "Landon! He's not waking up. What's going on?" He sighed. "Don't worry. He's just tired from learning a new Kaido." "Kaido?" "I'll explain latter. Right now, we need to look at your injury and move him off the arena. Fraid!" The dragon flew over and seemed to know what to do. Landon gave him some kind of stone and Fraid's eyes glowed purple. Then the same glow appeared around Depth and he slowly floated over to the grass. "Cool." I ran over to Depth and sat beside him, leaning on his leg. Landon came to sit beside me, but even with his eyes closed, Depth let out a low growl. I patted his scales. "It's ok. It's just Landon. Remember?" He let out a puff of smoke from his nose. I giggled and motioned for Landon to come over. He sat beside me, not touching the easily-angered dragon. He had a small first AID kit. He opened it and cleaned the wund. "Why aren't you taking out the ice thingy?" "We need the dragon that did it to take it out, or it might get infected." I nodded, still not really understanding. All of a sudden, the dragon and man we were against came running over. At the sudden potential threat, Depth raised his head and snareled, still with closed eyes. They both stopped in their tracks and the act of violence. I patted Depth and told him it was ok. But I didn't tell him who it was. If I did, they'd probably either be eaten or burnt to a crisp. Me and Landon walked over to some bleachers with them. Landon told me to sit, and I did. Then Clowgghin reached us. "Are you ok?" I rolled my eyes. "I might be if you get this ice out of my shoulder. I'm freezing my a55 off here." He nodded and Jayswill stepped farward. He gentaly took the tip of the ice in his beakish mouth and pulled quickly. I winced slightly as it moved. "Now are you ok?" I sighed. "Just dandy Clowgghin." "No. Call me Danny. And I AM sorry about your shoulder." "It's no big deal." Then Landon screached "NO BIG DEAL?! _____, YOU SHOULDER LOOKS LIKE IT WENT THROUGH A GRINDER!!!" I smirked and walked pack over to Depth. As I was walking, I said "Landon, I've been keeping a little secret from you." "A secret?" I tapped Depth on the nose. He rubbed his snout against me for a minute, then started licking my wound. "So ehat? All dragons have dissinfecting powers." I stayed silent as my wound glowed crimson, then was gone.
  7. I looked to the others and smirked. They were gaping at us. "That's some secret." Landon said simply. "Well, he haven't fully mastered it yet. We go into the forest a few hours a day and work on the animals. It only worked about 3/10 times, or 30% of the time. I'm glad it worked now, though." "That's some dragon you got. Mind if I look 'im up?" I shrugged. He pulled out what looked like a gameboy. "Wow. He already has 3 kaido. Let's see... Healing, Dessert Blaze, and Safire Ring. I'm guessing the one he used on Jayswill was Dessert Blaze. What about Dafire Ring?" I shrugged. "Dunno." "Well, you'll figure it out in time." He searched for a while. "WAIT! You two have had no training?!" I shook my head. "And he's an ex-room 3 prisoner, ya know." Landon cut in. Danny looked it up and ghasped when he saw it was true. Then he slowly raised his gaze to Depth. Now he was obviously intimidated. "Isn't he dangerous?" "No. Not as long as you don't pose a threat to ____." "Where'd you get him?" "Ya, ____. You never did tell me." I glanced over at them, now petting Depth. "Ray gave him to me." "Ray? Yaou mean King of The Embers?!" "Mmm hmmm." "I'm impressed. You're in good with 4 of the five kings now, right" "It's not like that. They're my friends. And Ray only let me have Depth because he snareled ant anyone else who came near him." "I heard he went on a frenzy of sorts last week. What was that about?" "Well, when I got my Name, I passed out. Depth stormed in, thought the guys had done something to me, and wouldn't let them near me. He wouldn't even listen to me or let me leave. He was just worried."
  8. "Well, I'm glad there's nothing going on between you and the kings." Landon said, wrapping his arms around me. I blushed deeply. "I-I mean it would cause you a lot of trouble if there was..." He said nervously, blushing a little as well. "Ooooooo. I see fluuurtsiiieeesss!!!" We all laughed at Danny's idiocy. Even him. I asked, still catching my breath. "So what now?" "Now. You collect your prize. You beat me, a leven 62. A level 1 beating a level 62 is...about a month's worth of food for Depth. Plus some cash. Because of the difference in level and the fact that this was your first time, you'll probably get a lot. That reminds me. ____, would you be interested in a job?" Danny asked. "What kind of job?" "I need one more member to comlete my DQ team." I gave him a questioning look. "The DQ stands for Dragon Quest. A small team gets together and goes on a quest with their dragons. We complete a series of tasks and, if we win, get a huge prize." "I thought about it for a second, before Landon stepped in. "Wait. ____ can't go on the DQ. She's close with most of the kings. They won't want her out of their sight. Higher ranking people are protective like that." "I don't care. They're not my dads." "So you'll go?!" "I never said that." "____, you can't go against the kings." We continued arguing like that for a while. Then someone walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. "Hu?" I turned to face Yuuri. Danny seemed awstruck. "Kk-k-king?!?!" "____. I'm glad I finnaly found you." "Hey Yuuri. What're you doing here?" "What do you mean? You're the one who came to The Waves. Don't tell me you were going to come and not visit me?" "Well, I came to ask you something, but it's all cleared out.""W-w-wait a m-minute _-___. Y-you really kn-know th-the king?!" Danny stuttered. I sighed and nodded. "Who's this?" Yuuri asked. "Uh, Danny. I went up against him in the last fight." "Last fight?! ___, you didn't fight with Depth in the DFA did you?!" "I, uh...." He sighed. "Let's get back to the castle. I have something to talk to you about." Against my saying no, he dragged me through the gate. "Hey! Miss! You have to collect your reward!" The old man yelled out. "Reward?" I nodded. "Ya. Me and Depth won." "You can tell them to send it to the castle if you want." I nodded and told the old man. He grunted and typed something into a computer.
  9. Being dragged out by Yuuri, I glanced back. Danny looked like he just peed himself. For all I know, he did. Landon's gray-brown eyes burned with anger. And was that...jealousy? "No way. Impossible." "What?" I hadn't realized I'd said that out loud. "Oh. Nothing." We continued on and Yuuri tried taking me in his carrage. "Uh, sorry, but I think I'll ride Depth. Carrages always make me dizzy." "O-ok." Depth helped me on. "____." "Hm?" "C-can I... Would you mind if I ride with you?" His eyes were covered by his hair. I was silent, shocked by his request. Snapping out of it, I answeed him, not wanting him to think I didn't want him to. "Oh! Ya, sure. Depth." The enormous dragon let down a clawed paw to help Yuuri up. The king werrily climbed on. Once he was up with me, I grabbed his hand. "Hold on to my waist. The first time I rode, I almose fell off. Depth's completely insane, I warn you." Yurri smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist gently. Noticing this, Depth roared. "Oh, you shut it! Unless you want a few of these scales plucked like feathers!" He roared again, so I pulled out 2 folder-sized plated, with great effort. He roared in pain and settled down. "I warned ya. Now let's go home so I can wash 'em out." Depth grunted and took off. I knew he would be more rough that usual because of Yuuri. I never told him though, I didn't want him to feel offended. When we blasted off, Yuuri yelped in surprise and a likely pain in his butt. "Easy! That hurt me too, ya know!" After that, he flew more calmly. "Wow. This is amazing! The country's so...beautiful. I've never seen my kingdome like this." Yuuri was looking down at the attractive scenery below. "Ya. I was impressed even more that you, the first few times. Isn't it funny? They say don't look down. But you're only more scared if you do that. And you miss out on the amazing sight." "Indeed." We flew on in silence the rest of the way. But it wasn't an akward silence. It was a comfortable one. Like words would ruin the bliss of the moment. "Yuuri. Hold on. We're landing. Even I'm not used to this yet." His grip around my waist tightened and I blushed deeply. Then we felt a huge *THUMP* as we landed beside the castle. Depth helped us off. "Ow. That really hurt." Yuuri said. "Yuuri, you don't have to hide it. Your butt feels like it just got kicked by a horse. I know." The young king blushed slightly and I laughed. "Just put some ice on it before you go to bed. I went through it too." He nodded. "Would you like to come in for tea? My maid-I believe her name is Kiada..." "Kiara." "Yes! She's been asking if you would be returning soon. I believe she'd enjoy a visit." "Hmmm. I think I will. Thank you. I haven't seen her for quite a while." We headed into the emence castle, not knowing about the chaose that would come with the action...
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