What Beast Of Legend Are You?...

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Long ago, mystical creatures ruled over the sea, land, and hevens. They where undefeated... until their time to stay passed. Some small and some mighty, they all lived in peace with each other. When they passed to their own homes, they left behind speritual traces. These traces were reborn in humans, leaving behind personality...

From what beast do YOU originate? Until now, the traces laid dorment in your heart. But now, I'll awaken them and make you aware of your TRUE origins... P.S. Pardon the spelling...

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Groups?
  3. What would be your favorite vacation? (Paid for of course;).)
  4. lol
  5. OK. So a detective highly suspects you of being a mass murderer. You really are. To analyze your personality, he challenges you to a game of tennis(And, yes, I got this from the anime Death Note). You're both really good. What do you do to hide your identety as the murderer? ( And there ARE reasond I worked out to help hide it. Just pick the one you think makes the most sense.
  6. If you could choose, which would be a better pet?
  7. Which sounds like a better song?
  8. You go to school and see someone beating up one of your classmates. You don't know him well, or even his name.
  9. What is a harpy.(DON'T LOOK UP!!!)
  10. What is your prefurred weapon?
  11. What cloths do you wear out?
  12. Comment + Rate plz

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