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There are many noobs, but few true legends. What is a legend you say? A legend is one who knows all about all aspects of Runescape and is basically just a beast.

Are YOU a Runescape pro? Do you have the sufficient skill to qualify for that prestigious title? Do you have what it takes to gain 100% in this test?

Created by: Harry Potter
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  1. What is 'max cash' on Runescape?
  2. What does the "rune" in the title Runescape refer to?
  3. Approximately how many party hats are left in Runescape?
  4. A chicken can kill you in Runescape, true or false?
  5. Who was ranked #1 in 2003-2004?
  6. What is the best armour in f2p Runescape for melee combat?
  7. How many colours do partyhats come in
  8. What is my name on runescape? :O
  9. How much approximately does a santa hat cost?
  10. What level is the vampire from the quest "Vampire Slayer" ?
  11. After completing the quest "Prince Ali Rescue", what are you now able to do?
  12. What is the starting city in Runescape?
  13. How many slots are there in an inventory?
  14. How many items do you keep on death? (if not skulled)
  15. What level do you have to be to use a fly fishing rod?
  16. What rewards do you get from completing the "Romeo and Juliet" quest?
  17. What colour is an imp on Runescape?
  18. How many health points does a cabbage restore
  19. Is the Silverlight sword members?
  20. When building fires, which way do they form a line?
  21. What is the actual world of Runescape called?
  22. When you log in, which way are you always facing?
  23. What happens if you cook an already cooked piece of meat?
  24. What happens if you use a knife on another player?
  25. What level are you on runescape?

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Quiz topic: HOW RUNESCAPE PRO am I?