I Became a Survivor...pt7

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  1. Then us girls headed into the forest, me riding on Apollo's back.
  2. As we reached the pool, I lept from Apollo's back. "Apollo, will you watch out for the guys? But don't seriously hurt them, okay?" He neighed and galloped off. "Thanks!" I shouted to him. I then turned to the shark-fish-crockidile-things. "Let's play" I said quietly. After I was done killing them, I told the others they could come in. We all stripped and dived in. Swimming around in the cool water was nice. The freshwater ocean was freezing. Then I got an idea. I climbed to the top of the falls and put the diamond ring inside, angling it. Soon, there was a magnificent rainbow streaming across the whole forest all the way to the beach. I hopped the guys could see it. I jumped down, soaking everyone the rest of the way. After a while, we all got out and got dressed, heading back to the beach. We got there by about noon and all ate lunch. When everyone was done, I gave the news. "Ok, everyone listen up! I really think we need to move on. Now just listen! I've been having a bad feeling lately. And have you noticed the amount of food is gettting smaller. Not to mention that the 'ocean' is salty now. Think about it. RC wouldn't want us to have the easy life and stay in one place for a long time. We better leave before something REALLY bad happens to drive us out. We've gotta go." I fell silent, waiting for their responses. "She's right. This isn't natural." Said Joey. Everyone nodded. "We should gather food and water before we leave tonight." I announced. Then I felt something press against my back. I turned to see Apollo, looking miserable. "Don't worry. We'll be fine. You just stay here and keep everything under controle. Okay?" He just stared into my eyes. I sighrd. "Look. If we stay here, life will be impossible for us and you too." He just kept staring. "What is it, Apollo?" In response, he knelt down. I climbed on and he took off into the trees. We raced nothing for over an hour straight. Finnaly, knowing he must be tired, made him stop. He laid down, panting like an old dog. I rested my back on his side, knowing I would miss my friend. "Apollo," He looked to me lazily. "Will you miss me when I'm gone?" He paused and shoved his head in my chest. I wrapped my arms around his muzzle. I l;ooked at his face to see a tear run down it. "Ya. I'll miss you too." Then I just sat there, crying with my dear friend. Why did I feel so attached to him? I'd only found him in the forest a week or two ago. It was strange. I felt calm around him, but now emotions ran wild.
  3. After an hour or two of crying, we headed back to the beach. On the way, I found a water-proof packet with what looked like papers inside on a tree branch. I didn't open it until we were at the beach and everyone was there. I opened it to find about 200 sheets of paper, a pen, and 2 pencils inside. There was also a note that read: "Ok. Children. This is a congradulations preasent for dear ____ for figuring out you had to leave. Do with it as you like. P.S. Congradulations on your demon horse friend. LOL. Sighned- RC" I scowled at the note, discusted by his blunt repulsivness. Then I sighed and thought of what to do with the paper. Half was lined and half blank. I looked to the water and knew what to do. Taking out one of the blanks and a pencil, I started drawing the scenery. "What are you doing?" Asked Dane. Then Joey chuckeled. "She's drawing the scenery and writing about this place. Aint I right?" I nodded faintly. Dane frowned at Joey's interuption. I ignored them and just kept drawing. In school, I was the best artist. I finnished the drawing in about half an hour. Then I called Apollo. "I don't want to forget what you look like. Now hold still." He did and I drew him in about an hour. I got lots of compliments on the drawings. I gently put the suplies back in the waterproof folder and placed it in the bag. Then we all set off for the next place we were meant to be. I decided to ride Apollo until we came to the end of the forest. When we did, we were faced with nothing but snow and ice. And a few small plants. My goodby with Apollo lasted at least an hour. But no one complained, feeling sorry for me. We traveled in the snow for a few hours until we came upon a cave.
  4. We all waited outside as Joey and Matt checked it out. We waited a few minutes and they hadn't come out yet. I was about to go in and look for them, when they came runniing out, yelping. Following them were 5 white wolves. I turned into my wolf form- we'd learned to controle it by now- and glared at them "What's going on?" "This is out territory! Get out!" "You didn't have to attack them! We would've left immediatly if you'd just told us!" The wolves looked like they were about to jump. Then a larger gray wolf stepped between us. "What's going on?!" He boomed. "We're just travelers. We were looking for a place of rest when we came across this cave. Two of my friends went to check it out and were attacked." The 5 wolves snareled at me and I returned it. They now seemed intimidated. The leader turned to them and barked "How many times ave I told you not to attack anyone who just wanders in!" They yelped and ran off into the cave. "I'm so sorry. They were born here and don't understand what those of us that weren't went through. You're new creations I see. How long have each of you been here?" "About seven weeks and we all came here at once. And you called us...creations?" "Yes. I see. It would seem you're very new. Please come it and I'll explain. It's freezing out here." And with that, he walked into the cave. I followed with the others following me. He led us through a series of caves and tunnels, all filled with wolves. A few licked their lips at the others, but stopped when both the leader and I growled at them. One tried taking a bite out of Teijah, but I tackled him to the ground and he ran off. The leader stopped in a large cavern with only one female wolf in it. "This is my mate, Beatriss. Beatriss, these are new creations." She sighed sadly. "By the way, I'm Samule." He told us to sit and we all did. Joey walked over and sat beside me. "Ok. Here are the basics. We call the enclosure we're in Enphia. We're a pack of wolves that collected here. Some of us are from normal hunman scociety, but most were born here. We're kidnapped and taken to this place after the surgery. Jendai does it." "Jendai?" "Yes. He's the one who does the surgery. But he probably passed a long time ago. You see, when a creator gets old or sick, he selects an heir. There have been at least 60 of them. What is the currant one called?" "RC." "Oh, really? I remember that brat from when he was just a toddler. An evil one. He must've put you kids through hell." "Just ____. The worst he did to the rest of us was the surgery and cage us up. But he electricuted, whipped, and even poisoned her." I winced at the memories. Joey noticed this and wrapped an arm around me, comforting me and muttering "I'm sorry." "I see. Many of my dear friends have died from the electricuting, Full grown men. And this mere child endured it along with whippings and poisoning? I must say I'm impressed. You're a very strong girl." I laughed bitterly. "I'm not strong. I just have a strong goal." "And what would that be?" "To kill every worker here. Starting with RC. He took children and put them through this, tortured me, and...Inturupted my date!" The others looked shocked, but Samule just chuckled. Then Beatriss came over and looked me in the eyes. "You have such beautiful furr. Such a firey red. Beautiful. It almost reminds me of... no." She then went back to her bed. I now noticed she was pregnate. "Who?" Samule answered. "Tiara. A woman who was once one of us. She wandered off and dissapeared one day." "Did you say Tiara? Did she have dark bonde hair and hazel eyes?" He nodded. "She escaped. "What?!" "She escaped. Tiara was my mother. I'm afraid she died though..." We talked about my mother for a while until Samule got up and walked over to the bed. He got something in his mouth and returned. He dropped a llocket in my hands.
  5. I looked down at the locket. It was amber with gold lining and a red wolf head print on the front. "Wow. What is this?" "That is your mother's locket. She left it in our care before she left. I think it belongs to you now." I smiled lightly and asked Joey to put it around my neck. He did and I smiled as I gazed down at it. "Thank you so much." They both smiled kindly at me. Just then, Beatriss started scream-ghasping. "Oh my! Th-they're coming!" The others looked confused and I rolled my eyes. "She's giving birth!" The others nodded in surprise. It took about an hour, but she finnaly managed to get them out and fell asleep. There were 5 pups. 2 gray, a white, a black one, and a tan one with red streaking in its furr. "They're so cute!" I exclamed. Samule just nodded happily. After a few minutes, Beatriss woke up. "____. I have a request to ask of you." I walked over to her. "Please, ____. Take the largest one." I ghasped in surprise. Samule ran over to us. "Beatriss, what are you saying?!" "Please. I know this is the right thing to do. I saw it in my dream. It was...your mother. She told me to have you care for and take with you the largest pup of the litter." "B-but that was just a dream." She shook her head. "No. I just know it was your mother's will. She was...my best friend." Her eyes started to well up with tears. "I-I understand Beatriss. I'll take the tan pup. He is the largest." "Thank you so much..." And with that, she fell asleep once again. I sighed and looked to the pup. And to my surprise, he was looking straight at me. "So, is it..." "Male." Samule answered, chacking. "What do you want his name to be?" I asked. He paused and looked to me. "You name him. He's practicly your own pup now." I looked back to the pup and knew the answer. "Ray." Samule looked at me surprised. I bent down and nussled the pup. "May you be the ray of light that guids those around you into the light." I whispered and the others smiled at me. "I picked him up gently. "We have to go now." I said. Samule nodded. Just then, two wolves came storming into the cave. "Samule! There is a demon horse at the entrance! It's attacking everyone!" A demon horse? "Samule! Please take me there immediately!" He nodded and took off. I followed. When we came to the entrance, I handed the pup to Joey and it imediatly started crying. I ran up to the horse and patted him on the back and neck muttering "It's ok. I'm here Apollo. Calm down." The wolves gaped at me, amazed. I sighed and explained everything to Samule. "Ah! Now it makes sense! But it is strange for a demon horse to act this way. They're usualy quite violent." Joey laughed. "Ya, I know what you mean! The first time I met him, he tried to kill me!" I glared at him and he winced sarcasticly "I burns! It buuuuurns!!!" We all laughed and then set off
  6. When we were about 1/4 mile away, the cave suddenly exploded. There was stone flying everywhere. I fell to my knees ans sobbed. The only other people who knew my mother, dead. I sobbed for a long time. I veigly remember someone putting me on Apollo and him walking. I fell into a miserable, dreamless sleep... I woke to a feild of flowers. I sat up slowly, feeling the pain in my butt. "What the...?" "You awake now?" Said a voice. I whipped around to find three wolves. One tan, one black, and one white. They were all male. "Who are you?" I asked woozily. "Lay back down and we'll explain everything" Said the black one. Then I remembered something. "Ray!" "What, the pup? He's over there." He looked over to our left. Sure enough, he was about 30 feet away, playing with a flower. But he was bigger. "You've been out of it for 4 weeks. We found you and the pup alone by the forest. What happened?" "I-I don't know. I fell asleep on my demon horse and woke up here." "Demon horse?" I nodded. "Well, I'm Jariah. This is Snow and Jaka. You would be?" "____." He nodded. "Well, ____. I think you're stuck with us for a while until we find you friends." I whipped around. "You talk in your sleep." He winked. I blushed and relaxed. Ray came running over to me and laid down by my side.
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