What Animal are you?

This quiz is about finding out what animal you are most like. The options are a Wolf, a Lion, a Bear, a Buck, a Rat, a Cow, a Hawk, a Shark, a Snake, and a fox.

Each animal comes with different physical attributes and mantal attributs. The first two questions are forced upon us and have no relivance on this quiz. i.e it doesn't matter what you choose for those questions, everthing else is required. Enjoy- I am a Wolf!

Created by: Wolfman
  1. What is your ideal pet?
  2. What colour is your hair?
  3. What would friends describe you as?
  4. What is your favourite food type?
  5. What is your favourite wheater type?
  6. What is your favourite time of day?
  7. You think youself a...
  8. What is your favourite season?
  9. What is your favourite activity?
  10. Which of the following proffessions appeal to you the most?
  11. Which of the following proffessions appeal to you the most?

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I?