What Type of Animal are you

There are thousands of species of animals co-existing with us on this planet. Let's see which animal you most relate with. This quiz has been developed over the years by many scientists.

Let's see how you really fit in within the animal kingdom. You may be suprised to see which animal you are most compatible with. A new love may be on the horizon.

Created by: Spirit of the earth
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  1. The great breakfast famine has arrived. You can only have one type of food for breakfast from now on, choose wisely
  2. You are awaiting a city bus, somebody asks you what you think about the weather. You Reply with..
  3. You can only listen to one band for the rest of your life. Choose.
  4. You are now on the bus, you pull the stop cord, but the bus driver continues on past your stop. How do you react.
  5. As you get off the bus at an unknown location, a gentleman asks you for the time. You know that the watch on your wrist is broken, what do you say?
  6. You Are now at the city morgue, the gentleman did not kill you. What was the cause of death
  7. Your family has decided to bury you. Who cries the most
  8. 20 years later your body is exhumed. The gentlemen is now a prime suspect pending a DNA match. What is the smell similar too.
  9. The DNA doesnt match, he is free to go. What is done with your body now
  10. Your wife remarries, what race
  11. You haunt your wife and new husband, what type of ghost are you

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Quiz topic: What Type of Animal am I