What animal would you be?

Have yo ever wondered what animal you would be from your characteristics? This is the quiz for you (if you said yes). This quiz has humor, and truth. Sweet, try it out with the 12 questions!

What animal are YOU? Take this quiz with only 12 questions to find out the true you... and animal that has your characteristics in life. Is your species one of your friendly neighborhood's zoo animals? Let's see!!!

Created by: Alaina Doak

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like the outdoors?
  2. Do you ever make random animal noises when you are feeling a certain emotion?
  3. Do you like camping?
  4. What's your favorite animal (out of these choices)?
  5. Do you like swimming?
  6. Do you like riding in airplanes?
  7. Do you like running and jumping?
  8. Can you make your own food easily without help from other people?
  9. Do you feel like you're gonna crack the screen because you have no idea why im asking you these questions?
  10. Are you tired of answering these questions and you wish you could get your answer already?

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