animal jam love story 3: i'm hoppy about you...

This is probably the last edition. I hope you enjoy it and if you don't play animal jam you are going to have a hard time understanding the places the charcters go to.

Welcome! Only 1 rule: answer honestly with all your might. This quiz is for both boys and girls so don't be embarrsed about taking the series. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Jeanie Jean

  1. Hi! This is about bunnies. Sorry the title is cheesey. You ready?
  2. You are a outgoing bunny and also seen with your friends, Major and Fauna. One day, at the beach, you guys start talking about your love life. "I just dumped him." says Fauna. " Same with my girl." Says Major. How do you respond if they ask you about your love life?
  3. You spill the beans. You don't have one. They gasp. "But for you guys, i'll try and now where to start: working at club gleos." When do you start?
  4. You work tomorrow. As soon as it opens, people hit the dance floor while you are forced to be the waiter/waitress. But before it closes, you found your true love. Its name is Hoppy. "Hi!" he/she says. You can't stop talking. From that day forward, your buddies! How does your friends react to this?
  5. Of course, they tease you. One day, the decide to stop teasing you and ask a serious question. What do you think it is?
  6. They ask you when you'll date him/she. Before you even think you say "tonight!" They said you were brave! You call Hopppy and you guys decide to go on a boat ride. During it a tragedy happens: you fall off the boat and get injured by a passing shark. What do you think Hoppy does?
  7. He/she kisses you! What is your reaction?
  8. As soon as your wounds heal, you two get married. Do you want kids? (me: no effect.)
  9. Done! Thank you for taking this!
  10. Done! Thank you for taking this!
  11. Plz rate and if you want me to continue the series comment on animals to add okay?
  12. Bye!

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