Secrets and Sirens

Welcome to Secrets and Sirens! Here, you are Teri Macklemoore, A thirteen year old seventh grader! Schools alost out, and it's beach season, the hardest time to cover your biggest secret: You're a siren.

A siren, for those of you who don't know, is a mermaid who uses their singing to lure sailors to their death. But the only one you're lureing to anything is lureing Bryan's lips to yours... Anyhow, I worked really hard on makeing sure the story was good and not cliche, so please leave a comment!

Created by: S_E_

  1. Your name is Teri, you have peach skin with black-blue curly hair and bright blue-green eyes. Your voice is pretty, and you're good in Science and English but bad at History and Math.
  2. You walk out of the music room and go to your locker. You grab your books and head outside. "Hey Teri!" You see your best friend Kristi running toward you. When she stops you see the paper she's holding. "A+! Way to go, Kristi!" You say in your singsong voice. "Yeah!" She says. "Wanna celebrate? We're all gonna go watch the fireworks at the beach." You stiffen. "Will there be swimming?" You ask. "Well duh," Kristi says. "That is what you do at the beach!" You shake your head and back up. "You know I'm-" "Yeah yeah, you're afraid of the ocean. But come on, you swim in a pool!" "Well yeah, but in the ocean you could be carried off to sea!" You say, panicking. "Fine." Kristi says. "What if we sat on a blanket away from the water?" You give her a thumbs up.
  3. At around four, you're sitting at your desk doing homework. You hear a car pull up and see Kristi step out of her mom's station wagon. She knocks on the door. "I'll get it!" You say, running downstairs. "Okay hun," You're mom says. You Open the door and see Kristi 's wearing her bikini top with shorts. "Oh, are you girls going swimming?" You mom asks. Kristi starts to answer, but you cut her off. "We're going to watch the Fireworks at the beach," You say. "I thought you didn't like the beach," Your mom says. "Just the water." You say, grabbing your bag and closeing the door behind you.
  4. At the beach, you play volley ball, and build sand castles and statues. Today happens to be the day of the sand sculpture compitition, so you guys look at the sculptures. You see a beautiful one of a mermaid done by a man in his early thirties. Sculpting, he looks both happy and sad.
  5. You and Kristi a sitting on a blanket, when you hear a boom. You guys watch the fireworks. Then, Collin and Bryan from school come over. "Hey Kris, wanna go for a swim?" Collin asks. Kristi twirls a finger in her hair, and looks at you. "Go, have fun. I'll probably just go for a walk." Kristi ditches the shorts(she's wearing her Bikini Bottom) and she and Collin jump into the ocean. "Hey." Bryan says before leaving.
  6. You go stand at the end of the empty dock, and stare out at the ocean. Far off in the distance, the sky's still light. You sit and hang your feet off over the water. Footsteps aproach you, and you expect Kristi. You feel arms pick you up bridal style. "Hello there..." Bryan says. "Bryan, put me down you creep!" He he smirks. "Why not." He lets go, and you fall in the water.
  7. He jerks his hand back up, and his smile disapears for a moment, then comes back larger. He hugs you tighter, and you push against his chest. It's no use, because he pushes you up against the post. He starts to kiss you, softly. Then Collin andKristi swim over, which distracts Bryan enough for you to slip underwater, and swim away. "Eek! Something swam past me!" You hear Kristi say.
  8. That night you think about Bryan. Your room is dark, and your shades are drawn. You hear a pebble hit the window above your desk. You stick your head out and see Bryan. "Ugh, leave me alone, creep!" You shout. He drops the other rocks in his hand. "Oh come on, Teri. We both know you can't walk away from this..."
  9. Thanks for taking my quiz!
  10. Please rate and comment before Mothers day 2015, and I'll make a part 2.

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