Star's journal...

Are you ready to learn what Star did for five thousand years? Remember when you thought bandit was there for all of it? Remember how this is a prequil? I urge you the read The final moments, and What happened after the final moments first.

So, you know what everybody looks like, but I added some people. Anybody who's a star: look up at night and see. The parents of everybody: alot the same, but a few different features, like Sea has tealish eyes, And Blade doesn't have the white stripes in his eyes like Claw does. WARINING: This story contains spoilers. It is recomended to read the others first. Thank you, S_E_.

Created by: S_E_

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  1. Today, I begin my quest. Ten thousand years ago, I was chosen for a mission to save the earth. Naturally, I assumed a warrior would be chosen over me, a kit. But I spent thousands of year training for my mission. I went to the king and queen, and they bestowed on me magic, and weapons cast from Orions belt. The queen sent me to earth.
  2. Upon my arrival, I was rather light headed, and apeared to have ears and a tail, like a cat. I quickly joined up with a group of travelers, maidens who sought love and exitement. I traveled with them until they each found love, and from them I recived a series of books entitled: The Human nature: Spells to change emotion. My personal faveoritevolume was the third, where it explains humans point of opinion. Reading that urged me to change my image from ingorant, to wise. So I made knowledge part of my journey.
  3. I came upon a group of scholars, all with students with low intelect. I pleaded them to teach me, wich they did. It was a long hard time with them, but I was a fast learner. They blessed me with an encyclopedia on all of earth. I hugged my master, and bid her farewell. By now nearly fifty years had passed, a short time for the stars. I noticed that each time I began or ended my time with a group, my apearence would change slightly. I once met one member of my first group, who mistook me for the offspring of my offspring. I knew then I clearly did not age as humans did.
  4. I spent the next fifty years hidden within a library, leaving books that 'magicly' apear when needed. It was a happy life with no conflict, but I knew my quest still lurked around each and every dark corner. I one day found a mysterious letter telling me to return to the stars by going to a contraption hidden away in the far reaches of the library, and when I returned, the stars were concerned.
  5. The queen asked if I had forgotten my mission, and I confessed. I told her I dreaded the day with all my life. She smiled. "My young child, I will bring you to one hundred years before your quest begins." And she sent me back, flashing many experiences before my eyes. "'You shall be known as Steila. When the group disbands you shall make your leave as a shcolar, then return to save the world!" By then I had colected many books and other items.
  6. When I joined these travelers, I had a room in wich I hid my belongings. Here, I was what they called a samuri. We all were. There were five other people. Fire, Sea, Blade, Frost, and Ember. I joined with an instant burst of affection for Fire, who only had eyes for Ember. I took notice of Sea, for she had the highest skill level of amyone I'd ever seen.
  7. Many years passed, and these young children became adults. Ember bore a child of Fire's, naming him Flame. I felt A need to protect him. But soon, we all left. I told my scholar story and hid in thewoods until the fateful day their children teamed up.
  8. But now was a terrible time for the stars. Magic grew thin, and the queen used most of hers to bring me up, remind me of my mission, and send me back. But, with a stoaway. The young prince, only a kit of one hundred moons, followed me. The queen had no magic left to bring him back, so I protected him. I joined the children. Fire and Ember's son Flame, Sea's daughter Rain, and Blade's son Claw. I told them I was the daughter of Steila, and my name was Star. I told them the Starprince was from a small group of thieves that I rescued him from, and called him Bandit. I went through alot with that group.
  9. I fought many battles with them, going into town, battling the dragon that burned Flame, giving him fire magic, even destroying a cursed gun. But nothing could prepare me for this. One day, Rain made an effort to befriend the spirit inside the gun, unleashing it in her body. As it possesed her, it almost killed Flame. I was forced to resort to my magic. Not the kind I showed everyone, but my true magic. All my summoning cards, bow tricks, and sword magic were nothing compared to this. "How are you doing that?" Claw asked, amazed. "I'm a star," I said with a smile. "I'm immortal." Claw nodded. "My mother was a spirit." He said. "I know." Rain said, having regained consiosness. "I'm surrounded by spirits. They tell all." She looked down. "My mother was the only level twenty ever." She said. "I know, I was there." I told her. "What?" Flame asked. And I told him everything. And everyone listened in disbeleif.
  10. I thought nothing much would change after that. Rain succeeded in making the spirit good,and let me borrow her spirit chain, the one that alowed me to see spirits,and speak to them and animals. After wearing it once, I could always see and speak to spirits I had met. Like Rinna, the spirit that was only scared and confused,or the blue dragon. Claw and I spent ages flipping through my growing book collection. I confessed my love for Flame. Then Snow came. Claiming to be the daughter of Frost, we welcomed her. But I never trusted her around the prince...

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