Trial by Fire 1

It's been almost a year since Tyrin Soma died, but her memory still haunts Reyen Osamaka. Then, one day Reyen decides to go to an old hangout, wich might change his life! I know this is slow, bear with me now.

Reyen: Light blond hair, blue eyes. Tyrin: Chocolate hair, brown eyes. She's not really in this much, since she's dead, but she plays a huge part in the story. Create a ghost in the comments!

Created by: S_E_

  1. Reyen sat up. His head was spinning out of control. He tried to remember it, just like every morning since. She's dead. Never coming back. I should just move on.
  2. He lazily stepped in the shower, got dressed, and grabbed a peice of toast. "I will forever love you, Reyen Osamaka..." Tyrin's voice was music to his ears. He looked around, but saw only his mother making a list. Reyen stepped outside, and tried to keep a straight face passing her house. 'It's been a year, idiot!' He thought as he reached the train line. There were still flowers beside the track, he noiced them every day.
  3. But why did they have to be on his way to school? He never liked going to school since his friend had died, before he could even ask her out. By now, her memory seemed to haunt him. When the train pulled up at the next station, something told Reyen to get off. When he did, he found himself below Tyrin's favorite spot.
  4. ~Memories~ "C`mon, just a little farther!" The girl smiles, leading the blindfolded boy up the ladder. "Okay, now open!" The boy see's the rooftop, surrounded by the setting sun. "If I die," The girl says, "This is how you should remember me."
  5. Real time~ Reyen sat up where they always sat. He called school, saying he was sick. He called home, leaving a message that he'd be late. He didn't notice the time pass.
  6. The sun started to set. "This is how I want you to remember me..." The words whispered in his ear, and on the bench beside him, a person began to sit down.
  7. At first, he thought it might have been a classmate who had seen him up here. But he noticed the shape start to define a girl beside him.
  8. His eyes grew wide in disbelife, as he saw....
  9. "Tyrin?"
  10. Thanks!

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