What happened last night?

This is my story, its called "The Day The Dead Aw ken, I'm going to change the name next time, well, hi, hello, sup, yo, hey, what's up, look what the cat dragged in.

This is my story, its called "The Day The Dead Aw ken, I'm going to change the name next time, well, hi, hello, sup, yo, hey, what's up, look what the cat dragged in, was this a good character waster :)

Created by: sweetdreams

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  1. This is my story hope u like it :D
  2. The rain was drumming hard against the glass window, a shadow of the dead lurching about the city. As the glass fogged up, William stood up, and walked away from the window. It was a week after Dawn was turned into one of them. He could have saved her, but he couldn't. William shook the memory away, it was his fault they got his little sister, his only family that wasn't killed. And he let them get her and turn her into a monster. He let her blood run cold, he made her breathing stop, it was his doing, his fault.
  3. William looked out the window as lighting flashed across the gray sky. He then heard footsteps outside, comming to his front door, he silently got his gun, and was aiming at the front door, when he heard a soft knock. He slowly walked over and cracked the door open. Outside was a girl about his age, with long golden hair, hazel eyes, and the mud streaked on her skin, pale with fright. "Yes?" William asked, nervous, but the girl just walked inside the house
  4. "Can you help me?" The girl asked in a voice so soft, William had to strain his ears to hear what she said. William nodded, unsure of what and why she needed his help with. He closed the door, and locked all the locks he put on the door. "Who are you?" William asked, making two cups of hot chocolate. He then finished making it, and was walking over to the girl.
  5. "I'm Clover Free, a Survived." William then froze in place, a Survived, there were only few of them, he was one too. He then started walking to her again, setting the hot chocolate down on the table, William sat down across from her. "I'm William, also a Survived." William said as he picked up one of the two cups, and slowly drank the warm liquid. Clover, the girl, also grabbed a cup, and took a drink, she then smiled, and set it back down. "Where's your family?" William asked, he then noticed that she tensed up as he said that.
  6. "They came and evaded our house, I was the only suviver out of my family. What about yours?" Clover asked, as a salty tear slowly rolled down her pale cheek. "My parents were killed when the diease was new to our world, a I was taking care of my little sister, Dawn, till......" William stopped before his voice would crack, fighting tears that were about to break out.
  7. Clover put a hand on William's shoulder, looking at him in the eyes. "It's ok." She said, her voice soft," I need to show you something." She then turned to her black backpack, she then zipped it open, and pulled out a box, and inside of the brown box, was a glass bottle. "What is that?" William asked, as the liquid inside the glass was glowing a neon green. "Its a liquid that can reverse the disease."
  8. Cliffhanger :D >:()
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  11. So, should I make a love story

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