Are you night or day?

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Are you night or day? In this quiz you can either get night, day, or mix. I hope you like this quiz! Please comment! :)

Are you dark, mysterious night? Or perhaps bright, happy day? Or maybe even a mix! I'm sorry If this quiz is bad or off! Comment what you get! :)

Created by: wolf_heart

  1. Pick your favorite color out of these:
  2. Pick a smiley
  3. Pick an animal:
  4. Pick one:
  5. Do you like it when it rains?
  6. Pick one of these things to be:
  7. Do you prefer night or day? (I know, obvious question)
  8. What color are your walls? (Of your room)
  9. Pick a bird
  10. Pick an activity
  11. What color shade do you wear most out of these?
  12. Hope you liked the quiz!

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Quiz topic: Am I night or day?