How well do you know Night World?

Hello and welcome to "How well do you know Night World!" I'm so excited for you to be taking this test! I hope it helps you see if you're a true fan or not!

I hope you learned something new about the Night World book series and I hope you enjoy! Please comment your thoughts about the quiz and please let me know if i did something wrong! Now, let's see if you're a true Night World fan!

Created by: Shelby B.

  1. Book 2. In "Dark Angel", how does Gillian meet Angel?
  2. Who does Gillian have a crush on?
  3. What is revealed to Gillian?
  4. In "The Chosen", what is Rashel?
  5. What happened to Timmy when Rashel was a child?
  6. What name does Rashel go by at work?
  7. What is Rashel's catchphrase?
  8. In "Soulmate", when does Hannah first encounter a Werewolf?
  9. What is Hannah?
  10. Who was the first vampire?
  11. Book 1. In "Secret Vampire", what illness does Poppy have?
  12. What is Poppy's brother's name?
  13. What did Poppy do when she couldn't control her thirst?
  14. In "Daughters of Darkness", what are the three girls names?
  15. What is the brother's name?
  16. What happened to Aunt Opal?
  17. In "Spellbinder", how did Thea and the boy meet?
  18. Why does Blaise want the boy to herself?
  19. What are Thea and Blaise?
  20. Book 3. In "Huntress" who is actually the first Wild Power?
  21. What is Jez's real name?
  22. What does Jez find in her room when she returns to her aunt Nan and Uncle Jim's home?
  23. What species is Jez?
  24. In "Black Dawn", what happens to Miles?
  25. What happens to Maggie after Sylvia put her under a spell?
  26. What happened to Jeanne when she tried to escape?
  27. Who saved Maggie and Cady from Bern?
  28. What is Cady's real name?
  29. In "Witchlight", what species is Keller?
  30. Why does everybody like Iliana so much?
  31. What is Keller's first name?
  32. What is Winnie's real name?
  33. What is Galen?
  34. Who is Poppy's soulmate/love?
  35. Who is Mary-Lynette's soulmate/love?
  36. Who is Thea's soulmate/love?
  37. Who is Gillian's soulmate/love?
  38. Who is Rashel's soulmate/love?
  39. Who is Hannah's soulmate/love?
  40. Who is Jez's soulmate/love?
  41. Who is Maggie's soulmate/love?
  42. Who is Keller's soulmate/love?
  43. Who is Jade's soulmate/love?

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