Which Late Night Host Are You?

There are many TV shows to choose from on TV right now, why pick late night? If you're going to spend your time watching a show, might as well see which host you are most like before you tune in!

Who are YOU most like? Check out the quiz, these questions will change your TV watching habits for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Now simply enjoy and see what happens!

Created by: Lauren of Talk About Late Night TV
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  1. Which best describes where you're from?
  2. What's kind of education do you have?
  3. What type of humor do you like?
  4. What do you like watching?
  5. What feature defines you?
  6. Who do you like best on TV?
  7. Other jobs you might be interested in-
  8. Describe your love life
  9. Kinds of things you like on a TV show
  10. I like when people do impressions or make fun of

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Quiz topic: Which Late Night Host am I?