How much of 'Late Lounge Lizard' are you?

Crosby knows all of your dirty little secrets. How? The Late Lounge! If you live in crosby there is no doubt you have been! But have you gained Late Lizard status? Take the quiz to see how much of a 'crosby head' you are!

Do YOU love the 'LATEY', Do you go to the village pub every week? Are you in danger of becoming a crosby loser? Take the quiz to determine how much of a Late Lizard you are!

Created by: Georgie
  1. Do you drink in the Village pub?
  2. Do you know who the 'Lesbian Bouncer' is?
  3. How many people do you know in the 'Village pub'?
  4. Do you go to the 'Late Lounge' after the 'Village Pub'?
  5. Whats the longest you have queued to get in the 'latey'
  6. Do you know 'Dancing Dave Brown'?
  7. Have you ever snogged a 'Random' in the Latey?
  8. Do you like the music in the Latey?
  9. One bouncer has a tatoo on his face... what is it?
  10. What are your other favourite places to drink other than the Village Pub and Late Lounge?

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Quiz topic: How much of 'Late Lounge Lizard' am I?