The Lounge NUTSAQ

Do you like University of Miami collegiate sports? Do you like pictures of hot, scantily-clad women? Do you love being a cheeky bastard? If so, the Lounge could be perfect for you! If not, it could still be perfect for you!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Loungie? I know you've asked yourself this many times, but enough vacillating! Step up to the mic, and take the plunge (we love mixed metaphors).

Created by: CanesAreAble
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  1. All Loungies drive:
  2. Myspace is:
  3. Giorgia Palmas is:
  4. Icee is:
  5. If you want an avatar, you should:
  6. Samson Doyo:
  7. BillSwerski is a shill for:
  8. The following poster is notorious for his jinxes:
  9. The following player was a WR for UM:
  10. The following poster is known for posting glorious HOT OR NOT threads:
  11. necka loves:
  12. Headset Guy:
  13. according to NJtoFLAcane:
  14. One of the following should not be included:
  15. KW2M is an acronym for:
  16. The following poster shows up courtside at Knicks games in the 4th quarter:
  17. ibisgirl is:
  18. The Rick Truck:
  19. Y2Cane has an affinity for:
  20. BigChris is:
  21. The following poster is property of Mart65000:

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