How much of "Late Night" fan are you??

Late Night is my favorite show. It dominates its time slot every night. This quiz is dedicated to Late Night and is for fans who just love it. It was fun for me to make and hopefully fun for you to take. So go ahead and take the quiz, youve read this much so why not?

Do you love Late Night? Do you love Conan??Do you tune in at 12:37 just to watch an hour of pure comedy and promotions? Well if you do this 12 question quiz is for you buddy boy!

Created by: Conantha

  1. What is Conan's last name?
  2. Who is the band leader and what does he do musically
  3. What is the name of the hit website Conan accidently created in December 2006
  4. What network is Late Night broadcasted on?
  5. Does Conan have a myspace?
  6. What country is Late Night very popular in that has been discussed on the show often?
  7. Who did Conan sell his 1992 Green Ford Taurus to?
  8. What is the name of the cool extra Late Night site, made by Late Night employees, which is found on the official Late Night site?
  9. Do you think you love Late Night and Conan more than me?
  10. Do feel like you wasted your time?

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Quiz topic: How much of "Late Night" fan am I??