Do you know The Man

If a talk show host asked you questions on the street would you know the answers or would you be the one the whole country is laughing AT on late night TV?

If you believe ignorance is bliss, than this is not the quiz for you. If you believe knowledge is power, then step up and let's see just how powerful you are!

Created by: JJ

  1. What is the job title of the person who run's a state government
  2. Which governor outranks all the other governors
  3. Who is the head of the government for a city
  4. How many Senators does each state have
  5. How many representatives in Congress does each state have
  6. Do you know the name of your state's governor
  7. Who elects the Speaker of the US House of Representatives
  8. Where is the capital of the United States
  9. Where does the President of the United States live
  10. Who is the First Lady of the United States
  11. Who's the Head of State for the United States of America
  12. Who is the head of the federal government of the United States
  13. Who is the President of the Senate
  14. What does a Majority Whip do in the Senate
  15. Who is the President Pro Tem of the Senate
  16. Which cabinet member is 4th in the line of succession should the President die in office
  17. Who is in charge of all the federal attorneys in the United States
  18. What does the Chief of Staff of the White House do
  19. Who has the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as their immediate supervisor
  20. Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces
  21. Do you know which political party the President of the United States is a member of?
  22. Do the members of the President's Cabinet all have to be in the same political party
  23. Which of these people is NOT elected by a majority vote of the population of the United States

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