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So, this story isn't really a prolouge. It's more of VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! This series was an idea I had when I labeled myself as posesive when it comes to friends. I have a hard time when it comes to making friends because of that trait. My friends are MY friends.

MORE VERY IMPORTANT INFO! This series isn't meant to make people label or rate themslves, girls or guys. It's meant to show how this kind of bullying hurts people. The "Labels" are just a manifestation of bullying at work. People are perceived as this, and they have to be the ones to realize this, not others.

Created by: S_E_
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  1. First off, please read the first two paragraphs.
  2. I know this won't be much of a prolouge, but I'll give background info.
  3. So, This girl, Heidi Raimore, invites a group of girls into the library.
  4. She tells them that they've each been rated by "Labels".
  5. She claims that these are meant to help, not hurt.
  6. She reasures everyone that only she and them will know what each label is, and if they choose not to read them, to throw them away.
  7. Some girls don't read them, but some do.
  8. Then, the list is 'accidentaly' passed around the school, without the girls' knowledge.
  9. Each of these stories will be the diaries of the girls who were labled. I only have a few so far, and I am open to suggestion.
  10. Each story is stand alone, so you can start with any one you want to. You don't even have to read them all.
  11. I will be happy to answer questions and take suggestions in the comments.

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