The warrior path: #2

Here`s part 2. I made it a love story. All of the toms are warriors. Make that apprentices. Will you get Moonpaw, Nightpaw, or Foxpaw? Find out now! Go ahead, try! This quiz is cool.

Moonpaw: Dark gray fur and blue eyes. A few moons older than you. Nightpaw: Black fur and brown eyes. One moon older than you. Foxpaw: Gray and ginger tabby with blue eyes. Same age as you.

Created by: S_E_

  1. You are 5 moons old. You strech into the middle of camp. "Guess what?" Nigtkit asks.
  2. Before you can answer, "All cats old enough to catch their own prey meet around the clantree!"
  3. Graystar does the apprentice ceremony, and gives Fernfleck and Birchwind apprentices. "Treepaw! Nightpaw!"
  4. After the ceremony, Foxkit aaproaches you. "Someday we'll be better warriors than them. They wont last a moon."
  5. You walk into the medicene den. "You know," Fernbreeze meows. "You spend alot of time in here. Do you want to be a medicene cat?"
  6. Ahh! A cat lands on top of you!
  7. It`s a Rouge! You, Squirrelkit, your best friend Rainkit, and her sister Gingerkit, have all been stolen by rouges! When they put you down, you`re near the edge of the territory!
  8. When the rouges aren't looking, you squirm into a bush. What do you do?
  9. All of a sudden, a patrol jumps in, and four cats carry you to the medicene den.
  10. Three sun rises later~ "And our final apprentice. Mistkit, do you promise to uphold the warrior code?"
  11. "Then starclan, please look down on this young apprentice. Stormlight, you will mentor Mistpaw." The clan yells,"Mistpaw! Squirrelpaw! Cloudpaw! Gingerpaw! Foxpaw! And Rainpaw!"
  12. Thats part 2! Go on my thread, LF!
  13. Please comment and have fun!

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