Are you on the Medicine cat path or Warrior path?

Warrior or Medicine cat? Hunting for prey, or hunting for herbs? Have you, a Warrior Cats fan always debated? Take the quiz, and find out what you truly are!

A favorite topic: Kits. Would you help with the kitting, or defend them from foxes and badgers? Need I say more? TAKE THIS QUIZ! You'll learn about yourself!

Created by: Bluestar of A.A.R
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  1. Your friend got in trouble for something they didn't do! You:
  2. You get a bird book for your birthday. You:
  3. Do you want to (or do)work in the Medical field?
  4. Can you eat really bitter stuff?
  5. Do you like fruits better or meats?
  6. Have you ever seen a vision of the future?
  7. Who is better, Spottedleaf or Sandstorm?
  8. Can you persuade other people easily?
  9. Do you like pie?
  10. Oh no! Someone left a dead mouse on your bed!You:

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Quiz topic: Am I on the Medicine cat path or Warrior path?