Are you crazy?:)

There are some crazy people who we need. There are some people who've never even thought about how crazy they are. There are some people who I will tell.

Do you really want to know? Or are you just clicking on this for fun? Because let me tell you, these results are legit. If you dont belive me and dont take this seriously, bad things will happen.

Created by: S_E_
  1. Do you ever read books that are not usualy read for pleasure?(aka almanacs, dictionarys, etc.)
  2. Do you ever consider torchering your friends?
  3. Do you feel perfectly normal?
  4. Is learning useless in the end?
  5. Are any of your friends crazy?
  6. When you are alowed to write whatever you want, do others find your work disturbing?
  7. Have you ever considered running away from sociaty?
  8. Life is good.
  9. Is this life all we get? Will there be noting else?
  10. And finally: Have you ever in your entire life felt different from everbody else?

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Quiz topic: Am I crazy?:)